Order From Chaos

Dawn Bringer tracks


1. Labyrinthine Whispers

Oft spoken of only in Whispers
The true embodiment is enshrined
Its roots reach down through slumbered soils
Swift branches scrape the skies
Yet instinct and passions ensnare
Opposing reason and restraint
And woven mortal passages freeze
Enclosing a limitless beast

Labyrinthine Whispers
Corridors within- a sacred dance
Manifest ascendant
Labyrinthine Whispers
Ultimate journey to revelation
Bittersweet embodiment

Alas this fragile hour endures
Enthroned in the temple of being
The vital body as animate
Imprisons the captive soul
A circle of odds with center
At the pathos that dwells within
An inner serpent that though crucified
Can still remain alive

Labyrinthine Whispers
Corridors within- a sacred dance
Manifest ascendant
Labyrinthine Whispers
Ultimate journey to revelation
Bittersweet embodiment

Awakened from the dark and dreaming
Out of the watery vault
The faintest whisper wanders mortal
For one desolate hour
Clashing sands of Megiddo
Span across the Labyrinth
Rites of passage dual natures
Corridors entwine

Join your brethren dissolve again
Into native infinity
Gateway beckons from the center
Resign the body to the ground
The ebbing light of wanton years
Waning rays spurn the sun
Abandoned halls fleeting shadows
Truth unveiled Labyrinthine Whispers

Beyond the poisoned Whispers
Of the Labyrinth...

2. Ophiuchus Rex

I drove down the social spirals
Towards inferior eternities
Still Clutching the ideal-
The masks of fabled greatness
Men like gods?
Humankind is insignificance

Memories fade
Burned to death by futurity
Legacies vanish
Consumed by worms
What is a drop to the storm
that bursts it?
Meaningless wretch of the womb
that birthed it

My spiral dance complete
I hail the rushing earth


Men like gods (you are weak)
Hail the rushing earth
Spiral dance complete
Hail the rushing earth

The inexorable conquest-
I stare at my cremation
Its yearning, cleansing flames
As cinders, ash and dust
Become the extent
Of my remains...

3. Tenebrae

Black chaos expanding
Ouroboros circles in pursuit of itself
Beneath entropic oceanic abyss
A paradox convulses the universe
Genesis- a gravid flourish of life
Protoplasmic sparks (kindle) and Infuriate Flame
Febrile brilliance fine points of light
Phosphorescence moves into Man

Unleash subjecting truths in sacred words
ignite the dominion of absurdity
Fire and sword imperium darkness pale
Irradiances flourish where compelled to shine
Deluge- Tenebrae sweeps in on mute limbs
Astride the Plateau glimpse the rising gloom
Acknowledge the nihilism (of ordered procession)
The drowning caress of black swirling waters

Sacrosanct (man as microcosm)
Four temperaments (fuse) - statuesque Entity
The fortitude of a pristine creature
Transcend tyranny- Quintessential Power

The Scorpion beneath the upturned stone
The Snake invisible in the grass
With fangs He protrudes from a scornful smile
Watches your fortress wash away like dust

Horus ablaze against a setting of Fear
Kingly halo (four tiered earth) at his feet
Sapient Eye illuminates the fleeting staircase
Ascent of deliverance - Invincibility

I am He
(The Crowned and Conquering One)
Conqueror of Fear

He is the refuge towards which you crawl
Yet as poison Fear has tainted your wine
Let fly the arrow marking you for death
He laughs- He represents Foreverness

As an act of penance you mortify your flesh
Shivering for blood wept out as joy
Amassed Silence ruptures to devour
Tenebrae ushers in the sickened shroud...

4. The Sign Draconis

[III) Epilogue: The Deluge]

Fel Draconum vinum corum
Et venenum Aspidum insanabile

(Their wine is the poison of Dragons
And the cruel venom of Asps)

So pray (...) for death to procreate
Poisoning as it falls
A merciless cleansing
Intoxicating Silence among the ranks
Dark waters cold and pallid
Black dawn arise- asphyxiate
As the swineherd


5. Webs Of Perdition

I curse forgotten foreign worlds
Evil landscapes of my mind
Black horrors that I dread
Fantastic to mankind
One thousand fates await me
Each points towards doom
My sleep grows deep and lifeless
The aching void looms
Spirals of thorns shred my eyes
War-gredy weapons unsheathed
Sanguinary way -blinded path
Congealing misfortunes decreed
he who enters the blackness
Shall soon not know what may be
Nightmarish foreshadows- the future
Abolish what nyctophobia pleads

A plague of dreams and visions
That haunt (and lurk in) my mind
Beneath the shroud of darkness
These shadows come alive

Indeed I cannot escape this
This pestilent torment of dreams
My torturous sleep is imprisonment
I moan an echoing scream...

Infectious fear
It fabricates
Weaves itself
It procreates
Cruel clutching strands
It permeates Webs of Perdition
One dreams the fate

Webs of Perdition
One dreams the fate
Webs of Perdition

A face transfixed with horror
Macabre is the weird
A futile glimpse towards infinity
Black thoughts- nightmare revealed
This bedside shall be my resting place
To capitulate toward the dark
I gather the black in my eyes
The rattle of death departs...