Exit 13

Ethos Musick tracks



This whole world is fucking sick!!!
Human stupidity has made me crazed!
Insanity frees my mind to wander....
I gleefully ponder humanity's murder!

Thoughts of slaughter fill my head.
I want to make all humans dead.
To free the world of the ills
that manifest from diseased wills.
My remedy for Earth's situation
is total human being negation!!!
Radical global extermination
The venting of my crazed frustration
Plants and animals would rejoice
Freed from evil human ploys
I've been dismissed as being sick...
"environmentally romantic",
but I will have the final laugh
as my own species feels my wrath!!!

No more factories polluting the air I breath!
No more authority blatantly surppressing me!
No more politics, mere games for the ethically sick!
No more fighting wars, human beings will destroy no more!!!

No I'm alone, in solitude I freely roam...
but I'm going mad contemplating the good
times past...so I enact a frazzled,
but calmimng new plan,
splattering my brains across this now free land!


There are so many fucking problems
the human species seems insane
What kind of persuasion is needed
to affect benefical change?!?

Ethos musick!

We've got to find a way to halt
all global devastation
Before most life on the planet dies
from malevolent manipulation

Ethos musick!

There's no more time for calm discussion
We've gotta finally totally purge
All perpetrators of crimes against nature
in a definitively life affirming upsurge NOW!!!


The bulk of society is imprisoned mentally
caged by ideas we're subjected to continually
conditioned from birth by entrenched ideologies
free thinking minds are quickly crushed by
dark sinister follies

Facilitate the emancipation of your
mummified mentality
Take your mind beyond the security of
unchallenged certainty

You must be in complete control of cognition
break free from the confines of imposed definition
arduously ascend through states of
cerebral transcendence
embrace the uncertainty of mental independence

Facilitate the emancipation of your
mummified mentality
Continually scrutinize the factors governing
your own reality

Develop a propensity for thinking intellectually
Reject flawed thoughts that dogmatize your mind
Refine the ability for trusting sensibilities
that flow forth from the love of humankind
Exercise the faculty for pragmatic rationality
as you become aware and comprehend
Search for validity in all thoughts held intrinsically
refute stupidity clogging up your head

Facilitate the emancipation of your mind!


There is a fantastic book which I adamantly recommend
and after reading it you'll never be able to eat the same way again!
This book details the horrors of meat production at its "best"
and casts a glaring light on many problems interconnectedness

The flesh production industries
all operate insidiously
Chemically ridden fat is glamorized
while torture and slaughter are disguised
Epidemics of heart disease, cancer and obesity
Storing up unwittingly dioxin and DDT...

You are what you eat!

You'll be profoundly horrified as you realize the indoctrination
implemented by industry upon the people of this nation
irreversible chemical pollution and excesive resource waste
have given animal based products a positivly unpalable taste!

I'd like to thank John Robbins for composing such an important tome
This environmental dietary bible should be the keystone of every home
The information contained in these pages will certainly make you realize
That for the preservation of life on earth everyone must change their lives!


Animals destroyed by the life of man
Greed and anthropocentrism have gotten out of hand!
What kind of persuasion will change man's course???
Technology "progress" makes things worse!
We're looking at nature to see what profits can be turned,
Irrefutable proof of man's destruction but we have not learned!

The planet is contaminated by the way humanity lives!
Think... extinction will be the culmination and it won't forgive!
It is too late for saving efforts, or should we wallow in our techno-grime?
So many people satisfied with our culture of negation,
the government acts with hate to silence those voicing their frustration!

It would be blatantly naive to expect a new society overnight,
but don't take this as a que to sit back,
Every force is needed in this fight for life!!!

Toxic pollutants, chemical waste, precipitation that's acid based,
Industrial sludge and radiation, man-made environmental degeneration,
Cancer clusters, cancers seethe, polluted air not fit to breathe,
Two faced scheming administration, spotted owls killed by deforestation!!!


Nature contaminated knowingly by man,
blind striving for profits, life denied by our plans...

The time has beset us, we must act with haste.
to rediscover a life-style devoid of destruction and waste!
Reevaluate Your Fucking Lives!!!

Man is a creature of immeasurable ingenuity.
but his greed has facilitated an environmental killing spree!!!


