Black Millenium tracks



The desertic summer fades, the black curtains opens on a depressive autumn.
The ground gave rotten fruits this season.
The black wings of melancholy above the superstitious mortals.
The dogs bark at the moon, children wake at night.
Since the appearance of those weird black eggs,
No chance for an exorcism in this place forgotten by god
Some of them speak of witchcraft but no scapegoat to crucify.
Peasants in starvation and fear, epidemics over animals.
Each day opens on new victims, cursed by a strange evil.
No one to bless the funeral, the priest was buried one week ago.
Fields are changing to mass graves.
People dwell in the church which has turned weird and dark.
Ignoring the chapel is the nest, they get close to Evil.
Curse spreads over the villages around as a magnetic wave of sadness.
The wind carries the carrion's stench, the eggs of melancholy.


I survived time and death to meet you, to be sure you'll forget but, me, I didn't.
You buried me too fast but here I am and guess who is here tonight.
From his bloody mouth, he spits a venomous hate.
He's a broken doll, his eyes are blackened holes.
He is the puppet of the night that cuts the strings of your life.
Drugs shine in his eyes, he's not afraid to die.
He is the toxic living dead woken up to lead you to your end.
A new false prophet has risen from the infinite space.
He's standing proud and alone though the darkest times,
Like a morbid toy he's poisoning your children's soul.
He is the one that you admire though his burning zombie breath.
He is a black entity of alcohol and death.
He is an ancient king calling the masses to follow the contagion.
His fingers are claws, it's the last thing you'll know.
Sickness too far driven has breed the spawn, a new false prophet rises at dawn.
His nails are black and broken, the new false prophet.
So you see what evil you breed making my life a hell,
It will be the last thing you know.
My feeble shell has died and you'll soon see what profit I can get from it.
The new false prophet.
I survived time and death to meet you, to be sure you'll forget but, me, I didn't.
He has the stench of death, smelling like sickness.
All life will blacken and rot, his art is a plot.
Covered with mud and rags, no one knows his age.
Wrapped in an angel cadaver, he is the masses leader.
He is the toxic living dead woken up to lead you to your end.
A new false prophet has risen from the infinite space.


Priest fallen from grace, driven by lust and sadism,
Eyes are shining with an evil blaze (the eyes of the insane).
Daily haranguing the faithful with a gruesome grin,
Going out at night for a strange ceremony, amen.
Bloodthirsty orgies, child abuse and torture have no saviour anymore.
Time to sin to betray god and go in Hell,
Laughing as he ties the rope around his neck, amen.
Souls worshipping his black sermon.
Blind sheeps to the slaughter shall follow him on his way to Hell.
Pray to the priest obscure.
None shall stop the madness, close your eyes and trust your new master.
Passion's burning, people cutting their veins.
Obeying the new law in their father.
Reverse the holy, their cursed destiny in now in his hooked hands.
Now he's feeling Jesus...
His black tongue coming out from smiling mouth
His holy cassock obscenely rises up as he flows his last rained juice, amen.
He's found the morning after by his conons, slashed incantations covering his flash.
Flier yet nesting on his horrible face,
All obssessed by grotesque hanging carrion, amen.


My shadows is creeping on the grey stones,
Descending the stars of a forgotten castle.
The years have past and war time is over.
Are those steps going to Hell.
Standing alive there leads me to anger, I hope I'm soon to reach the gate,
Beyond which I'll find a mind of peace, somewhere fortress seems to bury me.
Bats are showing me the way, this goddamn fortress seems to bury me.
The elements open on a blacker passage marked by black candles.
Out in the storms and winds, hiding from the mortals.
Screaming as I wish to quit, cutting my flesh so deep.
What a great artist dies with me...
I leave, I hope you cry as I hurt you for the last time.
You see, as that you'll remind me, poor unconscious victims.
Now the pit opens to me, I don't even feel my last time's saviour.
I run to the ugly mouth of death making one with shadows.
You can already curse my funeral, I still vomit on your holy earth.
Don't feel any compassion, I've sinned just to betray god.
A spit on this rotten face, I am the Satan's carrion.


