Fast Forward tracks


1. The Return Of The Flesh

Get in control, I load my soul
That's a fatal need
getting high on hyper-speed
Obviously drifting away
like today was tomorrow yesterday

Getting myself in motion
it's boiling in my veins
Like a high-octanic lotion
Which in my body rains

Returning with enormous power
The flesh is mine to devour

Forced to be wild like fire
as the ambitions are getting higher

Crushing with a beat
more solid than concrete
The rage within me boil
burning like black oil

Is this the return of the flesh
as we know it ?
The return of the flesh

2. The Heat From Another Sun's a combination
of rights and wrongs
and I feel at some occasions
I was gone to long

Like loneliness
is feeding hopelessness
The silent laws
are broken by it's cause

Feel the heat from another sun
The journey has begun
but there is a choice to be done

Take the fall
if it's a fall at all
Some kind of violation
that is turning to sensation

3. Fast Forward

Armed to the teeth with iron and pride
we will attack if they don't
Our troops will collide there's nowhere to hide
as we move closer to the front

Confrontate, mutilate
We'll make them feel like feeble fools
We'll hunt their heads until all are dead
then we'll see how's the right to rule

I stormload my veins with fury

Fast, fast, fast forward
Fast, fast
Fast forward to the front

There's no future for our enemies
'cause in the end they'll all decease
while our powers will increase

4. The Iron And The Maiden

I had this imagine dream
but nothing's what it seem
so I put it out of my mind

I am the iron
and she's the maiden

Sense for reality start fade
I'm hooked up with this maid
is this fact or is it fiction

Or a deadly prediction
which I hail
To the fact I am male
a life-long conviction

I'm the iron
and she's the maiden

I seek
and the seeker will find
and by the end of this week
I'll start to rewind
Take it all from the start
I'm nothing close to the mundane
It is more like an art
Even though I'll go insane

5. Proud To Be Dead

Here at the end of the grave
Like a premature sleep
the result of the brave

Proud to be Dead

We'll search through infinity
and revenge with our trinity
With the power of a million horses
We are the mightiest of forces

Proud to be Dead

Solid like a group of hundred men
They'll seem like only ten
When we're back for them again

Now our death-tour begins
we'll bring back the head
of the comitor of the sins
A feeling of awkward self-esteem
Our promise we'll redeem
how unstable that may seem

Proud to be Dead

We've came to pay respect
your death we will revenge
where you lay I suspect
That you'll be

Proud to be Dead

6. Snowballing Blood

I come
to see them cum
While crawling the mud
and snowballing blood

Imaginations I design
A constitution divine
close to prostitution

They come in two
I know they'll do, 'cause I've asked them to
Join me for a coin

Imaginations I design
It's like a constitution
of memories divine

And then at last
it's going fast

Take it in the mouth
give it to the next
the blood is running south
being over-sexed

When I intrude, am I being rude ?
But to be nice is what I despise

7. Wilder Than Fire

You'll figure out how
but that's to late
Cause you're close to death now

Rise without shining
Freedom forces one to chaos
and these are no good combining
There's no use to excuse

Suffering upon the pyre
And you are wilder
wilder than fire

Wilder than fire
Raw energy is what I require

Wilder than fire
Raw energy is what I require
Wilder than fire
Essence of speed is what I admire

You suffocate
and feel the tension
It's all to late 'cause
there's no redemption

8. Feeding Fatal Fairies

Fate is to be found somewhere
and I am halfway there
If that is all for sure - there is no cure

And if I'm diehard to the core
Then will I live forever more
These are things that have occurred
that's at least what I have heard

Time is spreading with the light
rapidly to fight
If that is all for sure - we are no more

Life-lines starting to hitch
And I know what they mean by the pitch

I'm feeding fatal fairies
And I'll take what that carries

And if I'm diehard to the core
Then will I live forever more
These are things that I have heard
that's at least what may occur

Oh, it's basically a strategy
to practice death
and distributing tragedy

9. Lightning Strikes Thrice

Impressed by the brightness one starts to wonder
if that's the lightning, how loud is the thunder ?

Oh, mighty powers - refill me
The best of warriors I will be

Go my way
Come to me and stay

Lightning strikes
Not twice but thrice
And we'll do likewise

I feel the power
Extended forces
from thudding sources
Victory hour

Impressed by the loadness one starts to wonder
How is my power if this is the thunder ?

Lightning strikes
Once, not twice but thrice

10. Domination Of The Sub-queen

Feeling the fury within grow
Must go deep, deep down below
A place where I have seen before
to dominate the suburban whore

Obey the extreme, she is my queen
and I am her king with my solid spear thing

Came to feel, came to heal
Need to know if this is for real
I don't know if she simulates
but I am here to dominate

Feeling the fury within grow
Must go deep, deep down below
A place which I have seen before
where I dominate the suburban whore

Domination of the Sub-Queen
Abomination of the extreme

11. Speeding The Ways

Soon to race
to take it to the top
and there is no point to stop
while driving the speedways

I load up my four-wheeled jewel
with a high-powered kind of fuel

Speeding the ways with hate and sin
There is no thing that can stop me to win
Speeding the ways with wheels of hate
There is no thing that can make me wait

My appetite for speed has been woken
and speedlimits are to be broken

No more bored
You'll see the laws of which
I have stepped on and ignored
cause I am the he-bitch