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Where Owls Know My Name - Rivers Of Nihil

The third time, the time?

Rivers of Nihil have now made three plates. The first, The Conscious Seed of Light, was, to put it mildly loren reception. The second, Monarchy, got a better reception, and people began to talk about Rivers of Nihil that someone, one should give a chance. Now the quintet from Pennsylvania, ready with album number three, namely Where Owls Know My Name. The first single, "The Silent Life", makes it quite clear that the band has been clear that there would have to be modified some things in the basic shape, if they were up to reap serious praise. There is come stone on the idea that there should be introduced some progressive elements... and a saxophone! It may sound funny, but actually doing it, to get the number of a nice Pink Floyd-like shim. After the really interesting number, which is also the first real number on the plate, you are quickly pulled in, and you are quite excited to hear what else is going on. For it is clear that all the rules and conventions are thrown up in the air; now there is only anarchy and the free play.

Creativity costs

Unfortunately, not all of the numbers that are just as creative, progressive or surprising as "The Silent Life". There is a little bit far between snapsene, and quite a few of their songs has the exact same pattern, ie. an intro with a little whisper, so something reasonably standard tech-death, with the standard hardcore vocals, followed by a quiet passage about a minute and a half inside, and then the standard tech-death, with the standard hardcore vocals again. However, there are some really interesting numbers occasionally, and it is them that truly lifts the plate up to a higher level. Tag a number as "Subtle Change (Including the Forest of Transition and Dissatisfaction Dance)", which in its nearly nine minutes plowing through a string of music genres in a way that would get the French Igorrr to offer a hen free of charge. But in spite of this, it becomes clear that where superkreative and funky Rivers of Nihil than can be, it is at the expense of the other numbers. For tracks like "The Silent Life", "Subtle Change" and "Where Owls Know My Name" (also known as the saxophone-the trilogy) is brilliant, nothing less, but it seems to me that it has been so demanding for Rivers of Nihil to write these three numbers, that there is no creativity or surplus was left to the remaining seven numbers. It is really a pity, because the three numbers showing, that the boys from Pennsylvania really can write brilliant music!

Nihilistic feeling

But is there really nothing else to come after than 3-4 numbers? Tjo, there is. For though that the remaining numbers may not be just as freaked, so they show, that Rivers of Nihil is the perfect name for the band. For even the more boring numbers, such as "A Home" or "Old Nothing", it creates quickly a atmosphere that "it all can also be just as much". It might not be the coolest feeling, but the band here manages to take the concept of "nothingness" and do so much with it. With their sound and audioværktøjer, they manage to transform this feeling into a sound; a liberating sound; a sound that makes you relax. To be honest, how important are we humans actually? It is a bit the same feeling you got from the early Norwegian black metal. But again, despite that they really manage to create a nihilistic mood, and despite that 3-4 tracks really are great, so there is therefore more to do, if you want to reap the true praise.

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