Acid Witch

Midnight Mass tracks





Deep in the black woods, a shuddersome bonfire dances
Drubbed is a sickening drum stretched with human skin.
In an unspeakable orgy do devilish worshippers revel,
And with delirious cries are witchtanic curses uttered...

Your unholy passions under my spell,
Pervert yourselves before me and fuck your way to hell

Black cocks' blood is smeared upon fevered letching flesh
Debauched are nubile virgins by the deformed and deranged
A stillborn babe is sewn into the womb of a befouled goat
And before her hideous disciples, the hungry witch drools...



Birthed forth from the cunt of a sacrifical whore
My father wore a goats head as he raped my mother on the floor
From the moment of conception, my life to sacrifice
A demon soul now germinates, a toll for satan's vice

The ceremony doth begin, in trance, they dance and sway
The chanting reaches fervor pitch, the organ blares away

9 months soon now pass, winter brings frost across the land
In a churchyard they commence tonight, the artists of the damned

The graveyard they now desecrate, the crosses they now invert
Holy relics used to masterbate, the altar they pervert

Born into the arcane black, occult fodder for their lord,
Infanticidal sacrifice... To magic, sex and gore

Blade of cold black steel to exhume me from the womb
Torn into this realm of life and placed into my tomb
Baptized in a cauldron of blood, oath of secret is now sworn
Bring forth the severed goats head and impale me on the fucking horn