Daemonius non magna celeritate procedit et belli itinera
Molestos labores, magna pericula narrat. Inferi ira ductus.
Quanquam clamores atris in silvis anfit, atra nocte procedit.
In umbra antri quod inferorum porta est angusta via.
Est quae ad inferos descendit.
Posquam mortis magnus deum oppugnavit superavit,
Daemonius din bellum gesserat.
Multa oppida viderat quae incendio delebantur
Daeminius vulnere fessus clamavit, tierram reliquit et cecidit
I mortem procedit. Inferi ira ductus.


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Devastation over the world, bloodred sky burning the humans below.
Survivors in rat's galleries raping the poisoned ground.
No one know what to come, the cancer eats the fruit.
The curse of 2000 years of ignorance but none to carry the memory.
In the same way they burnt the books and history was erased.
When they behold is was too late, the sickening process was running out.
It began with chemo war, death rays and fire guns even killed the night.
It looks some days, just a few days.
All came so fast...
Unbearable noxious smoke fill the air.
Nowhere to escape on the acid poisoned ground
Returning to ashes, life slowly fades.
Black millenium...
And after they started to fight for the remains of a dead crust.
No place to bury the dead, falling closer to the end on each second.
Cannibalism spreads the venom for the degenerated years to come
In a blast history changed, no salvation.
They prayed and prayed again trapped and hungry like rats.
Returning to middle age, fearing diseases and plague.
But the essence of Evil comes from the inside.
The forsaken whore stays shut.
Graves everywhere, I remember their redened eyes.
Eternity won't newer erase the nightmare to come.
Black millenium has come, all is lost.
The mess of a whole planed.
In my gaseous phantom form, anonymous witness of the fall.
Even bitterness has gone, I shed no tears.


I hate the way they move and exist but they're surrounding me.
I cried for days because of you, I wish you all die soon. No mercy for humans.
You all tried to push me to the coffin, I touched the worst is death.
Now I'm here to make you suffer, to lead you to my own grave. No mercy for humans.
But in a hidden place where men fear to cross the river, far in the forest,
Candles burn on a stone crypt. All around the fire, painted black and grimly,
They curse the world they let behind them, without regret.
They are a few but so different and so dark...
Far common life of man, keep the ancient flame.
Metal nights of sadism and lust, may the dark flame burn again! No mercy for humans.
Returning to primitive rites, may the human race die.
To let place to our black kingdom, for ever, for ever. No mercy for humans.
Save me, I'm drowned by this world, I want to end now it's too long.
I wanna die and I fucking cry, see what you have done of me.
And fewer again of them leaved to touch the eternal flame.
Those who choose the night, those who choose their way. No mercy for humans.
Breathing the silence of the woods, forget the lost world.
Another force, darker than ever possesses your life and soul. No mercy for humans.
And the ones who didn't feel the force to leave stayed in bitterness.
Among the humans and became like them, no way back, no way back, no way back.
No mercy for humans.


Deny the few that remain and send feeling to oblivion.
The taste of survival has decayed to feel the touch of empty darkness.
So, I'll never miss anyone the day I'll shoot my head.
And no regret for lost joy, avoid rotting here.
Hidden from the daily world, ugly soul marked by doom.
The years have let an acid trance as a treat over humans.
The dark path you'll follow. I'll take you in my fall.
I also remember some times of vice and lust, but so few.
Never asked you to understand my pain, just see me suffer.
How many years I've lost the fight.
The glory of the past times has gone, the union and our brothers,
Gone, gone, gone...
Nothing remains and I'm not sad to quit.
The lead will show me the gate of death.
Black, feeling bad on each second I breathe, black, my human shell becomes so weak.
Black as the twilight of this world, black, this tunnel has no fucking end.
Black as my heart and all I know, black as color of my soul.
Black as drug and alcohol, black as the future of tomorrow.
Black as the glorious circle's time, black as a past never to be back.
Black, only my soul sad memory remains, black as my flowing bloodtears.
Black as I suck the cold iron barrel, black as the metal on my teeth.
Black as the seed of death's ejaculation, black as the lead that splatters my face.