[including A Warm Wave Of Euphoria]

We'r in the midst of a conspiracy that has been
waged for half a cantury
This sick persecution began originally by
businessmen fearing the loss of money
Through manipulation of corrupt industry
hemp prohibition became a reality
Misinformation became the legacy as the worth of
this plant was maligned systematically
This insane prohibition continues today
implemented by the fascist at the D.E.A.
Innocent people are locked away for as little as
possession of a single j
By waging this ludicrous "War" on hemp millions of
dollars are wastefully spent
Imagine the progress that could be achieved if hemp
were granted legally

Think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're all in the grasp of concocted lunacy
infringing on our rights for personal liberty
I think about this and I cannot believe that people
are banned from enjoying THC
Through perpetuation of flawed ideology hemp
prohibition has been enforced tyrannicaly
This fucking idiocy must be cast aside, hemp can be
used to improve our lives!
Let's assume unrestricted legality for medical
research and potential industry
There are so many possibilities for ways hemp could
benefit our society!
There is just no way that legality can be wrong!
It's insane that the fight is taking so long
I'm thirsty and we've reached the point in this song
where it's time to kick back and smoke a bong...

Well now I've become euphoric,
I feel really high and I adore it!
How can it sanely be deemed a crime to lift one's
spirits and expand the mind?!?
We emphatically loathe the laws that came into
being from ethical flaws
Common sense must now dictate that hemp is legal
in every state!
Prohibition has now been repealed! There is hemp
based fuel for automobiles
There are hemp fiber clothes on every back and it's
perfectly legal to carry a sack!
There is no more need for deforestation and we've
buried the debt of this now green nation
Marijuana is Mother Nature's finest gift so rejoice in
the earth and smoke a spliff!


While driving through Northern Pennsylvania on a cold December day
He became enraged by the amount of deer hunters "at play"
He swore to himself that he would absolutely not ignore
this warped activity that he profoundly deplored...
So he snuck into the woods to drop some sons and daddies
He climbed into a tree stand and smoked a fatty
Along came a brush bustin' deer blastin' fanatic
The locals called his death an "accident" and "tragic"

Open season for hunter slaughter
Open season for hunter slaughter
Open season for hunter slaughter
Open season for the hunter slaughter

It wasn't long before he was at it again
Acting on the knowledge that hunting is sick and must end
A fresh blanket of snow was on the ground
The day that hunter gunned thirteen down
He butchered 'em just like factoried hogs
He stacked near a cord of human logs
"Hey you, STOP!" someone yelled
It was the game warden so he ran like hell!!!

His ballistically vented hunter loathing
Had caused a situation quite foreboding
He ran... He ran...
He blazed through the bush with the speed of a deer
The bulbous game warden was no longer near
He slyly circled finally reaching his car
Toasting his escape with two quarts from a bar
He drove, swillling beer to calm his nerves,
He drove...

Only days passed before he crpt back in the woods
To quell this sick sport as much as one man possibly could
He passed spare time contemplating fantastic dreams...
The end of all human folly so cruel and blatantly obscene
He spied prey in his crosshairs
Some sick fuck hunting bear
Hunter clenched his gun and wryly smiled
This pathetic "sportsman" was gonna die
He yelled "Hey fuck you, dummy!"
The 30-06 round ripped through his tummy
He followed the blood trail but did not run
Caved the prey's head in with the butt of his gun

Hunter still lurks in the woods of
Northeast Pennsylvania!


Why should I even bother to acknowledge
the pathetic notions of minds without knowledge?
I have been chastised for acting too freely,
but individulism for me is the key, see?!?

Why should I style my pattern of life after those who
bring about only hatred and strife?
I would much rather have a mellow existence of
celebration and productive subsistence!

My Minds Mine!!!

Individuality, creativity, self-mastery... not for you?
Sensibility, originality, responsibility... not for you?
Stability, free mentalities, global harmony... not for you?

Stupidity, live destructively, "self" is all you see... is this you?
Pathetic apathy, christianity, no mentality... is this you?
Spreading misery, no flexability, lost and lazy... is this you?

So in conclusion, let's ignite a struggle for
total transcendence from this confining muddle!
It seems to me simple, just strive for mental freedom,
don't end up like our parents, tranquilized by their stupidity!


[No lyrics available]


Your conscience overrides the fears of authoritarian repercussion,
You bring about ends that cannot be achieved through rational discussion!
So called "terrorist acts" utilized to win the fight for nature,
Is direct action the solution to problems that frustrate you?!?!

Protest! Resist! Reason! Insist!

The time has come for total global mental realignment
Misused technology has altered atmosphere, terrain, and climate
Change is needed now, but course of action... who'll define it?
Every mind needs a goal - a ladder - work until you climb it!

Protest! Resist! Reason! Insist!

The time has come for radical wilderness restoration
Deep ecology must become the religion of future generations
Economic gains are invalid reasons for nature's exploitation
Thwart industrial domination and unmake civilization!


If I could gather all of the racists and sexists of this society,
I'd give them all an invitation to my disembowelling party!
Disembowel Them!!!!!!!!

No need for your ignorance or excuse for your thoughts
Your existence is fucking foul!!!
The hatred that you spew hinders race relations,
you deserve to be disemboweled!!!

Racists Suck!!!


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