Nile - Vader tracks




Hail to ye who art in the sacred desert of the west
I know you and I know your names
Save me from these snakes which ar in Rosetjau
which live on the flesh of men and gulp down their blood
For I know you and I know your names

The first one Osiris, lord of all mysterious of body
gives command
He puts forth breath into those frightened ones
who art in the midst of the west
what has been decreed for me is lordship over those who exist

I know you and I know your names

May my place in the darkness be opened for me
May a spirit shape be given to me in Rosetjau
Even to the lord of the gloom
who dies at the devourer of serpents
His voice is heared but he is unseen

The great god within Busiris
Those amongst the languid ones fear him
Having gone forth unto the shambles of the god

I have gone forth
Even I the vindicated Osiris
The great ones on earth await me
The scribes on their mats magnify me
I am as Re the eldest of the gods
I have taken possession of the sky
I have inherited the earth
Who shall take away the sky and earth from me?

I know you and I know your names
I know you and I know your names



Ground is trembling, severe stench engulfs
Fear possesses the weak being you are
With convulsive tremble of Darkness
Our legions move, We are the Horde

We come from the Absence of Light!

Squalor poisons the ground we walk
Diminishing who pray the falseness of the God
I am the Horde! We are the Horde!
Yes, We are!!!

Intense fear, the trail you leave
Leads to vulgar death
We erupt the feast of the blackest path
Our touch alone, sets in Soul bleed
Draining the wretched life from your bones
We bring the suffering!

We are the Horde!
Brutality unseen before
Feeble human, on your knees to die
We bring the suffer
We are the Horde
Yes, We are!

Futile ways to save your flesh
Once We are you shall not live
Fading light drained from your eyes
As your puny god laughs about your pain

We are the Horde!
We bring the suffering!
We are the Horde!
We who are benighted
From the absence of Life
Yes, We are!