Flesh Consumed

...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate... tracks



Paranoia setting in, distorted faces mimic me
The voice beckons to kill
With a rusted axe, I start to hack
Blood streams down the neck and back
Faceless minions closing in
I behead them one by one
Bodies fall limp and bleed profusely
Echoes of malicious commands
Crescendo in my mind
The frequencies reach unbearable volumes
The voice distorts then multiplies
The voice beckons to kill
Psychotic impulses drive me further
The bodies jolt as I strike them repeatedly
Hacking off limbs to immobilize the threat
Spewing blood from the stumps
Blood gushes, sprays and spatters
Onto the surrounding areas
Under hypnotic schizoid psychosis
I follow commands which repeat for hours
Continue to chop at the segmented bodies
While I ramble monotone neologisms
When reality comes into focus
My children and wife lay on the floor
Dislimbed, decapitated and hacked to a pulp
I'm left with only meat and gore


Gorge on death, rotten flesh
Liquefied, eat that which has died
Unearth the bounty of jellified human carnage
Pillage the treasure chest, of mortified produce
Feast on the meat, of the long since deceased
Worm infested cutlets, tenderized by decay
Cemetery cropfields, constantly replenished
Saturated the earth, with dead human effluents
The time has come, to reap the harvest
Exhume the casket, snatch up the carcass
Decrepit mangled bodies
Devastated by putrefaction
The hands of time aid our cuisine
By means of pre-digestion
Plunge into this before you
Submerge yourself in human slosh
Slurp down giblets, siphon spinal fluids
Gnashing teeth tear through tendons
Splinter bones to suck out marrow
Waste nothing, feast again tomorrow


Beneath the septic system of the metropolis
Hides a lair of torment and killing
An assembly of intertwining tunnels and passages
The underground labyrinth leads into a pit
Chloroform on a rag, I drag victims into the feeding ground
Awakened by the bestial gutturals of starved boars
The gates are drawn and the beasts
Are released into the labyrinth
Adrenalin pumps as I watch the boars hunt down the prey
Eaten alive by the pack,
Ripped apart and devoured in minutes
Cranial bone crunches as they gnaw on the skull
The sound of the teeth scraping on bone gets me high
Feasting on cranial seepage
Gelatin textured brain matter leaks from the cranium
Human scraps are all that remain
Plummeting into the depths of the cesspool
They descend into the abyss
The spikes below split humans in two
Fumes from decaying flesh induce vomiting on contact
Tortured souls emit blood churning shrieks from the depths
Skeletal remains impaled on stakes aging back for decades
And sustain for decades to come


Human livestock hauled in by the hundreds
And herded into holding pens
Prepared for pre-slaughter inspection
Then let the slaughtering begin
Conveyor commencing infinite killings
Bolt through the brain, hung by the legs
Slit the throat, let the blood drain
Vat of human slush overflowing with plasma
Humans transferred from
Bleeding shackles to hooks
Identified by numbers side by side
Cadavers transferred to the cutting line
Stainless steel, the skin is peeled
Remove the head, thousands killed
Harvest the organs
Cavity inspected for parasites
Split the carcass
And continue down the F-line
Body parts are separated
And meat cuts preserved
Meat products packaged and distributed
On the underground human meat market


I lay the cadaver on the chopping block
Placed on the cutting table inside up
I've bled and beheaded this hollow carcass
Band-saw splitting the body down the centre
Spinal column saw dust fills the air
Human carcass is quartered
Into four primal cuts
Shoulder, rib, loin and limbs
Sliced and diced, marinated and minced
Cutting against the grain of meat
The excess fat is removed
Connective tissue lining is peeled
Thickly fleshed meat is sown into steaks
Shoulder rolled and tied into roast
Juicy breast meat, savored with flavour
Intramuscular marbling
Runs throughout tenderloin
Extremities are reduced
As the muscle is sliced thin
Cleaver in hand, I dice into cubes
Neck processed into human ground round
Meat grinder oozing
Human muscle sold by the pound


Surgically slicing, disembowelment begun
Sorting through umbilical cord and intestine
I gargle amniotic fluid
Force feed the living fetus to the mother
Legs snapped off and jammed down her throat
Eating the skin so moist and tender
Sifting through innards
Strangled, mangled and hung from entrails
Living fetus dissected like swine
Secreting intestines suspending the corpse
I carve at her face, slicing the gums and muscles
She stares in horror as I rip and feed
I dig deep in the gut and yank on the intestine
Intestinal noose, lynching the victim
Left to hang for weeks and weeks
Decomposition taking its toll
Clusters of maggots spreading
Bacteria through the bowels
Rate of decay increasing exponentially
The bloated body collapses
Into a stagnate putrid mass


Human flesh at my disposal, sacrificed for my amusement
Deranged obsession with fire, my victims I will immolate
Their languished bodies hooked and dragged to the pyres
I receive much delight torching my captives
Smothering them in homemade napalm
I set them ablaze, shackled to stakes,
I laugh as they writhe
While molten skin slides off their bodies
My paradise of blackened death
Corpses burnt to a crisp as far as the eye can see
Yet so much work still lies before me
My blood begins to boil with envious hysteria
Absolution of my being, I commit self immolation
Conflagration of my soul
My sick addiction to be consumed by fire
I too must writhe, melt to my core
Claw out my insides, reduce to ash
Charring me outside in, organs swell and burst
Flesh crusts, bubbles and distorts
Intense heat cooks me to the bone
Skull exposed, my brain liquefied
Drains out my eye sockets
Impossible to describe the pleasure and pain
Embracing my living cremation
I wither and implode
This firestorm my funeral ceremony
To mark my passing to the eternal flame


Cross hairs locked onto the target
Bolt-action sniper rifle
Picks off victims at 900 meters
They scatter, I splatter
Humans onto the concrete
Like a spreading disease
The parasites disgust me
I must exterminate the human race!!!
Random civilians drop in a hail of
Gunfire, men, women and children
Are all potential targets
Ecstasy increases with every fatality
High velocity projectiles fire from my PS90
Ten 30-round magazines are gone in minutes, humans littered
Throughout the street like the empty shells,
I switch over to the Remington Super Magnum,
Lined up, execution-style killings
Brain matter splattered
Cranial discharge leaks from cadavers
I then stroll through the sea of bodies
With a 12-gauge in my hand
I detect a young innocent humanoid playing dead
I stick the barrel in the back of her head
She pleads and begs yet I remain emotionless
I cock the gauge, pull the trigger then repeat
The crimson carnage of the mass homicide
Makes me feel complete


Nuclear warheads detonate overhead
Salted hydrogen bombs designed to destroy
Mutually assured destruction
Bodies incinerate in the initial blast
Building structures collapse into rubble
Firestorms burn through cities
And forests emitting vast amounts of smoke, soot
And dust into the troposphere
Driven by whirlwinds to form a black particle
Cloud belt encircling the northern hemisphere
The clouds block out the suns light causing
Surface temperatures to plunge to subfreezing levels
High doses of radiation kill off
The earth's vegetation and animal life
Hazardous radioactive fallout in every continent
Toxic radiation lingers for decades
The surviving humans retreat
Into underground fallout shelters
Beneath the ruins
Soon all food rations are depleted
The starvation triggers chaos and killing
The weak killed off and eaten raw
Children and elders ripped limb by limb
Until they devise a systematic way to feed
Women are isolated and impregnated
Raising their infants like cattle
They're kept in cages made of human bones
Harvesting humans, slaughtered by hand
Skins are stretched, dried and used as clothing
Organs and meat dispersed amongst the tribe
Everything mankind has built up to has been
Reduced to a barbaric, cannibalistic society