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Wizard Bloody Wizard - Electric Wizard

The sorcerer's forces wither

To Wizard Bloody Wizard's defense it is not because the songs are REALLY bad. Some of them are actually good numbers in themselves, but when you take into account that it is an album released by Electric Wizard, one can't help but feel disappointed. They deserve a little praise for to move into territories other than what they usually do. You just can't get around it, that the execution is not particularly successful compared to their previous works. Therefore, unfortunately, only 5 skulls out of 10... Ouch!

The electric wizard is back

The legendary stenerrock and the doom metal band Electric Wizard are back to provide the soundtrack to your acid trip, only with friends from college. They have through the 00's delivered masterpieces of doom-genre, such as their most well-known slice, Dopethrone from 2000, and Witchcult Today 2007. Electric Wizards earlier works can be described as a number of giants, trampling through a city and destroys everything, they come near, with their large and heavy hooves.

They are clearly inspired by the evil and the occult elements from the psychedelic rock – and of course the early works of Black Sabbath. Their mark on the music can be heard in the form of the filthy fuzz tones, the raw approach and the absolutely destructive and heavy riffs, which causes the ground to tremble. Unfortunately I can not say that the just-released Wizard Bloody Wizard to live up to that standard, Electric Wizard has set.

Back to the roots

Wizard Bloody Wizard kicks off with the song "See You In Hell", which is the Electric Wizards the most uninspiring albumstarter to date. The song sounds like a parody of a discount the Black Sabbath song. It is repetitive and boring riff that haunts the majority of the song could have been written by any other band in the genre. It feels like that Electric Wizard have given up on their former reputation for being one of the heaviest bands in the world.

The rest of the album is composed after such a retrolyd, which was the songs written for a handbook with instructions on how to write a 60's rock. A good example is the song "Hear The Siren "Scream", which sounds like a copy of the first song on the album and is yet another insignificant drop in a sea of syrerocksange. "The Reaper" brings some new elements into the soundscape. For example, the drum-groovet much softer, and used a hammond organ. The song creates a slightly childish mood, as when they hunt monsters in a spøgelseshus in an old Scooby-Doo cartoons. At the very least makes it different.

The band's raw and dirty sound has been replaced by a more clean and sterile sound and a soundscape that lacks the charm, like Electric Wizard had before. It might sound like a strange thing to complain about, but the Wizard Bloody Wizard is almost produced so well that it is bad. The purity of the sound makes the songs lose the raw and vicious vibe that the band would otherwise have had success with for many years. Of course, it is foolish to demand that they publish something that sounds exactly like Dopethrone, but it is still a shame to see them sink down in a puddle of generic acid rock.

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