The Way of Defender tracks



The skies and the future, the color is the same
It's black:
The land is in a swamp there is no way,
Dark falls on homeland. That's it.
The end is on the way
Horned knights, they are coming soon
Their blades shine under the opaque moon
Enemy: they want to rule our motherland
Enemy: they'll take our treasure till the end
Enemy: they'll burn our homes and fields
Enemy: they came with war!
The land needs help, the people pray for it a lot:
All of a sudden lightning strikes from the sky.
It's a marvel from the dark!

I vot na cvet iavilcia on
Spacitel, da! Nikto imoï!
Veliki kniaz, oura! Rojdien spasti narod i kraï rodnoï

Forgotten sun brings back to us illumination
The baby's cry revives lost hope of the nation
Forgotten sun brings back to us illumination
The baby's cry revives lost hope of the nation
The wind, is rocking the cradle, and father holds the candle
A flame-colored look from the baby's eyes
Makes father's eyes to freeze like ice
Birth of demon or birth of god,
But he must grow up with chosen blood

Тeper priniat obriaz nastalo vremia.
Каk delali otsi tvoï
Proïti "postrig" ti doljen smelo
Smotri, s konia ne oupadi!

The crowd hails the little king
The steed was snorting beneath the prince
Forgotten sun brings back to us illumination
And Alexander revives lost hope of the nation
Have you enough strength to defeat the enemy horde?
Have you enough power to stay with the throne?


The forest is imbued with the smell of the battle
The spirit of war soar above
Gaze around your land. What do you see?
Destiny's sign says that you're not a child anymore
The time of the wooden swords is over
The time of metal is near!
Metal has come

So you are old enough to ride your own way
Your trusty steed is waiting for you
Your Armour is ready to cover you
The bow wants to be squeezed by your hands
And targets long for the spikes of your lances

But you need to learn, learn the art of war and faithful Ratsha will guide you.
He'll teach you to kill and not to be killed

10 shots in one minute or the sun won't rise anymore
10 shots in one minute or your people forever will be slaves
10 shots in one minute to turn you into a warrior
10 shots in one minute or you'll meet your death

You're still so young. This is the reason why your shield and sword are weightless
You wish to conquer the world like youthful child
Feelings of vengeance possess your mind

Cherniï vorod v nebe zakrougilcia
Polchicha smerti za neskolko viorst
Pout k pobede ne boudet tak blizok i prost

Your life is a struggle. Your life is a trial
You can die in a battle or from poisoned wine.
You don't know whom you trust, even a friend can betray
You can't avoid this dismal lot. Death is your fate


The river was in the grip of frost
And now it makes the way to our hearts
By the light of stars the domes of the
Swedish tents are seen
As if monsters standing along the shore

You have intruded on our ground, but cannot seize it
Even as nature declares the war
The wind will carry away the sounds of our steps
From the ears of the guards.
The foliage of the trees will hide us
The moonlit sky will show us a way to victory
The horned knights will not escape
A Hand squeezes a sword until it hurts
Nobody will resist his force

I vot zapel rojok, nachalo bitvi vozvechaia,
А vsled za nim kor ostrik strel, kolodniï vozdouk rassekaia
Letiachik na vraga, pesn etou nodkvatil,
Na smert krovavouiou ik douchi obrekaia.

"Кto s mechom k nam voïdet, ot menia i poguibnet!"

Тоpоt raziarenik lochadieï, kak barabniï grom,
Bezjalostno nochnouiou tichinou razrouchil,
Sminaia pod soboï tela i zaglouchaia boli cton
On pesniou smerti na golovi rogatie obrouchil
(I eta adskaoa mouzika boudet igrat do outra!)

The strike of the sword is like the hammer of Thor
Dissecting helmets of horned strangers
As Odin's lightning pierces, sharp spears
Kill souls of knights one by one

The river abyss swallowed your screams
All has become silence
The battle is over and you see in the sky
Floating spirit of triumph

It was your first battle. It was your first test
You were blessed by god and passed
Having sprinkled the Russian ground with the blood of Swedish bastards


Unrecognized winner, Alexsander Nevski, returned to Novgorod
Instead of a celebration he got a discontented boyars
"Why did you fight with Swedes,
They came in peace they wanted to trade
You started war with a friend" - the foolish people screamed
Nevski raised his hand and began
To speak and the crowd became quiet
Without the noise that you make
You could hear the coins jingle
In the pockets, of the bawlers here, its Swedish silver.
I have something to show you, something to make you stop,
To stop your stupid barking.

Alexander took out a Swedish scroll with a blue dangling
Stamp on the rope and gave it to the scribe near by.
He brought it to his eyes and read out loud:

"Kniaz Alexandre!! Esli smojech - soprotivliacia !
No ia ouje zdes i plenouiou zemliou tvoï!"

