When Legends Rise - Godsmack

Good and refined music, limited innovation

Godsmack have figured it out. They've got the songwriting, the production and the attitude to play together, so the music does not become a relic of a bygone time, but planted firmly on the modern rock - and metalscene. We will get nothing innovative, but the craftsmanship is damn good and has a wide range of captivating and delicious numbers as a result. In contrast to some other heavy bands, which in recent years has been tried with a more radiorocket style, is When Legends Rise actually at the level of quality with the genre's modern pioneers. Therefore, the ends of nature in the middle of the good end of the scale on the eight skulls, and especially the five last numbers get a recommendation from here.

From nu metal to 2018

Godsmack rider still on their success from the previous decade of nu metal wave. The band has, however, been older and with time, more moderate in holding the attitude. The song is now called "When Legends Rise" instead of "I Fucking Hate You" (2003), and the style is gone from snappy hiphopmetal to the honed hard rock. When times change, one has to follow, and it has a Godsmack also quietly made. When Legends Rise is the final step in their complete transformation to a modern hard rock band.

A successful transformation

The metal world is usually tough on bands who become softer with time. It offers an eternal debate between loyalty and renewal, as Godsmack, of course, also ends up in the. In their case the transformation, however, is more a tear with grace, than it is a leap towards a renewal. And when I write that the current plate is transformationens last step, it is because they are the last of the dirty, youthful hiphopinspirerede items now is watered down completely in the sound stage for the benefit of a honed sound and some more reflected lyrics.

Instead of posting half-hearted hard rock's Godsmack gone all in with a release that can easily compete within the genre. The solid title track is the first proof of this – a very catchy number, which neither feels overproduced or half-hearted. The slightly monotonous single "Bulletproof" follows up immediately on the success with yet another catchy chorus. Fortunately, it is not dragging on, and when not to be tired of the repeats, before the album can continue. The next two tracks are excellent, but a little too trivial. "Take It to The Edge" follows fortunately, the suit with a more velstøbt foundation and a clear message, all listeners can be in on. The slightly generic songwriting in the third to the sixth song can be excused with the following five songs, which balances tension and harmony in a far richer way, so the album can not be pulled out.

Previous album, 1000hp, was in our review criticized for having an awkward, assumed "young with the young"-esque lyrics that did not fit with either the music or fanbase. Godsmack have listened (or at least realized it themselves) and give us some much more well balanced songs, that lets 90's generation listen to the relaxed, modern rock music played by past idols.

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