The Evil Side of Religion tracks



Believe in the evil of war
You're holding the key, the key to death's door
Unlock the bloodshed and what do you find
The victor of battle satanic black minds

After the bloodshed what will you be?
A world of corpses shedding to feed
Hideous creatures a nuclear mess
Trapped up in cancer nothingness left after the bloodshed

Don't fear of war, was is today
Prepare to do battle, it's coming our way
The skies are now clouding, Hell's on their side
The bloodshed awaits terror, time, die


Death is only the beginning!!!

A victim of the unknown, chosen to die by disease
Downfall is ever so near

Eaten by, eaten by disease

No chance for escape, claws are sinking deep
Draining all your aggression, collapsing death is complete

Eaten by, eaten by disease




The opening of graves an awful site
Watch morbid villians scream out in fright
The sickening dead nothing but rot
Just corpses of late left and forgot
They summoned death, death shall be yours!!
Doom laden victims obey sick demands
Praying to violence devouring the land
A sickening death committing the sin
Of opening their graves again and again
It's Gutwrench!!
Gut wrench!!


Explosion won't stop my will to be free
From the flame of the man made death
Psychopath waste is passed on by hate
And the nuclear hell of distress

God made us all but man makes the choice
Who to suffer and burn
Christ ain't the savior to nuclear death
I told the gods, they never learn

Raw explosives!!!

Mistakes aren't allowed when no one was warned
The chances took went astray
Now down in the fire of far away Hell
Let holocaust take you away
Millions of horrors form into one
Combine to challenge the land
Not many pigs are used to the gas
But nobody knows of their plan, of the masterplan

Raw explosives!!!

How does it feel nothing but dead
You started the end of all time
Crucified bones fear then attack, crucify all bring decline
Showing no power, your thought destroyed
Scorned is your name and your life
Black sun is melting over us all as chemicals eat us alive
Eating us alive

Nuclear horror what have they done, bodies melting in fright
Everyone's sick and vomiting blood a horrid evil sight
Bits of remains and occasional skulls
All the future has turned, chemically treated to learn to obey
But no one ever will learn, all they did was burn

Raw explosives!!!


Today is amongst us let it all pass, the way to hope stands ahead
The future of the earth it lies in distaste so come out living or dead

Fear, dreadful, fear
Sick thrash

Dealing with losing thrash metal age
Before you know it you're gone
Awaiting the push to fall from your hook
And meet the almighty one

Fear, dreadful, fear
Sick thrash

Today is amongst us will you be free to hide from your one only fear
Sick thrash is ugly, Hell ridden yuk, it brings you to rotted tears

Fear, dreadful, fear - Sick thrash


Mentally ill

Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha

I'm mentally ill!!!

I'm mentally ill!!!

I'm mentally ill!!!


Quickly the end of birth, rotting this is the end
Another lonely corpse
Is ready now to bend, into a prison of dirt
Beneath the godawful earth

Closed gates of death, where do I rest
Pray come undone, hopes cremation

All alone... in the ground

Take what is your, my virgin corpse
Soul one for me, set loose and free
What will be done, soon I'm no one
Gone rest in peace, god help me please

All alone... the cemetery's full!!!

Listen to what's been said
My words to all mankind combined
Evil visions, lurking inside my mind
Worried thoughts to wonder
Imagine you were to die, exist never again
No hopes of living life



The ground is cold and lonely
I'm torn and dead
Just buried
My death is slow and sickening
I won't soon rest so quickly
The priest screams out a vision
Of love and hope in heaven
The lord above is waiting
I'm torn and dead degrading

Help my burning soul
Help my worried skull
Rip off all my bones
In the ground all alone
Rip my tearing skin
Bring back life again

My doom to die is growing
Cold wind of death is blowing
Coffin of wood is rotting
In hell darklord is plotting
To take my soul in horror
Demons will feast in terror
Death turns to me and glances
Death takes me now no chances

Help my burning soul
Help my worried skull
Rip off all my bones
In the ground all alone
Rip my tearing skin
Bring back life again

The... Funeral... Of Gore