Оdin krichali, chto on molodech i pravilno sdelal!
"Oukodi, ti ne nach" - krichali boiari, drouguie orali inache
"Net sil bole slouchat vam krik!
Oukojou ia ot vas!" - vskrichal Alexandre
I pokinoul on gorod, ouekal k otsou v perestavl
No obechal vernoutcia, esli nastignet beda

But, at that time on the bank of Dvina,
Where crusaders built the fortress Riga
Happy bazaar, rivers of wine,
People are smiling, no sign of evil
But what is that clank, its Germans crusaders:
The black behavior beneath the flag of light.

Jarpoe leto.
Krepost Riga ou reki
Novaia vera, sili zla na podstoupil
K nam v dom ti prichel, i pokoï ti nach ounes
Gost nezvanniï, krestonocech, smert ti k nam prines!
Bach Bog v nebe, tam gde vorod ne letal
Nach Bof s nami, ot bedi ne raz spasal
Nas i v stoujou i poroiou v letniï znoï
Oukodi otciouda inozemech zloï!

Blood, hanging, screams ringing through the wood:
The German's army moves to the east,
Having seized our stronghold
A dozen horsemen cross the threshold of the royal court
Pskov and Izborck seized already, Novgorod will be next
Boyars run to Alexander beseeching him to save the fort

Free your nation from the cage
The land of Russia must survive
Punish the Germans with all your rage
Don't let them stay alive

The day of payback is not so far away...


"Kmelna dlia nik clavianov krov, no tiako boudet ik pokmele"

Bonfires glow in the darkness of the rival hosts,
The shadows of soldiers waved like ghosts
The breath of spring, the weather's kindness
Light crunch of melted ice broke the silence
Both banks had a foretaste of morning battle
Em's, Liv's, Chud's camps was also on the Germans side
By force they were baptized from hands of crusaders
Enemy coast like a burning ant hill in the night
The shine of the northern star which flashes
Like the eye of the devil
Becomes a sign to start the fight with the force of evil.

At that time a group of fishermen came to Alexander
with glistening axes and near by walked a gray-eyed
foreigner with big moustache. Fishermen said they found
him half-frozen, brought him to their camp
And warmed him up.
He ran away from the knights.
"Why did you run from the Germans?" - asks king stranger.
"Wolves are they, not humans" - said the man with a big moustache.
"Let me fight with you against knights" - asked the stranger
"To pay for my insults".
Alexander nods assent.
"Cross yourself".
Moustache-man crossed himself three times
From left shoulder to right.
"He crosses himself not by our way" - noticed the fisherman.
"Never mind.
If only he fights by our way,
But God is one and the truth is one!"

"Great, you stay and fight with us", said Alexander
"Thanks, I'll do my best to get a good name"
Answers the stranger

Look, what is that twinkle on the other side of the lake,
It's a signal, isn't it?
That's right, the ice is floating!

Na velikoï reke tronoulcia led vdaleke
A po ozarou nachi boïska poïdout legke
Na seredinou ozera ik nado nam zamanit
Tam i boudet reka s jelezom ik koronit

Rise of the sun, thunder of horse's hoofs,
Heralding the start of battle.
Through morning haze, Knight's armor blazes,
Exhale drunken mist in Russian troopers heads.
The ranks of mounted Livons with giant pikes in iron hands
The pig's snout sticks in the human swamp,
Snow and blood mix in to one
Forces of good hold the onset of the wedge
Cries of dying men and horses reached the skies
The Germans were trapped, no way to run,
The Russian pincers are shut,
The way to the crusader's victory was cut
New Russian hosts from left and right strike the wedge.
Encircled knights fall in to dread and lose their courage
They start to retreat,
But the lake cant bear the weight of the knights
The ice cracks and the waters gobble the soldiers up.
The lakes waters will be red tonight


You're tired enough, my greatest Lord
You see no future, only a dreadful end
You're arms are too weak to hold your sword
The destinies of nations depend on you no more.

You're sitting on the mighty throne
And looking to the past
You think about right and wrong
Your time is running fast

Visions going through your mind
You see the kingdom fall
By suffering and pain of mankind
You have made your final choice

You hear the gentle voice of love
But you won't abandon to your passions anymore
Her name is rising from your heart
But will be dead with you and sink into oblivion forever

You see your brother's eyes
Remember how together you ran and hunted in the forest
But now you realize
That he's your enemy. And was it really worth this?

You try to protect your people from the war
But the cost of this is their slavery
Now you're asking yourself: "What for?"
For what is this humiliation?
Why this mortification?

Zatouplen mech
Strela ne porajaet chelo
Sledi kopit davno ouk porosli tvaboï
I beliï sneg pokril verkouchki eleï,
Slabou bilik pobed skrivaia pod soboï