Nile tracks



Forgotten heroes, massacred
Carnage scattered
Strewn with the wreckage of war
Sanguinary, savage melee
Slay en masse, orgiastic bloodbath

No more battle cries or screams of dying friends
No mourners lament or glorious funeral pyres
The dogs of war will knaw my bones

Carcass remains, gangrenous rotting
Vultures descend, gorging on carrion
Gnashing teeth, slavering jaws
Devouring flesh, the jackals gluttonously feast


Tribal indeligible ageless
We celebrate our carnal nature
Bloodsmeared and naked we dance under the horns

Idol of instinct, idol of lust
Dark lord of claw and fang

Unclean we enshrine the beast
With sacrificial altars of flesh and bone

Worship the animal


I drink the milk of ceres
Dread elixir
Crude nauseous willful poison
Healing wounds unhealed
Purge vomit convulse collapse
I gain the knowledge
Separate mind from body
I break open the skull

Papaver somniferum
Amrosia of the ancients
Morpheus god of dreams grants me
Entrance to the den of the wicked
Anarchy of dreaming sleep summons
Long dead harlots
I kiss the queen of hell
Cleansed from the dishonours of the grave

Potent destroyer of grief
Abyss of divine enslavement
Thou hast the key to paradise

Every night i descend into chasms
And sunless abysses, depths below depths
From which i am hopeless to reascend


Descendant world in a frenzy of evil
Slowly stripped of life
Raped of principles with a common reason
Justice for which we fight
Madmen stagger into power
Pulling strings from ivory towers
Vampire machines drain and devour
As screams strike the hour

Do you ever feel frightened in the dead of night
Can you hear the children scream
Lurking witches coming for you
Every night and every day, some good, some evil
But they all know where you are
Only thing to do is run away
Or stay and be surrounded by fright

Innocent provoked, guilty set free
I don't know which way to go
What will they think of me when i lose control
Nightmare, reality or am i just in hell
Think im on a one way ticket to being totally
Surrounded by fright

Invisible parasite worming away at the brain
Driving me insane, do this, do that
You live then you die, burn me at the stake
We are the martyrs of tomorrow and today
Rise up from the fire and cry
Surrounded by fright


Oasis dark sanctuary
Night is born heavy with Shaman dance
By the light of the moon
Open your eyes to the song of the universe
Slowly we drag ourselves out of the primal slime
Slowly we arise to become mankind
Irrepressable we journey to Mecca

The heavens the gods are all within you
Listen as the voice of reason speaks
The ranting and raving will tear the world apart

Ancient alive seething with power
Enigma of a single human heart
Monumental, neolithic
Bare your soul and enter Mecca
Come arise from the primordial mud
Cloak thy nakedness
In the endless stuggle of the ages
Give your spirit wings and fly