Time to Be King tracks



Sending a message to man
I am the sound of the road
Moving with darkness to my home
Searching for reasons to grow
Cynical creatures of coldness
I am the master of soul
Burning like fuel to the hellfire
Power is out of control

In this whell of deception we fell then we die - Yeah!

I am flying with the wind
It's my time to be king and rise

Melting this world of destruction
I am the devil below
Torching the ground of the holy
My heart is black as coal

I am one with the thunder
Crushing the tower of stone

Walking so brave till my breath fades away and I die - Tell me why

I am gliding on a wind
It's my time to begin soaring high
And I'm going home

Sending my fire to mankind
I want the story told
Remember the lord of the lonely
I was your rock and roll
Screaming the beast in the monster
My engine is ready to blow
This machine of confusion will fade out and die - right
On this earth of conception we break down and try again
Till the end we believe you and I
Our vision has entered the sky

I'm the storm from within
Hear me crying like the wind - now
Spread the word across the land
The crown is in my hands
Time to be King


Cold night in the heart of the hunter
Sign up for my kingdom dark
Black as the deep the devil is growing
Hellspawn in the soul of man

Now they will attack you again in this turning wheel of crime
And your pain is screaming
You will burn till the end of your days
You're caught the middle
Lost in the rudde
Playing the fiddlee of time

Spinning your web away from the sun
You move in the shadows like a sliding spider
Changing is the road for a different future
Evil times will pass you by

Life will attack you with fire and burn your dreaming mind
And your heart is bleeding
Holding on till your breath fades away
You're caught in the middle
Lost in the ruddle
Playing the fiddle of time

You can be fire burning the higher

There's a mirror in the sky reflecting ages
Evil sins will haunt us down
Life will attack you and cut you inside your inner sky
And leave you dying soon
And the game goes on forever
After the scandal they put out your candle
So you can not tower anymore
No one can tell if heaven is hell
We're rocking the music of time
Wearing the mask as you take on the task
Playing the fiddle of treason


All my time, I've been alone
Deep in my vision mind, I'm building roads
Longing for the magic night to take the day,
So I can kill my wings of war and dream away,

Hear my cry, I feel alone,
I m lost in a winter storm, where love is cold
Listen to the raging sound of a lonely man,
I'm one with a silver moon above the desert land,
Oh! Yeah, yeah!

I've traveled across the world to the darker side,
In my mind the shadows, growing mad
On and on we seek the sky to fly before the foe,
Fury when I sing to you, this is our time to live and die!

Frozen pain behind your eyes,
I see your heavy chains and ghostly cries
Woah, endlessly it s time to burn,
I know your bleeding heart, your soul can return!
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh!

Through the land moves a lonely wind,
So lonely, so lonely


Once there was a young boy in Berlin
Playing in the street as the war was flying in
Rainning down from heaven came the fire
And burned away his city and desire

Winston Churchill and his secret agents
They had their meetings there in London town
Back in Germany one man had made the people see
It was a vision that could never be - No

The SS-Officer of death he was just a marionette
An evil play indide the game
Freezing out the thruth sending coldness to the youth
Their souls were taken

New Europa blue the land
Longing for glory it's the nature of man

From New York City to the the heart of Tokyo
Breaking news on the every radio
The war was over they all gathered round to celebrate
Smiling faces on the streets of faith

Their freedom they had won
No more hiding from the sun
And so many moved to far away
They never forgot the burning
And how their lives were turning
Into something new

Oh Europa new the land
Remember the story when the fire began

Time is moving faster as we strive to earn our holydays
Dealing business in our western way
Romantic place for the perfect modern love affair
To Paris or Rome I'll take you there

The darkness of our history shadowed by the light we see
We are the future

Blue Europa fatherland
We sail on forever to explore and expand Europa
It's possible our plan
We try to believe it it's the only way we can live


Long way to starlight,
Only a few on this flight
Magnetic dreamers of the way to somewhere
Close to a soul of fire!

