Equilibrium tracks


1. I Feel The Burning Sun

Beneath the ruins of man
I've learned to take my time
You may not understand
The things that burn my mind.
Before I'm gone
Conquer it all
Hope still not gone
Conquer it
On to the road I've paved
I feel the burning sun
It's my own life I've saved
I'm not the only one.
I found a new man underneath

2. Equilibrium

I've been frozen
By all you said
Broken body and burning head
All I've known left me torn
Been reborn
You continue
To crush yourself
Weak and hungry you cry for help
Time is not healing your inner wounds
Growth by anger
Is not the rules.
All you've known gone away
Not reborn - never
Power leading me

3. Glass Full Of Liquid Pain

I saw your future
Die in your hands
Glass full of liquid pain
Don't you buy everything
They try to sell you?
I've gone there again and again.
Find yourself gazing into the sun
New age of quarrel becoming one
Just know the light you see
Leads to eternity
I've gone there
Again and again
Just know the light
You see leads to eternity
I'll be there again and again

4. Command Of Myself

I've been pushing so hard
I've been pushing so many years
Still that fire will always burn.
Count on me until I die
I command of myself
I believe in the things I'll do
You should know to trust in me
Cuz the mirror won't lie
And to myself I'm always true
My reflection I see with pride

5. Down Into The Rotting Earth

Push me back down
Into the rotting earth
Too many years
To find what life is worth
Do it now pray
For me I taste the dirt
Pray for me do it now
Release my soul
Into the atmosphere
Come quench my thirst
Extinguish all my fears
Do it now
The truth burns I taste the dirt
Pray for me do it
Now deep down
Rain pour down.

6. To Touch The Hand Of God

I drown in fear north winds I hear,
Grey dawn greets me sorrow I see
The sand of time slow burn my mind
One life, one man to touch the hand
Of god
The end I feel these things aren't real
Too weak to stand I touch the hand
Of god

7. Uncovering

Suffer smothering engulfed uncovering
I've got to break away
Left me all alone pushed me until I explode
I've got to find a way
Thought I could count on you
My faith will pull me through again
Feel myself burning from the inside
Finally realized no more compromise
Now I can break away
Listen I'm telling you find out your inner truth
And you can break away
Suffer smothering no more uncovering

8. Buried Once Again

Look at me
Gone away my friend
Can't you see
Buried once again
Endless time
Reached the promised land
State of mind
Suffer by my hand
The end is still long, long way
On my own damn fears
Felt the most
Pain I've felt in years
My own sanity
Lock the vice then come set me free

9. Things You Can't Understand

Again and again
You can try me I won't break
Again and again
You can try me, you can't take
You were fucking my mind
As you drove me down
Fucking my mind
As you drove me down
I said stay with me
I said stay with me
But those are things you can't understand
Setting me free
Was the best thing you gave me
Setting me free
Was the best thing you gave me
You were fucking my mind
As you drove me down
Fucking my mind
As you drove me down

10. Euphoria Minus One

War it's been a long time coming from the underground
Blood I've got to fuel my fire
With the strength I've found stay strong
Take in all I tell you do the things that I do
And pray to god you'll make it
Cuz there is a hard world waiting for your crumbling
Blood you've got to sacrifice to end the suffering pray hard
Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice Sacrifice!

11. Dream Weaver

[Gary Wright Cover]