Fuck the Universe tracks


1. Earth A Raging Blaze

Blood carved into the white light,
The eleven raze the earth in a raging blaze.
Death to the universe!
As for you, Tetragammaton: I curse you!

I curse his creation, as ecstacy is a lie,
And lies may only be true in Chaos.

YHVH, cursed by the Temple of Thursian Black Magic.

2. Thorns In The Planet's Side

I am a destroyer, a channel of satanic wrath.
My brothers are me, and I am them.
I stick thorns in the planet's side.

Planet of pestilence, refuge for the weak.
Kneel before satanic might!
With dishonor - there is only one way out.

Why do you take pride in being the dirt on the face of a planet
Which is a dirty rock in a filthy universe?
It makes no fucking sense.

God of banality: YHVH; refuge for the needy.
Even he trembles when facing Him: God of genius, of destiny and might.

I'll go past the light and all the lies!

I hate the unsightliness of creation.
I'll go to his kingdom, and I'll bring back the keys.

3. Fuck The Universe

Hail the ways that lead beyond the mysteries.
Hail the key of disrespect.
Hail the key that unlocks the inner flame disguised as hate.
Firstborn out of Hell

Fuck the universe.
Its drowning in it's own blood.
Leave it here to die.
Hail the key, Misanthropy.

Hail the ways that lead beyond the worldly.
Hail the key of sacrifice.
Hail the never-ending source of negativity.
Unholy chalice for kings.

Hail the ways that lead beyond the cosmos.
Hail the gate of Leviathan.
The see the world be greeted by The Origin already dwelling in black hearts.
Hail the silent gift of total death, which is the final rest.
When souls revel in the void.
When YHVH had his defeat.

Fuck the universe.
Its drowning in it's own blood.
Leave it here to die.
Hail the key, Misanthropy.

Oh, the glorious darkness that has come to us now when the hated light is extinguished forever.
Listen to the relief of Lilith's children, and hear the final breath of YHVH.

4. Assassin 333

Wrathful forces unleash themselves via disturbances through the cosmos.
Darkness absorbing stars.
Kliffotic elements defiling life.

Uex and madness switch the essence of happiness.
The essence of the human mind is now contaminated.
The eleven gods then follow - mocking, destroying, annihilating.

The twelve are distinguishing, as the serpent splay it's oriface.
The seven returns to zero, as the cosmic turbulence fades.

Spirits are burning in black flames - souls of false matter abolishes into nothing.
Weakling gods of cosmic ways devoured by forgotten malignity.

Nothingness stands - bearers of the black light are coming, followed by everlasting Chaos.

5. Demonspeed

Hear! All sons of Chaos prepare!
Destroy the false divine and its presence here!
Harlequins of the cosmos: Back to the dead!
Straight into oblivion, full speed ahead!

Forward, and demonspeed.
This is the Ultimate Death.

Legion of the Black Light, prepare!
Destroy the false divine!
Destroy the life!
Incite world wide disorder: life-worshipers' disharmony.
Straight into oblivion, full speed ahead!

Forward, and demonspeed.
This is the Ultimate Death.

6. Terni Ezusta: Queen Reaper

Rotting, yet everlasting Queen of the black arts:
Alluring, yet burning nauds you cast upon the filthy breed.
Oh, mother of malice, evil staves, corroding seed.
Queen reaper, winding the scythe of anti-cosmos.

The skies shatter in your very frozen breath of eight.
The earth shakes and fall in your very gaze of ten.
Assiduous queen: spirit of legions and wrathful men.
You are flames, you are smoke, destruction in the eyes of the foe.


7. Xenophobia

...the clouds, the rain, the air that lets life-forms breathe.
...the land, the sea, the places where the humans breed.
...the skyline, the zenith, where the sun rises, travels, and sets.
...the homes, the lands, the places of shelter for man.

Back to your past, human.
All dust.
All hail xenophobia.

...their hands, their claws, longing to spread disease.
...theirs minds, their flesh, asking to be abused.
...their laws, their gods, basic and weak in their essence.
...their fiends, their fears, so small and oh so trivial.

Back to you past, humans.
I hate you all.

8. The Suffering Of Others

The suffering of others is not the goal but simply a means to an end.
Although, it certainly brings temporary pleasure into my soul as well.

9. Destroy All

10. According To Him

Do you live your life in god's filth?
Do you live according to Him?
Do the codes of man please you?
Or do you lead a life in "sin"?
Do you find pleasure in the rising sun?
Or do you curse the day it all begun?
Do you understand humanitarian ways?
Or do you feel the urge to destroy?

Do you feel like you are home?
Or are you only a visitor?
Do you look to the stars filled with awe?
Or do you will to ascend above?
Do you wish to be loved?
Do you care?
Or does your hatred feed your strength?
Do the cosmic laws apply to you?
Or is the All of Chaos for you?

11. Principium Anguis