Pretty Maids

Alive at Least tracks



We break on through
And step into a new decade
With no regrets for the mistakes
We've made
Prophets and preachers warning
There'll be hell to pay
What do we care anyway
Unfaithful children
Whose blood runs cold
All mighty kingdom
Immortal souls

Figure it out
We're guilty of the crimes that we create
Figure it out
We rush into another sin-decade

The millions living on
The seven deadly sins
Thinking salvation
Must be close at hand
Godforsaken fools
Born to break the rules
Our fate is written in the sand

Unfaithful children.........


Face Armageddon
You're trapped in the hands of time
Pray for confession
Accused of the fatal crime



Take a little trip with me
Let your spirits wander free
I'll free you from reality
I can take you there
Let me be your Peter Pan
Take you of to Never land
Make you feel like Superman
Make you feel aware
Ignite you
Excite you
The sails are set for

Destination Paradise, kiss the sky
Flying high tonight
On the wings of a dream
Sail away, leave today
In a sea of light
And flow with the stream
Once we've made friends
Don't pretend that we won't meet again
I will be tied to your tracks

I can change your attitude
Sweeten up the bitter fruit
Let me put a spell on you
For a little while
You'll be safe in my control
I got you in a stranglehold
I'll free your mind and steal your soul
I can make you smile

Destination Paradise, kiss the sky
Flying high tonight
On the wings of a dream
Sail away, leave today
In a sea of light
And flow with the stream
If you want more
I'll be there at the end of the straw
I'm your drug, I'm a rock
Cut me up take me in – Take me

Now they say you're sugar free
Won't you drop a line for me
And how is your morality
Now that you've come clean
Do you still have confidence
Can you face the consequence
Don't you see it never ends
It's still the same old scene

I beg you, won't let you go



There's something deep within I can't get rid of it
Something inside me causing horror in my head
I'm a stranger to myself
Don't know what I'm doing
Know what I'm doing

Tortured spirit haunting me
Playing with my sanity
Taking over steal my soul
I'm in a mental stranglehold

Don't want to share myself with you or someone else
What kind are you to split my mind and bend my will
Just get out of my life
Now why don't you leave me
why don't you free me


And when my better part has gone
My alter ego still lives on
we're two persons in one
I can't break the bonds

Tortured spirit haunting me
Playing with my sanity
Taking over steal my soul
I'm in a mental stranglehold
Tortured spirit leave me be
Now tell me what you want from me
Taking over steal my soul
Tortured spirit don't do it oh no


A love explosion
One big bang
Like a supernova
One outstanding date with her
Just one flash
And I was spellbound
Love came crashing right into my world

But now she says she's leaving me
that love ain't what it used to be
But I won't let go
I can't let go

I wouldn't miss you for the world
I wouldn't miss one day without you
I couldn't live without you girl
I wouldn't miss the things that we do
And nothing in this world could come between
The queen of all my dreams

And all that glitter
All that grace
No such love would come my way
Without you

And girl you're all that matters to me
no broken hearts or shattered dreams
won't do us no good

Now all want is high romance
I've had my share of one night stands
But it's over now
It's all over now

Chorus: And no one in this world could play your part
You had my heart held hostage from the start

Let me cut down to the bone
Well It's much to my regret
I was the first to cast the stone
Now why can't you forget

She's my woman
She's my fire
Everything to me



A roaring silence fills the city
There's a sense of fear
Only the stars are God's eyes
And the moon glows so clear
When your bets are off
It's no pleasure cruise
It takes all your guts
To make it through
Oh yeah
Hear the cries of a woman
A broken-hearted angle
A shotgun rings out
Set fire to the sky

Lovers and gamblers
Trying to make a score
Lowlife adventures
Crash a liquor store

Nightmare in the neighbourhood
Nasty little neighbours
Nightmare in the neighbourhood
Nightmare in the neighbourhood
Nasty little neighbours
Nightmare in the neighbourhood

In the hour of darkness
We're facing a moment of truth
The world shows its anger
Its pain and its lies

