Crusher (FRA)

Corporal Punishment tracks



Most our feeling
Are artificial

Built up slowly and undercover

By a solid
And irreversible system
Which suffocate

The natural stateof men

The consumer society is a danger
Teaches us to love useless stuff


Alone facing up to hatred
When lonliness remains a problem

Violence become a soul make

A moment of liberation
Pain for companion
Burning an attraction
Unbearable suffering
That still the only solution

Corporal punishment!

The only satisfaction
No regrets
Delightful pain
Little game flagelltion

And self.mutilation

Nothing to do with derision
Just the need for strong emotion

Slashed,bumt and assaulted
Skin bears witness
To the anguish that gnaws

To the moment you plunge!

Throat consticted,stomach knotted
The body reflects,a strange serenity
The heart panics,a strangling feeling

Nothing hurts more than feeling enclosed

(repeat the 2,3verses)

Rejection of gentless
Need for pain

(repeat the 5 verse)


Locked in a jail
Ideas swarm,
Brain works and fury settles

You'll never be the same

Agressivity,often limitless
Of a young in coventry
Is quite common,
Solitude brings out hatred and
Lonliness stresses it

How can we calm down
A violent one,
Who is a one wild one,
The solution is not a tin can
With barred window


I'm in a secondary state
Suddendly my own calmness makes me jump
I can't control myself any longer
How can i understand this violent disappearance

I try to work it out
But it's impossible to hide my frustration
Someone close has just left me
And i'm still here,disorientated

My whole body screams
My nevers on edge,my eyes burn
Powerless,questions enter my head
Why? How? Are we really that fragile

Head in hands
I no longer know who i am,
I don't know anything anymore
When you lose one of your own
It's really hard to accept fate

Fighting,still fightning
Against all these memories
Fightning,still fightning
How can i make you come back

"ashes to ashes,dust to dust"
A missionary once said
I hear thes words and remember
That we're all only a soul
Contained in mortal body


What's the point in futile holy war
It's not true that man was created in the image of god
All this fantasy sacrifice derision
Whilst you choose god that suits your a ims!

Go and ask the deported jews
How god helped them in time of need
Go and ask to the pious starving
That their prophet doesn't give a shit!

So much violence to protect the sacred image
Millions slaughtered for the holy cause
It's such a waste,so meaningless
Passion should be a positiv'thing!


Modern man is burdened,manipulated,
By a society which forces him to work
He's lost all sense of reality
And buys adventure like he buys new socks

Waving a fat cheque
You can't be indiana jones
Buy a ticket
And become someone else for a while
You'd never survive
Yourself,in the jungle or desert
Do you really need to pay
To breath the fresh air?

But in the jungle
You'd still complain
"i'm hungry" and "i'm in cold"
You'd certainly miss your home conforts
But back at work
You'd tell your mates:
"what wonderfull hollifays i've had"!

Say "thanx you" to the travel agent
Who sold you something
You could've discovered for free
But you're used to buying
Even adventure equald cash!


So you don't believe what you're told
By parents,system or the rest?

Then why continue to toe the line?
What's stopping you packing your bags?
If you don't like it,leave!!!

It's too easy to dream
And say you gonna crack
But words will get you nowhere

Wake up kid,you're living in a dream world
What's stopping you rejecting all this

And living the way you dream of?
Do something about it or else shut up!

You want to leave and do your own thing
Don't be like them earn your freedom

You're too keen on life's,little confort
Stop inventing a life for yourself
Which you're unable to put into practice!

Stuck in your ways
Promises will never become reality
Action speak louder than words!!


The corpse of a little girl
New born,born alive
Was discovered on a motorbike circuit
Where a competition was taking place

The mother had given birth on the circuit
The body was placed in a plastic bag
Left on the edge of the track by the barriers
In the middle of a pile of trash

The corpse had been discovered
By some pissed.up spectators
They had a laugh playing football
With the baby in the bag

It's infanticide
Death of an innocent child

All of this really happened
In ninety.two in may
None of this story is invented
And yes,it's the cruel truth

It's infanticide
Death of an innocent child

The excess of alcohol
Is no cause
How can things have sunk so low
I really do not understand
Mass hysteria

Played perhaps a part
But how can you "have a laugh"
With a body corpse

(repeat the 4,5,6 verses)

It's infanticide
Death of an innocent child


Can democracy triumph
With justice for all
Our country was right,
Capitalism appeals to fall

Be like us,ours is better
Be our freinds and we'll help you
Buy our goods,we'll get richter
Welcome in our land

Be like us,it's best for us,
Be our freinds,we'll expoit you,
We'll look after you if you can


Million of dollars spent on arms

Whilst hungry people starve
Patriots fightning to the death
Do they understand the reason why?

Innocent children ripped to shreds
The guiltless always suffer
The governments to blame do they care?
They reap the profits of a billion deaths

Simple people going hungry
You have the solution
Start a war,give them guns
Turn the starving into cannon fooder

You greed spills innocent blood
Why should they have to die
You line your pockets,made a fast buck
It's the profits of a billion death


Volatile organic components,
Toxic solvent,carcinogenic,
Spread in the air contribute,
To pollute our environment.

Deadly pollution for our kids,
Old people and asthmatic,
Soon the sun will be the predatory,
Of the human race who slowly die.

Chemical factories and fumes
Sprays and oils pits,
All can only get worse,
But how can we make our leaders understand?

To set new equipment
Would be too damn dear
So we pollute unpunishly
Even the protection of our species is a money matter

Adverts for chemical factories
With trees,streams,what a deal
I do find that cynical
When will you advert for atomic bomb?

Men have chosen progress
Without taking into count history
Tchernobyl has been forgotten too fast
Whereas modernism keeps killing!