Kingdom Come

Magnified tracks



He's a little guy
With a little mind
Acting very shy

Avoiding any turns
In his little world
Never crossed a line
Would have never known

Now I found out why
He kept cool inside
Living dynamite

Keep away the wick
For his atom stick
He ain't throwing bricks
He's the end of time

Having little thoughts
Sick and very odd
Growing deep inside

He's a lonely man
With a deadly plan
Never held a hand
Never wondered why
He's a friendly guy
With a little smile
Buying precious time

Paradise in mind
Think he'll always shine
He don't care for you
Taking many lifes


Talking of evil
Screen's running high
Pointing our fingers

So tired of watching
The sick in disguise
Behaving like winner

No one will give in
No one is right
It's killing us slowly

Watching the warlords
Preaching the fight
Abusing the holy

Watching fanatics
Polluting our mind
The ongoing battle

We gave ‘em our tanks
Pretending we're friends
Not able to settle

Having to fight
Ain't easy to do
When death is your mission

But us doing nothing
Could lead to regret
A deadly decision

Let ‘em kill people
Let ‘em destroy
And let us forgive

If that's what you're saying
No way I would join
No murderer I kiss

Let's save the planet
By killing us all
Cause we never learn

Already burned
And history shown
The wrong way to turn

Whatever we do
We can't cure it all
It's spreading like cancer

Again and again
Wish I would know
Just got no answer

Some of us learn
Some of us won't
The ongoing misfit

Deeply disturbed
Want to be heard
By storming the cockpit

3. 24 HOURS

I'm hating the days, I'm living without you
They feel like a waste, nothing I can do

The essence of life, to share it together
The dream of all times, happy forever

It's never enough, to know you'll will be back
The moment you're gone, I'm losing track

The side effects, I'm learning to take
Like hammer of gods, determine my fate

You took me by storm, and bound us forever
When I was still torn, you held us together

A diamond so pure, with so many colors
Wanting to wear you, 24 hours

I always fought, for keeping my freedom
Always ignored, that you may be leaving

Afraid to get up, when you're not around
I'm needing your touch, needing your sound


She's no taker
No heartbreaker
She's a little girl

Caught in shyness
Silent kindness
Such a special pearl

She plays no games
Don't care for fame
She knows better ways

She's seen the darkness
Touched the madness
Kept her given grace

Never will I know her
Never will I own her

She's the queen in all my play cards
Got a place for good in my heart

Hardly talking
She keeps walking
I can feel her smile

So unreal
She's melting steel
Calm and never wild


When I was with her, didn't see her, didn't feel her touch
When I was with her, never held her, didn't need her much

When I was with her, didn't know her, didn't think I should
When I was with her, never showed her, never thought I could

Now I'm without her, It's getting colder, it's the same old thing
Now I have found her, I can see her, I can feel her sting

Held a diamond, right in my palm
Raising hell, couldn't stay calm
What has happened, don't understand
Jekyll and Hide, the evil in men

The same routine, the same mistakes
I never learned, what it takes
Loud ‘n proud, my head up high
Falling down, my only prize

Caught in a tin can, with her cold hand, holding down the lid
The darkness inside now, cannot climb out, cannot find a grip
The devil is waiting, masturbating, watching me break apart
The sinner is paying, I am praying, trying to safe my heart


Why is it you I'm needing
Why is it you I'm leaving
Why is it me who's bleeding now?
I have come to stop believing

Tumbling through an earthquake
Singing about a heartache
What I have done too many times
Let the day come when I get…

Over you, over you
Let me go, let me do
What I need, to get through
Finding peace, without you

Thought that our love's forever
We would not break up ever
Thought that our love would overcome
All disputes and all the screaming

It's not about who's to blame now
It's all about finding new ground
Letting go off our broken hearts
But until then I must get…

We had moments loving our life
Spending days, with anger inside
We've been talking, too many times
Let us leave our struggle behind


How does it feel
Exploding deep inside?
How does it feel
Touching death and life?

Turning around
Inviting me inside
Making no sound
I feel her laugh and cry

No lover - No other
Can control her mind
Can't measure - her pleasure
Reaching out for life

She's burning - she's turning
The face of hate and love
Sweet killing - so thrilling
The journey may get ruff

Begging for pain
The devil kissed her mind
Hugging the flame
The angels left behind

Watching her lips
Following my sound
Like the eclipse
Of senses all around


You're sharing your time - you take me along
You're spreading your wings - keep singing my songs

Who would have known - I'm part of your life
Connected through sound - our spirit inside

Hope I will see you - again and again
Until then I'm your - invisible friend

We've come together - who knows when again
Can't stay forever - to hold all your hands

The unwritten language - the bridge to your heart
It can't take you hostage - helps healing our scars
Intensifies sadness - intensifies love
It often can save you - from falling apart

The rhythm transporting - the beat of our time
The melody calling - from deep down inside

This very moment - you're not alone
The purest dimension - lies deep in your soul


Every Monday, I'm feeling the blues
Every Tuesday, I try to get through
Every Wednesday, I had too much booze
Coming Thursday, I try to keep cool

Every Friday, the weekend in sight
Every Saturday, I still don't feel right
Coming Sunday, I'm asking why
Can't the next day, leave me behind

Hey Mama, you gave me life
Hey Mama, I wonder why
They're saying, there's much more to life
Besides working, and buying more time

There's much more to life
Than buying more time


Electrical rhythm
The beat without life
Cheating the heartfelt
Resisting I tried

The machine inside
So loud and wild
Changing it's heartbeat
Don't even try

Starting the program
Pressing the keys
Adding the six string
Making it scream

The machine inside
So loud and wild
Changing it's heartbeat
Don't even try

The machine inside
So loud and wild
Controlling my senses
I feel so alive


Another day is dawning
Another night, is calling my name
Another tear is falling
Another year, of grief and Champaign

Opened my heart
Right back to start
So many times
I cannot focus my
Mind is so vain
Pleasure and pain
Help me to cure what is feeding the flame

A lot of words been reaching
A lot of friends, coming and go
A lot of lips been touching
Gotta go, keep searching my road

Moments of love
Moments of peace
They never last
Can't come at ease I have
Been to the west
Been to the east
I am so tired of fighting the beast