Jon Oliva's Pain

Festival tracks



There's no truth in what you say
The story,it constantly strays
Just falsehoods and alibis
You can't even look in my eyes

Lies,tell me lies,always lies
All i ever hear from you...
Lies,tell me lies,always lies
All i ever hear from you,
All i ever hear from you...

You want to keep control
Drag me down,make me old
Hold me still in your chains
Cause me sorrow,cause me pain

Learn all the tricks of the trade
Always changing the rules of the game
The master of disguise
The mask that you hide behind

Tell me why you gotta treat me this way
I'm the puppet and you're pulling the strings
Keep me hidden like a jack-in-the-box
Find a weakness and pick your spot

You hold the key and its starting to turn
What a lesson i finally learned
What your doing is no surprise
I can see it in your eyes

Why do you always keep me dow

Disrespect me and kicked around
When i die your gonna dance on my grave
At least for now i'll be saved
Safe from all your vicious lies
Safe from false tears you've cry
Safe from. All the games you played
Something never change


Stand tall, backs to the wall
On youri way to the sun…
Hold tight, your leaving tonight
The journey to hell has just begun
All dead, fields of red
You are the chosen one
It’s clear, the end is near
Better hold on to your gun

He starts his ride…fires of hell, burn in his eyes

Death rides a black horses, death rides a black horses
Death rides a black horses, death rides a black horses

No fear, the ennemies near
Show what you have been taught
So clean, a killing machine
Bet you never once had thought
No way, it ends today
To many lives have been bought
Tell me what you see…


Welcome to the festival
Full of decadence and sins
I tell you all, it’s incredible
You’re all invited in…

We begin with this collection
Just look at this display
The lunatics , the sycophant’s
Watt color parade

Oh festival…Oh festival

There are many strange exhibits
For all to hear and see
Tortured souls, corrupted worlds
A feast fit for a King
Make you way around the grounds
See all the twisted freaks
A total rush of insanity
Now rises to its peak

The climax of the show you see
Is meant to cause you agony
Confusion, disillusion..and despair
Spirits flow, blood will spill
The silence right before the kill
All apart of this evil open-air


It’s a cold hard pain, deep down inside
Shared by the lonely, the evil, the holy
It choose no side…

And it’s hard…it’s hard…it’s hard…hard
In the dead of night, in the dark we know
What we try to hide, seems to always show
This eternal pain that we keep inside
It’s the afterglow of the crucified

In the darkness of night there is no where to hide
In the afterglow
Let the torment begin as you twist and you bend
In the afterglow
You run for your life from the demons that hide
In the afterglow
Never heard, never seen as you cry and you scream
In the afterglow

I can’t understand…what i’m feeling inside
Desperate and lonely, i feel like the only person alive


Living life the only way you know
About a thousand miles left to go
Moving faster, towards disaster

Oh the lines in the roads got your eyes in a hold
Still push onward
The quicker the pace, it’s the trill that
You chase
Lost, you wonder

You’ve been living to fast…since it all began
Like you’re nailed to cross, by your feet and hands

Living on the edge of time…
You, living on the edge of time
Living on the edge of time…
You, living on the edge of time

Can’t stop because it’s to late now
Hit the pedal, your throwing down…
Roads starts winding, whiles lines blindind
The road never ends,its just twists and it bends
Nothing stops you..
The fog and haze has got your mind in a daze
Try to break through…

You blink your eye there’s a dead end sign
Now you’re at the end of the line
Time to wake from this crazy dream
You hit the breaks, you start to scream
Moving faster towards disaster…


Caught in the middle, looking for nothing
Taking in what’s around
Time doesn’t matter, life’s gonna happen
It keeps rolling on…

Like the wind through the tree’s, a cool misty breeze
Against my face, the warmth ot the sun…
Got to learn to walk before you run
Can’t go through life always under the gun


Break the circle, see the master, look into his eyes
Animalistic, anger, rage burning deep inside
Never ending nightmares, it’s all you do to see
As you crawl before him on your knees

Your soul is cast away, for all eternity
It’s the evil within…
Your burning, twisting, turning
It’s the evil within…
Your rising feels like dieing

Looked in madness with the devil, let the dance begin
His deceptions slowly start to pull you in
In the fire where there is never sympathy
All that’s left for you is to beg and plead

Your soul is cast away, for all eternity
It’s the devil within…
Your burning, twisting, turning
It’s the evil within

Your rising feels like dieing
The contoversial anti-Christ
Laughing as you pay the price
Gloating at your final breath
Weaves his hand, the stage is set

Death’s orchestra plays…demon’s melody
Devil’s symphony…from the grave


Beneath my feet, a fresh fallen snow
Miles and miles and miles to go
A north wind blows cold today
Makes it hard to find my way
To the sanctuary i seek
Far beyond this mountain peak
Winter’s moon lights the snow
Showing me the way to go

I must move onward…
And all around i hear the sounds, voices calling to me
They lead the way to the place, i so desperately seek
I wearing down, the cold surround…it’s weakening me

Then i see past frozen trees, a distant light glowing hopelessly
Has my journey reached its end…
I’m so tired, cold and spent
I’m in need of rest and peace
A winter haven, tranquility
A place to rest my head…Eternity,enough’s been said

The light that i put before you, was an illusion
I cast the flame away
I am here to destroy you, i’m you master you are my slave

Christ can’t save you now, under my power
I squeeze the life out of your precious soul
Now it’s mine, for all of time
It’s this world i control
Now that you are mine, mine for all of time
The blood leaks from your eyes, i’ll squeeze
You till your dry

Should not have entered the circle
Should not have followed the visions displayed
The way i played you was perfect
It lead you to me, i cast your soul away
I must move onward…


I do surrender…waiting payments for my sins
I can’t remenber…where the story ends or
Where it begins

I’ve been living a lie…life on the line
Now i realized…deep inside i fear you
I fear you

I can’t hide…all the souls i have taken for a ride
Signs, i cast aside…should have read the words
Between the lines

Now i stand here facing you, blood on my
Hands what can i do
Drop down to my knee’s and pray
I will see another day

10. NOW

Late at night just thinking or you
Wishing you were here to talk to now
At times i feel so all alone
Traveling down this long and winding road

I know that you’ll be waiting for me
I wish that i was with you now, now, now

I can’t wait to see your face again
But i’m so far away
With every city i count the days…oh, the days

Another lonely hotel room, you know that’s i’ll be
With you soon…
Another show, another place
Caught inside this same old race