Diva Destruction

Passion Price tracks


The Broken Ones :
Oh so sad and oh so sorry
So unkempt and so unloved
Oh so lost and oh so lonely
So forgotten, so untouched

Pornography exposed
Innocence unrobed
Masturbate your emptiness
Fornicate your selfishness
For the pleasure for the knife
Sell the treasure, sell your life
For your pleasure for your knife
Steal the treasure, steal your life

Battered, beaten, slowly taken
Souls they´re sucking, unforsaken
Empty headed, empty hearted
They are feeding for affirmation

Pornography exposed...

Steal the treasure, sell your life

In Dreaming :
I still dream of you, my heart beats unreason
I still see you, my veins injecting poison

Softly misting, I remember, the words are spoken
As soft rains came down, barely feeling, all is done now
The lies were woven, and the truth is setting in, calling
Back to god´s forgotten, going back to lovers broken, I am
Proud in blossomed hatred, you are dead, no longer sacred

Turned back to bleeding, the sword´s still stabbing
Again now grieving, behind a smile on my face
Although I´m screaming, my insides paralyzed
My heart´s still beating, with your ghost in its place
All the days go by so lonely, I cry for you

The sun is glaring, the sweat is beading
My eyes are staring, into visions of the past
Why were we so cruel, why were we so afraid
When only fear ruled, & now fear stands alone at last

I still desire you, although I stand in unreason
I still dream of you, of love no longer poisoned

Enslaved :
Enslaved by your beauty
Enslaved by your touch
Enslaved by this feeling
that tempts me too much

So pick your poison
And choose your passion´s price
Forever drowning
In these endless escapes

So let go and fly
As we let go and die

When you love the one you hate
That Sadist is your soulmate

Trapped in this torture
Used to these tears
Forever are our games
The drama´s all the same

Hiding a double life
You deny your death

So let go and fly
As we let go and die

When you love the one you hate
That Sadist is your soulmate

I saw you staring from the corner of my eyes
You eyed me sideways from the other side
I felt you daring me to seek and hide
And through your blindfold now I will abide

Blinded by the glare of your demise
By the glare of your despise

Why did you size me, why did you try me
Now you remind me, now you´re behind me

Now with your vision will you lead the way
I´ll hide behind to see just how you play
From your eyes I shall see your truth sway
And from your view I´ll know your judgment day

I see you looking back at me, snake eyes
How dare you glare at me, snake yes

Why is it I stand here while the pain reigns down
Why is it your kneeling there
With your face to the ground
Could it be our eyes cannot see the same way
Could it be our hearts are still in yesterday

How dare you tempt, how dare you try, snake eyes
So I see as I turn, the mask fall from your face
So now I know
what seemed real was a false disgrace
Could it be you only live the lies you make
Could it be you only live the truth of your fate

Hate you to love you:
I can feel the tables turning
Twisting faster as I care now
I can feel you running from me
Because I sense myself in you

Here we go, here we go now again
Till the bitter, till the bitter, bitter end
Hate you to love you, hate you to care
Hate you to love you and you´ll
Turn again, and love me more
Hate you and you´ll want me back now
Love you and you´ll run from me now
But I´m the same, still stuck in this game

Love is cruel and love´s unkind
Love is twisted in this love of mine
When I run is when you fall
In this masochistic love, in this match
In this match made in hell
But I still, but I still can´t say goodbye

Hate me to love me, hate me to care
Hate me to love me, and I´ll turn again
And I´ll want you back

Cruelty games:
In love with beauty, bored by virtue still
Entranced by mystery, where will it all lead
Too much drama, no need to fake it
The tragedies are, they´re all just, too real
In our cruelty games, our cruelty dreams,
Our cruelty scenes, our cruelty, cruelty
In vicious circles, vicious circles, when will
The patterns break, when will you break again
Forever searching, but no end in sight
We throw it all away, as each illusion dies
We´re always doomed to repeat history
Creating trials that form our destiny


Prey don´t look behind you
Prey they´re gonna fidn you
Run now, run now, run and hide
I see you tripping in your trials
Babe you´re gonna drown

I see you standing in their circles
With your ribbons round their tree
And you are dancing, and they are
Dancing, and you are dancing
In their sickness

I see you smiling in your blindfold
As naiveté is your name
And they are laughing,
At their trapping
And they are laughing
Because you´re their game
The predator game

You´re the psycho:
You blame your victims
You´ve got some nerve
You call them all insane
And yet you cause their pain
You lead them all on
I´ve watched you play
How do you sleep at night
As you play a sadist´s game

I can see it in your eyes again
I can see it in your grin again
You´re the Psycho
And you´re the one who´s sick

Your wicked ways will show
You want the kill
You only choose the weak
And you cut way too deep
The great imposter to all
And the greatest imposter to me

My turn:
I knew the day would come, but
It´s way too late, too bitter to enjoy
Can you take the pain you gave
You should have thought of that
As you sealed your fate
You won the battles then, but I´ll
Win the war in the end you´ll see
This Phoenix will rise again, it will
Fly again, far away, from these flames

Now it´s my turn, now it´s my turn
to say goodbye, to hear you cry
And to watch you die

You beg for mercy now
But did you ever show any for me
You killed me more than once
And enjoyed my tears
As you danced on my grave
You´ll know just how it felt, to be
There like me, to be left and forgotten
You´ll see just how I lived, to be
Tortured blind, and then thrown away

Bed of lies:
So where is it this time, the proof of deceit
Time bomb of destruction
So where´s it now, I can hear it ticking
I hear you laughing, again
As we love this of ties
Suffering in this bed, this bed of lies
The art of deception, with you its creator
As you torment all, your room is a minefield
No conscience here, yet you leave these bombs
Just waiting, how deep is your darkness
Do you enjoy this, so tell the truth
Did you love her, and was it in our bed
Your room is your revenge, exploding
Our love was always a lie, a lie, a lie

Lover´s chamber:
Where is he sleeping, my lover´s chamber
My heart´s in keeping, in a world lost
Far from me, far away, from me
I heard you call me, my love, where are you
I heard you call me, my darling, I´ll find you
Dancing in circles, spinning ´round mazes
I´m searching for you, in a world lost
Far from me, far away, from me

Knight´s disguise:
Don´t you see, don´t you see
How I felt and what you are
What this meant and
What you were to me
Can´t you feel, can´t you feel
How I bleed, when you lead
When you mislead me
How dare you, how dare you
You burned me, you burned us
You burned this, now I see
How you play, played with me
I see your plan, I lived your game
When you turned, on me
Can´t you feel, can´t you feel
What it could have been, what it
Should have been, for us, for us
Now I know, now I know
How you are, in your knight´s
In your knight´s disguise
So cold, so cruel