Neuthrone tracks



Feel it... for the last time -- your warm breath
See it... for the last time -- the earth you knew
Freezing era -- newthronaeon
Mother earth is hell earth now


"A paradox... Natural development
And the desire to be a better life-form
Combined with the overpowering need
To feel feeble
To equal their own, imaginary gods
Before which they kneel every day with humility
With hope in their hearts that their blind devotion
Will be rewarded"

Mankind has longed to be abased for ages...
Burdened with a feeling of infeority

Is it faith and fear that give meaning to your lives?
Your power which at the same time is your curse?
Is being human governed by the will to be a puppet
And expecting the unexpected?

We therefore give you new gods
To nurture your sense of dependence
We give you the manna -- fear
Food for the hungry souls
For which you only find meaning
Whining and begging in prayer

We give you X'no-D'aah, the new pantheon
We watch as the new gods, created
To man's likeness from flesh and blood
Send into oblivion those, whom until now
They bad served

3. ARRIVAL 2033

Rye'eh'X'Dyh gives clearance to land
Lower the range of operation
Of the control mechanisms

Transgalactic transmission
Initiation of contact or a warning?
"World in arms" is just a moment
A desperate attempt of self-defence
Welcome slaves!

Pitch time phantom system
Is still but a bliss
Too late to change your fate
Manking will never be the same again

Hatred, ignorance and vanity
Is what feeds your destruction
We come at will not to punish or destroy
Weak become slaves or fall pray

When a man turns against his brother
Allowing hatred to distort the sight
Let us watch them turn into cripples
Before our eyes

When a man turns against his allies
And out of pride he cuts off his limbs
There is already more of a doomsday
Than it seems


Set off neutron bomb!
Annihilation for the new beginning
Destroy pyode amedha
Forefathers' death for development of new life

When your feeble organisms are exposed
To a lethal dose of prompt neutrons
You are finally aware of what us coming

As molecules disintegrate into ionised particles
So your world falls to pieces
That which you had not taken notice of
Will accompany your dreams of freedom

Neuthrone era -- white hell
Frozen earth, where are your greens and blues?
Icy coffin, rotating in space
A warning sign for the weaker

We watch as the dirt is washed out
You are caught in the whirlpool
Of the dance of death
The icy water is a new baptism to purify the earth

Turn on the neuthrone climate control systems
Prepare for acclimation

Blessed are those who will not survive
As the future of those who do
Is in the colours of death


"Do nothing secretly;
For time sees and hears all things
And discloses all"

The words of a wise man
You chose to ignore
And proved what human wisdom means
And the value of man's word

The secret prevails
The Rye'ehD'aah are blind and deaf to us
They don't know we have become
They are deaf to our thoughts

We can plan in peace
With our superior race
And prepare to annihilate
The scum that inhabits the earth

We have sprouted from you
Like an oak tree from earth
Which is nothing more than decaying mud
We will clean and purify the globe of uch vermin
And execure directive zero
To wash away our tracks


Down, into the mines!
That's the way your evolution is going...
Closer and closer to the very bottom...
Wasted chances and possibilities to create
The better and more organised

So many years have we trodden on your face
Forgive us our ignorance and egoism
Let us go back to the times of symbiosis
Our dearest mother earth!

Work, don't think!
You were the masters of your own face
Now it's time for you to be
What you are best at being
Pyode Amedha (soft scum)

So many years have you trodden on her face
Your sins have been judged
Work, don't think
Your hell earth

Unanswered prayers
Empty words, so many years without change


X'no-D'aah, the tests showed high radiation
Physical inability to work
Low self-esteem and god complex
Likelihood of demise: 97,8%

X'no-H'mm, activate sanctuary projection
Unit to be carbonized and sent
Via humanmeat terminal
Destination: outer empire

Hope lets your live through
To live like a human being

You're prone to manipulation
You've been told what to do
Your genome suits our purposes perfectly
You're a horde of ants

Depraved of consciousness
We impose ourselves on you
We'll take your flesh and transform you
Into even more obedient dogs

Drifting unknowingly towards the new
Sweet dreams cloud your mind
You'll be rewarded... just like animals
For a little entertainment
The sanctuary awaits humanmeat cargo


Rye'eh-X'D'yh, the work of excavation
Is coming to an end
We are running out of resources
We are drawing up further plans of action

Until the end of excavation and take off
Do not stop filing reports
Even in just cases
The council doesn't permit
The use of the directive zero

The destiny of each race
Is to find itself in the universe
To achieve unique, cosmic harmony
To exist and co-exist among the stars
For as long as they do

Efficiency and safety
Separation of the new species
Calm plan formation and realization of directives
Away from the cosmic cattle

Decoding and reconstruction complete
And escort ready to take
Over the X'no-D'aah from level 6


"The fear of Gehenna that has already once been suffered
Makes one aware that worse hell always exists"

What gives man his strength
When the whip over his head
Gives the orders
And the tormentor behind his back?

Hope is the second-last thing
Of which a man can be deprived
The other is only his life

When you hit rock bottom
Depraved of human dignity
Can you still feel human?
Is there, without the right for you to choose
Any point is using the gift of thought?

Hope is the second-last thing
Of which a man can be deprived
The other is only his life

The culmination of hatred and frustration
A sick metamorphosis, devolution
Tied hands, exhausted body and mind
Are driving you to insanity...


This is not the end of experiment, not the era
In your ignorance you have been a very sly race
Therefore they leave you alone
Let them see how much your humanity is worth
The eye of god experiment time to begin

The breast that feeds you has been exploited
Like a bitch, sucked dry
Emptiness eminates from inside her
And on the outside she is as cold as dead

Having sacrificed their desires
The vampires of the cosmos
They look what they wanted
They tore her innards out

Who is he that tells the story...
A bard of the end, a preacher of death?
An invader who from a distance
Admires his work of destruction?
Or a man whom neither death nor madness
Had taken into their black wings' embrace...