The Carpenter tracks



Who are you?
Man condemned to shine a salvation
Throughout the centuries

Why was the wine of the grail
Too sour for man to drink?

The carpenter
Carved his anchor
On the dying souls of mankind
On the tomb of this unknown soldier
Lay the tools of the one who for us had died
Tools of the carpenter

The one they lick
The same old sick
Dream of their precious saviour

Kiss them deep
And make them weep
Over promises of eternal peace

The carpenter

I hear you
Through the symphonic voices of nature
The purity I could never doubt
They tell me to lie on the grass
And observe my saviour
The one crucified to the chirping of birds

The carpenter


Pulling the last cry, I was alive (alive!)
While I'm down in my hatred, weird, right (right!)
Your god has set you on fire, in the day you're dark your Way

When we reached this final dusk
Then bring me fire and insanity
The jet-black eyes are showing butterflies,
They dance in the fire insane, so

Fire: dance with me
Fire: come with me
Fire: your fire

Of the everlasting flame, did burn me;
The one we are all off often struggling down, down, down, Down
And when you hear me forth to the everlast,
Hear me used to bear dreams cast in a silent near

Fire: you're killing me
Fire: a thorn, sweet, so rare
We'll praise the Lord to begin it

Until the others will fall
But, victims are we all

We will at last destroy human gods
And within us the fire is burning
The dream lives forth and we're standing strong to fight
And the everlasting fire is burning

Fire: come with me
Fire: my god is with me
Fire: together (forever)


Distress has found a dwelling place in me
already pale as death but still I bleed
For promises have shown their fragility
spare me your affection and pity

The world no longer is a joyfull dream
but a crystal with darksome glean
About to fall
Soon be shattered
One shared for every emotion dead
I will rather learn to enjoy misery
than partake a life of hypocrisy

Here I sit by the sloly dying candlelight
so I will dink with the shadows by my side
I flew with wings of the dragonfly ;
came down as the rain foured out of the sky
And stormwinds howled over the land
snow covered the trees and ice the sand

No illusions remain
Silence conquers us all
solitude the only reality

Only dust moves, set in motion aeons ago
when there was still life in this world