Behind Venus, beyond Jupiter,
There s a planet for the future to explore
Such a magic place
To save the human race
Far from the end of the world!

Pulled into darkness
I thought my life was over
But then I saw the crystal window
And my heart was ready to fly

I found a passageway deep in a black hole
Abandoned galaxy of time for us to know
Through a different void outside of our creation
Lies the city of sun

From the belt of the Orion
I could see Earth dying
Into the cosmic wave
I felt its weightless pain
It was our destiny,
The chosen ones to be
Far from the end of the world!

We were close to the Gemini
When explosions shook the sky
I looked away to shield my eyes and hide the shame
Shaping the universe
Another sun gives birth
Far from the end of the world!


Going back to the beginning
We were only seventeen
I thought that we would last forever
But I was just to young to see

you took our love into your sunset
And Left me dealing with the pain
When i think of you it brings a felling
I can still remember
I was crying in the rain
It was the first time
Feeling lost and blind
And the story's never ending
Someone's heart in need of mending

Now I stand on the dark road
Feeling so cold
And i dream of a place
For tomorrow without sorrow
Where my heart is never blue

The day goes on
And soon the lights grown dim
And my neon city shines the night
I wonder what waits up ahead for me
I still try to find the signs

I have learned to be the lonely
And I'm not the only one - NO
I found my own way of reason
And some kind of peace of mind
I remember the first time
I was lost and blind
And the story's never ending - Yeah
It was the first time
if tou ask me how I know
My rock and roll
All my life I gave my heart
And my soul

Here I stand at the threshold
Feeling so old
And I long for a place without sorrow
A new tomorrow
Fot the world to see
Deep inside me a black light
Feel my soul night
As I sing to you
There's no time for us
To borrow death will swallow
It's the melody of destiny

So I stand on the dark road
Feeling so cold
And I dream of a place
For tomorrow without sorrow
Where my heart is never blue
Oh... Yeah
Deep inside me a black light
Feel my soul night
When I sing my song to you - Hey
In my time I gave you thunder
And now I'm going under
I'm going under


Surrender to the broken heart
Find inspiration in the deepest dark
The magic night can make us disappear
Just take the dream and sail away from fear
Feeling cold and lonely
You are not the only one
You can rise from the blue
Hear me sing my song to you

Under the mmon breathing
Staring the starlight dreaming

Giving in to your haunted mind
With the madness you're running blind
I see torture behind the smiling...oh!
Like gasolin to a dying flame
You need fire to burn your pain away from sadness
And the crying rain
And the road is winding
Hope is hiding - Yeah
This is the garden of the broken
So many twisted worlds have been spoken
True or fake who is the evil snake

Under the mmon breathing
Staring the starlight dreaming
I'm dreaming

Lifting chains from a young man's heart
Every season is a brand new start
We got to believe it and choose to receive it
Inside my bleeding heaven
I still remember when I was seven
Collecting coins in my wishing well
I only had my soul to sell


In my nigt i search for light
I sail my dream to in between reality and fanstasy
It saves me in my black hole
Fools awake all around
Lost and found we burn in silence
Shock this world rock this life
It's our melody of sacrifice

I've cried me a lake of tears
But there was always a time for healing
One day i'll make it to the sun

Blow my winds blow
Story winds blow
All the way dreams will rain down
Fly my wings fly
I'll be soaring high my friend till the end

Walk with me i'll make you see
You can feel beyond the sorrow
Break the spell and burn your hell
Away from your tomorrow

If you wish upon a star
It makes no difference who you are
You'll make it to the sun

Blow your winds blow
All your winds blow
Clouds will stay but love will rain down
Fly your wings fly
In your deepest sky my friend
Your heart will dream again

One day our crying's done
There'll be a new beginning
Some day we'll make it to the sun

