The Least Successful Human Cannonball tracks



Formless, faceless, nameless
Only a fear with a head can be beheaded
Only a fear with a name can be cursed
Only a fear alive can be killed
By the man with the will and the hunger and thirst

What you love and what you hate
And what you like to dominate
Without form and without face
A nameless thing cannot be tamed
What makes you hide what makes you cry
Defend yourself - personify
Formless fears and faceless fears
And all your fears just need a name

You need a male god of wrath to kneel before him
You need a goat and a blade to make him smile
You need a god of love you can kill for the sins the world
Kill with hammer and nail

Defend yourself - personify
To get a grip on the things you want to stay or go by are you afraid


i'm a tick on a tree like a tick on a tree
And i want you to sweat for me
I'm a tick on a tree with my nose to the wind
I'm waiting patiently
I can hold my breath - i can hold my breath
I am waiting here wasting the years
Time means nothing to me
I'm a tick on a tree on a tree
And i'm getting thirsty
I can hold my breath - i can hold my breath

The power of patience keeps me alive (i can wait forever)
To drop down and become a part of your life
(grab your skin and leave here)
Driven by instinct and led by drive (causing you brain fever)
The power of patience keeps me alive (i can wait)

If won't hurt when i bite i'm a parasite
Causing brain injury
I take more than i give as long as i live
Suck your blood - i'm a tick on a tree
Rip me out of your veins my head remains
Somewhere in your decolletage
To find a place for my clutch
Simple as such is my philosophy


263 popes dead and gone and one still alive
Urbi et orbi waiting for number 265 - hallelujah
263 dead popes
When god is dead and jesus left
Who could forgive a poor man's theft
Kiss the soil kiss the soil old man
Kiss the soil again
Kiss the soil kiss the soil you will
Become in the end
Break the bread break the bread god sent
For the lower men

May the lord give us all such a long time
May the lord give us all such a long long time hallelujah


Drinking Satan's wine high on divine weed
A little bit religion is what everybody needs
Go away sad soul your lack of energy can be infectious
Hiding in the dark crawling on the knees
Is no life for a proud man and for sure no life for me

Try to have a laugh until the world goes down
Isn't it pathetic that the world is round
And nobody can push you off it easily
Not even your most wicked enemy
We could burn with never ending energy
Just cheer up a little if you will burn with me
And go away goddamn cellar soul


I hate what i am and i hate what i do
Alternatives here i sit and wait for you

There are no cats in the bible did you know
God's breath is cold when you're drunk and far from home

Life - i am god gifted with life

I am video incarnate
Zapping from channel murder to channel rape
I'm pretty much into human evil
I'm personified hunger
And if i'm gonna survive this airplane crash
I'll take a knife and a fork and start eating people
Would you like to hear a story
So obviously of negative intent - yeah
Do what you will
We are god gifted

For my mum a letter i'm about to fall
I'm the least successful human cannonball


I'd rather destroy myself than being destroyed by you
Auto aggression - better than being destroyed by you

I can not cope with things oppressing me
But i can punish the people who love me
Banging my head against the wall

Take away any chance to live my life the way i want
Not my fault not your fault anyway
I don't want to live i don't want to die
Pain i feel - pain you feel - feel it now

I always used to hide my emotions
Because i think no one really wants to know
The things that i can feel inside

Inside of me where nobody knows
What is going to be
Hurting me feels good to me
And lets my hidden self go
To be free


Lucifer skies with diamonds and demons
I don't wanna die am i only dreaming
Think i gotta dwell in Hoffman's heaven
Or Hoffman's hell forever and seven years
In fears i drown will i ever

Digging in the trash of my subconscious
Hit by the flash in a chemical dungeon
Now i gotta go where realities falter
Betrayed by sound will i ever come down

Colliding circles collide in circles colliding circles collide in the bathroom in the hallway in my whole brain
Take another trip through your mind

Buried alive i am six feet under
Colors to the live to the echoes of thunder
Dante wasn't wrong and neither was Kafka
Walls of my lungs are closing in and laughter roars
Come down


gather some people and build a country
You cannot force me to be happy and free
Gotta run away from where i was born to live
See the world while the world is watching me
National pride now i will follow you straight into death
Wait for me with a knife - let the world see

Why am i born to be brother of cain
Brother love ends in frustration
God loves me more than any other man
In a brother of cain nation

Brother of cain - mother of pain
Brother of cain - my way of dying

If being not free means peace
Then send me to prison
War comes with freedom
And life lacks of reason



boiling liquid fire
Vomit of the earth
Volcanic activity
Can make a mountain's birth
Forsaken are the people
The living and those who lived
But what is tearing worlds apart
Is the continental drift


Time is round and spinning - the sun can come and go
The changing of the seasons
Brings rain - wind - snow
One thousand years are wasted
Another thousand come
This planet's heart is broken
And it breathed on tarred lungs

Villages and cities - random
Black points on the map
We dared to go where earthquakes
Roar and widen the gap

The flower and the mower
- the forest and the axe
An evil mind conceals the loss
Of instinct and reflex
Make open wounded surface
Spit burning blood and pus
Fallout ashes - rainy black weather
Forecast for all of us

What is tearing worlds apart
Is the continental drift

Elliptical planet movements
Make all forces flee
Soil becoming ocean
By repulsive energy
Forsaken are the people
The fallen and those who fall
World - mouth - hell - hole -
Grave wide open
Man becoming mole