Snowbirds and crackers
Spaced out on dope
Dance on the edge
Of a six feet bungalow


Trapped in this twisted place
No one will hear your prayers
it fills me with disgrace
Got to get
Got to get out of here

There's a rumour on Main Street
Some one shot the breeze
A young kid had an O.D.
In a shooting gallery


I'm talking about neighbours


You know this feeling
You've met a girl
you think you're dreamin
You're on top of the world
It's like a full deck
And anoter trick of your sleeve
Love can derange you
It's plain to see
How It can change your
you loose your senses
your breath and the power of speech

love makes you strong
love makes you blind
love is the key
to make a grown man cry
love is a healer
Love is a natural high
That's right

Love is magnetic
A sparkling glare
You feel pathetic
When it's not there
That's when you're feling blue
That's when you realize

It's comprehensive
It takes controll
Makes you dependent
and stirs the soul
You can walk on water
You can ride the skies


Love is a miracle
Love is alive
Natural high



Hit without a warning
Comin like a diverbomb
As the twins are falling
Strike upon the pentagon
Can't believe my eyes
Staring at the t.v screen
It's gotta be a lie
Murder in extreem
Like a horror movie scene

Virtual brutallity
Right in your face
In the heart of the nation
Virtual brutallity
This is no nightmare
It's happening right here and now

Suicidal pilots
die a martyr for their cause
sowing fear inside us
and nevermind the human loss

Evil never sleeps
The devil always finds his way
Panic on repeat
Hell on earth today
Terror on display


wake up to a new reality
is it ever gonna be the same again
penetrated our fragility
and stole away the lives of innoscents
what happened to the world we knew so well
how do we restore ourselves
i guess the winds of time will tell

there will be justice
together we'll be strong
all for one



The look in her eyes
Makes me cold, and brings me to despair
I'm paralysed, and my soul is lost in the air
She leaves me the fright
And things that I never have seen
So queen of the night
Won't you please take me out of my dream

She's living the night
But at dawn she flies away
She's living inside
Disappears when night turns to day

She leaves me the fright
And things that I never have seen
So queen of the night
Won't you please take me out of my dream

Queen of the evil dreams
I'm under your spell
Queen of the evil dreams
Don't leave me in hell

Get out of my dreams
To a place where you never can hurt
But I'm gonna scream
'Cause I know, she'll always return

She leaves me the fright
And things that I never have seen
So queen of the night
Won't you please take me out of my dream


She's taking my love
And bringing me hate
Trying to kill, and destroying my fate, yeah
She's bringing me pain and evil shame
I'm lost in my dreams, I'm caught in the game, yeah



Do you know what's up in the sky
A danger to the human race
There should have been a paradise
Instead there's a killer out in space
It's made by the human, a dangerous toy
An ironbound demon, built to destroy

It's staring at you day and night
It's hidden, but you know it's there
A killer, a nuclear satellite
That can hit you everywhere

Cold killer; cold killer
Cold killer; ice-cold killer

And it can destroy all life on earth
A menace to peace in our time
A master of the universe
Which took all these hopes of mine

It's made by the human, a dangerous toy
An ironbound demon, built to destroy


Up in the sky you'll see
Stars shining bright and free
But don't, don't get fooled by their light
'Cause maybe there's a killer inside

It's made by the human, a dangerous toy
An ironbound demon, built to destroy



We seek immortallity
The wish to controll
In the face of tecnology
We reach for our goals
We deny the laws of nature
Breaking the genetic rules

Playing god
Playing with fire
Playing god
The quest and desire
Determined to evade our destiny

We're chasing the code of life
We got to explore
In building the perfect tribe
to open new doors

there's no limit to our venture
no cure for our curiosity


The lust for knowledge like a modern day frankenstein
Genious or madness where do we draw the line
Science dreams we're going off the rails
We hold the future of mankind we can't afford to fail



You are the lust behind the lie
You are the hate that never dies
Suffering and misery
You are the cycle of my pain
The never ever ending strain
And bring out all the worst in me
And black is your religion
As the darkest night
A cat among the pigeons
Waiting for the strike

