Naer Mataron

Discipline Manifesto tracks


1. Extreme Unction

The churches may decide - what will happen
To man - in the other world
In this world, we - the black metal order -
Shall decide - for our people

Mentally deficient, full of bluntness say:
"Blessed are the poor in spirit"...

Wouldn't it be nice, if they
All went to their paradise
The one proclaimed
By the fucking christian church
Into their paradise
We'll find ugly and
Mentally flat women

For over half a million years god was sitting
Watching men plucking one another's eye
And only then had the brilliant idea
Of sending his bastard son, -fucking- jesus christ
But now the Devil prevails
This thing is balderdash

We shall let the church to
"Rot as a gangrened hand"
And slay upon their altars the idiots
And the old scandalmongers
The healthiest part of the
Youth shall be with us

The plower with his scythe shall ripe
The new harvest rightly
Burned, mutilated,
Millions of our ancestors
Under christian psalms of love
We shall avenge...
...We thirst for blood!!!

The churches may decide
What will happen
To man in the other world
In this world, we
- The black metal order -
Shall decide
For our people

2. Blessing Of Sin

The God's return incarnated in the new man.
With sight that knows to despise and to love.
With flaming sword that destroy and creates.
A form serene and severe.

Let us place our lives under eternity
To transform them into a life divine and everlasting
Be it so that death meets us young and beauteous.
Let him come at dawn when our burning sight.
Will meet the rising sun.

Brothers, the clouds of the storm draw near.
The earth takes a leaden form.
Black eagles rip the flesh of the rain state.
An uprising erupts, the lament travels over.
Soon the wolves will invade.

Baptize your sword under the light of your thoughts
Unite your will the coming whirlwind.
A new dawn will rise over the ruins
With blood shall be built the new state.

Above every moral consciousness, above all values.
Savage, destroyers and creators. We don't know of forgiveness or repent.
We, the great despisers of landation.

Morality is the great infection of mankind.
Paganism means return to the innocence.
The triumph of will of one primal fierce violence.
With deeds that will strike terror.

3. For The New Man

A metaphysic idealism
Is the creation of a new man.
A new form of civilization...
Aiming at the achievement of physical
And artistic excellence.

With courage and boldness,
We will overcome the past.
We will evolve a new civilization.
Where man shall be a wholeness.

Willing to move to acts of total destruction.
Even to mass murder
For "creative destruction".
We aspire to revine
The true essence
Of the natural,
And a human being.

March of victory...
...The boldness sunray!
Fire in the battle...
...The rite of crimson dawn!
Inexpugnable the flame...
...The eons blaze!
The sun in the darkness...
...A fountain of light!!!

4. Arrival Of The Caesar

As the Caesar arrives,
The prestige of authority, of duty, of honor
...And the end of rottenness, returns.

With their armies they give the battle
For the domination of mother earth.
The society of power gives way to rotten.

The man assaults
Pure and irresistible,
The strongest win and what is left over is their spoils.

They take in their hand the control of the world.
The kingdom of books belogs to them.
The rottenness is being erased from the memory.

Through the chaos of time comes a second religion.
A nostalgic return in the old sympols of faith.
The masses are armed
In a situation of a fatalistic satisfaction
They bury their souls and their effort in the ground.
From where they and their culture emerged.

And in these setting of culture and civilization comes death.
Which man created.

5. Blast Furnace

Our way is long, rough and painfull
The prime mover is our love for our blood
For our land and our civilization
Our hatred is abyssic, endlessly furious
For what harmed and continues to harm the three
Suns of our existence

We are prepared to be ruthless
Towards every center of pollution
All that is sick needs to be vanished
The new sosciety seeks for the blast furnace

The blast furnace is us!!!

Blast furnace - scalding storm
Blast furnace - the new policy

We obey to a higher rhythm
Having a mighty pact with blood
Listening to the soul of the blood in our soul
We dream the most tough and great dreams

Ancestor worship is superior to any religion
It provides the essential emotion of soul and mind
Through the existences of the past for action and creation.

6. The Day Is Breaking

The chosen blossoms of the European land.
The chosen creators who our civilization expects.

Dreaming of the society of the strong warriors, philosophers and poets.
Chosen of the land and blood.
Innocent and merry creators.
Aesthetic children of the Sun
Who glory the Apollonian Cosmic Harmony.

We reveal again the primitive myth.
Regenerating the new poetic moment of our times.

Guardians of a mystic, lost, forbidden knowledge.
Fighting for the heathen Europe
We want to rewrite her history.
To reveal the luminous truth.
As heralds of the new storm.
The last loyal.

We dived in the mucky sources of the myth.
And pumped the mystic speech of Pythia
Red is covering the poetic dimension of our lives.

What is today praised, must be destroyed tomorrow.
What is today hated, must be worshipped tomorrow.

7. The Last Loyal

It is not possible, the forces of deceit, to dominate our land.
"Spirit once was God, then became man, and today became beast"

We are the Last Loyal
We are not bent by the great life
We did not deny our ancestors
And the pride of our civilization.

Cursed and ghost of history, exiled...
Deniers of the false dream
Fugitives of virtual reality

By characters, suspicious and disclaimers
Ready to die for the new man who will come...
We shall smash their dreams to a thousand pieces
And through the ruins, shall rise a great world
We will be the seeds.

The Last Loyal

Our soul is adolescent, deeply filled with loyalty and ideal.
Possessed b an irrational grit that obeys nothing.

We, The Last, who shall be in the future first.
The last witness of a world that is vanished.
The first heroes of a world that rises.
All of us, the victors of the great battle which comes

We shall then continue the war between us
For in this world, he who wants to live...must fight!!!

8. Land Of Dreams

I draft the meaning of the word of life and history
I am the son of mother wisdom
The essence of the secrets of the Mind
That mutined the Folks out of oblivion
To give meaning to their Ideals
And knowledge on the years of their ancestors

I am the description of history
The philosophy of existence
Throughout the Word of the Heliad to the Frozen Wotan
And from Edda to Zarathustra

I unite the Gods with you
I possess the secrets of religiousness
And still your fears and your vanities
I am He who crushes the truth of simple life
To instruct your Godhood and Heroism

From the sanctuaries of the forests and the temples
To the secrets of the cliffs and the birds
Resist to the lie that bolts to the woods
Envy the seed of the Divine that we hide inside us.

My body is myriads of black and scarlet banners
And endless runes and symbols of the land of Europa
That stole the fire from the moon
And gave it to thousands of children
As they saluted through their shadows.

9. Last Man Against Time

Man above time,
Identified with the present Sun.
Throwing relentlessly - the light on us
From all the dawns - of the past
Throwing a shine in the increasing darkness of our times.

Brahma, Visnon, Siva
Existence, Preserver, The Destroyer
The last important Man
Stigmatised by the signs of the opposite elements.

The lightning and the sun, Kalki the Avenger.

Crush all the enemies of the divine purspose.
The stigmatised ones with the stamp of declained times.

At his right, the last loyal.
The iron man, the avenger.
The defeated warriors against time.

Powers of solution.
Powers of life.
In the field of the cosmic battle
The one without beginning.

The bridge leads to Zarathustra.
Through the flames of the final End.
In the sunshine of the new age.
In the road which he traced, who wasn't his.
In order to prepare it for him.