Force Majeure

Prelude for Invasion tracks



A thousand millions stars around me
Illuminating my way
A hundred million years behind me
Inviting me to stay

Then the supreme beings came
They called me Mother Earth
They tried to take my life from me
Years after my birth

Moon is on the Sky again
The Sign of the Second Change
Sun burned our paradise
But we will find a way!

Take my hand,
And climb from the quicksand
Feel my grace,
The infinite lies of the Sinking Race

I've travelled a million miles,
But my journey's just begun
With 8 companions of my kind
And the guidance of the Sun

I will always remember the words:
"The Nuclear Weapons shall secure our World!"
Atomic peace and Balance for all
They're waiting on the Edge for Death to call.


There he stands, on the Desert Plain
Gazing at our Promised Land
Thinking of the Unthinkable
"A weak mind, the Crime of mine?"

He believes in the things we do
Carrying the Torch for me and for you
He's not a prophet of our doom,
But a savior for the poor

And cursed he is,
Until the End of Time...
The Lightbringer

Dreams of Alliance, An Alliance within
The True Believers shall still remain
Scorn and guilt, "What Have we done?"
We've slain all beings
In which the Devil may hide.


The priest reads aloud the bible
With all my friends gathered around
What the Hell is happening?
Can't they hear me when I shout?

Laying in numb shell
With a need to break the chains
Trapped inside a Nightmare
Am I on my way to Hell?

Rise to Heavens
On through the clouds I run
Wings of Angels
Course set towards the Sun

Requiem will bring the End
I won't feel Earthly pain again

Has it really come now?
Is it my time to hit the Void?
My soul is filled with anger
But Death ties me to the ground

I feel my World start spinning
As I'm losing grasp from life
My whole Reality spinning
As I close my eyes the Last Time.


The Curse, I can feel how it looms
My words drowning in these Tears of Blood
I rose just to fall down once again
And soon these walls can hide me in no more

Nightmares and the light of day
Make me...
Make me go crazy today

Forsaken, I've been Forsaken

Changes... No hope for a better time
The truth is caught in a Web of Lies
Farewell! On my road to the Other Side
There will be no misleading signs.


My mind is wandering deep in a dream
I'm ready to drift away to float with the stream
My body starts to tremble, I shed the tears of joy
And with a wicked grin I am off to the Sky

I am not alone,
There are millions like me
In this world who are free
Millions like me,
Freed from the leash of Gravity!

Skybound I am in dreamless land
My fate chained to Sky, forever
Nightdreamer's wish to dance with the stars
A journey to Skywalker's world

My mind is soaring under starlit skies,
Embracing the wind, passing moon as I fly
I hear a sudden rumble, it's the voice of thunder
I spread my arms to greet the Force of the Sky


Gaze all over the field
See the crowd and their cheers
Hear the hope in those cries
And fear, their fear for life

You, you're all they ask for
Safeness in the warmth of your words
You know what they wanna hear
"No, don't give in to fear!"

Fight your Holy War,
Tell you people what to feel
Tell them they'll never have to kneel,
Sell back their own distant dream

Savior, your glory's strong
You'll never fall, we're standing so tall
Savior, come cherish our souls
Wash off all fear, lead us to a dream

Fail... Don't you ever fail!
Or you'll pay the price of this game
Divine, that's how you must be
A God with no feeble feelings.