Blow our winds blow
Stormy winds blow
We'll be searching till the end


Hey can you feel my winter
I have frozen out the pain
She gave me her heaven
The she sent me to the deepest hell
My demons are calling
I feel them crying like the howling wind

She took my heart like an eagle
And flew me up into the highest sky
I say that woman is evil
Love was flying on the wings of a lie

She made me the black one
The darkness behind the sun
My rainbow has gone

I am walking in the darkest cold land
Saving strenght to open doors
From ashes to fire
I have to rise from my inner war

Stole my heart like a eagle
Love was carried on the wings of a lie
that woman was evil
Flew me up into the highest sky
And dropped me down

It made me black one
The eclipse of the sun
Waiting for the light to come
Hey... they call me the black one
The darkness blocking out the sun
My rainbow had gone

Oh... you can call me the black one
The darkness behing the sun
My rainbow has gone
Yeah... look out for the black one
The eclipse of the sun

Yeah... I am the black one black one
The darkness has come


I've got something to show you
I give you something real
I'm gonna rock till it's over
I came to make you feel ... yeah
Someone took me from heaven
I was a holy child
Now i'm a lord of thunder
I rose above the cry

On the road to somewhere
I'm not coming back again
Sending all my power to the lonely

You can walk the distance with me
And follow till the end
And burn the spirit in your heart
The sun is in your hands

Heartless ride for the lonely one inside my wishing well
I took my blues to the dark side to break the chain of spell ... yeah

I sold my soul to trouble
Forever a gambling man
Climbing up the tower with my fire
I'm not going back again
On the road to somewhere
Hoping for a lifetime that is longer ... yeah

You can walk the distance with me
And follow till the end
Burn the spirit in your heart
The sun is in your hands ... in your hands

When life is a heartless ride
I take my blues to the other side ... yeah

Selling my soul for double
Always a gambling man
Sending all my power to the lonely

Hey stranger we can't breathe in water
But we can move the land
So find the magic in your heart
Cause you can walk the distance with me


It's a cold night
And I'm starting to freeze
In our lonely world
Only kisses from you could save the day
And melt the ice, Around My Heart

Only Kisses from you (Kisses from you)
could stop me from feeling blue

Conversations, romance, revelations
Life is a beautiful game (Life is a beautiful game)
Under the sun, a new day has begun
And I wake up, and I wake up with the one I love. oh oh

I begin again
Walking to the bitter end
My time is just a fast burning candle
Black is the day
When there is no more secret words to say
But the music will play yeah

There's a moon light
And I dream in the shadow
Rainbows flash
When I'm thinking of you I know it's true
Starlight fire, Sweet Desire

Only kisses from you
Could stop me from feeling blue

Oh we begin again
Trying till the very end
Living is a hard case to handle
Black is the day
When the melody has gone away
No more music to play
Cold night and I'm feeling the breeze
In this lonely world
Only kisses from you could save the day
And melt the ice, around my heart

Only kisses from you
Cold night. ah ah hey yeah.
There's a moon light
Only Kisses from you
Only Kisses from you
Only Kisses from you
Can stop me from feeling blue.


Blue day, and i face the world
Once again, our lives are turning
It seems so far,like it all began
The time was closing in and now I'm afraiding man

Kings and queens, lie and dreams
I was like Romeo and Juliet was mine
Taking from the deepest sorrow, to the choice of tomorrow
You follow a rainbow

You never walk alone 'cause we're going home together
You never stand alone like a burning sun
You will be my friend and sister till the end
And never cry alone


Lonely nights and the starlight brings a feeling
It's more and I, in the pictures so revealing
It's so much clearer now there'll be no return
So many moment passes by and we still got things to learn

Brave new time i wish you well
And i can't hold any longer,
I hope you will tell
My story with glory

Never walk alone on your journey home forever
Never shine alone like a crying sun
Won't you be my friend, an angel till the end
'Cause i can't love alone

Never walk alone on this journey home to never
Never dream alone like a distant sun
I can be your friend and brother till the end
Don't wanna die alone