You are the poison in the bite
The raging jealousy inside
My wrath and my hostility
You are the virus in my veins
The growing cancer in my brain
You are infidelity

I have watched the cities rot
I have seen the nations fall
And I have denied my God
While you misled us all

Search in myself
Got to face my demons
Rising from Hell
There are snakes in Eden

You are blasphemy and decadence
The stealer of my innocence
The worm that wriggles around my soul
You have haunted me right since my birth
Created all scum of the Earth
And caused this world eternal cold

You are infernal
You are the mentor of my sins
You are the incubus
The evil from within



Don't ever think you have paid
For the last love by Shelly the maid
She'll give you all her loving aid
When you need a warm bed - Shelly the maid
Shelly with her belly filled with joy
She knows how to treat her boy
She'll give you anything right
She won't leave you in the night
'Cause she knows when there's money in sight

You'll never see her pale
She'll wear purple red on her toenail
You don't ever have to be afraid
Who'll never let you down - Shelly the maid



I wanna taste it
Feel it in my bones
Gonna reach for the sky
I got wings I can fly on my own
I'll go the distance
You'll never see me crawl
Cause I'm over the hill
And I'm in for the thrill of it all
And you know
Easy come and easy go
I can feel the fire glow
In my body and soul

Live until it hurts
Wanna feel it
Fight for all it's worth
Take on the world because it's mine all mine
I ain't gonna sit and waste my time
Live until it hurts
Spread my wings and
Fly like a bird
It's better to burn out than to fade away
Stand up until my dying day

I'm gonna live it up
Take it as it comes
Have a piece of the pie
Feel like a wild on the run
I'm gonna walk on
Never gonna rest
I'll go for the lot and you know
I'll stand up to the test

Wanna win
Gonna put the wheels in spin
And enjoy the state I'm in
Fell the magic, raise some hell


I'm running with the devil
I'll be kicking up some dust
Push it to the limit
Cause my motive is my lust
I'm lit up like a rocket
Ready for take off tonight

Nothing's gonna stand in my way
I'll come on strong and live for today
Cause nobody knows what tomorrow will show
Got a hold on life and I can't let go



In the distant
Far away
Trying to figure it out
But I can't explain
Now we see it
Now we don't
We're floating around
In the unknown zone
Watch the starlight
Shooting for the sky
Reaching out to catch
A piece of Paradise
Is it true
Or just imaginations
Visions twist around my mind
And brings me shelter from the night

Where do we go
Where do we go from here
When do we finally disappear

Oh future world
There's nothing left to save
They blew it all away
Future world
Tonight we're riding on
The final escape

Is it heaven
Is it hell
Is it the afterworld
Or just something else
Are we prisoners in Nowhereland
Where darkness is your only friend
Kept inside this wall of sleep
Have we fallen into a deep freeze

Left the wastelands
Broke the lines
Crossed the border to another time
Being drawn by the fates
Who run our destinies
Stranded in a state of life
Where dreams become reality


In troubled times
We saw the writing on the wall
We heard the fools
Who brought the human race to fall
We'll build another generation
And not destroy the God creation


Take your chances
Turn the key
Open up the doors
To another history
Here's no questions
No demands
Here's the future
This is wonderland ........


Don't try to talk to your mother
She won't understand
She says you're crazy; boy you're running wild
Don't try to talk to your father
He won't give a damn
Saying you're lazy, and a problem child
You got to be strong
If you will survive
Stay alive

Well they can kick they can beat
Knock us down to the ground
But we will rise, and we'll march again
'Cause we are the heat, we are the sound
of rolling thunder in the wind

And so we are here
And we won't give up
We won't stop

Red, hot and heavy
The way it's gonna be
Red, hot and heavy
Now don't you see
Red, hot and heavy
We're bringing you down
So touch the ground

You know the big revolution
It's gotta be so
Out in the streets we're gonna shout it out
You know the final solution
It's rock 'n' roll
That's what we need, and we'll keep it loud

And so we are here
For a night on the town
Rock this city down