Pretty Maids

Wake Up to the Real World tracks



You take a trip down memory lane
Back in the childhood days
When everyday was an innocent game
And life a fairy tale

You're a 21 century girl
And hope is all you've got

Place your bets on happy endings
You know you're dreaming just
Pretending you're not

You hideaway in colour full dreams
From the dark of night
Sick of man of extremes
And the world outside

You face the day with false illusion
Made up dreams and blind confusion

Step into it
Open up your eyes
Wake up to the real world
Sleeping beauty
You still fantasize
Wake up to the real world
What's it like in in the world where you are
In your secret place
Do you feel love healing your scars
Do you feel embraced

There your mind is free to wander
Where no one's gonna steal your thunder

Step into it
Open up your eyes
Wake up to the real world
Sleeping beauty
You still fantasize


I look into the mirror
The reflection lies
I feel a rising fear
I seek a different I

When I look at myself
I don't like what I see
Give me the strength to change
To find a better me

Give me the courage
To expand my point of view
Teach me to cope with the results
From what I do

I found that cruelty
Has a human heart
Ever since innoscence
Was ripped and torn apart

I pledge my heart to serve the truth
I'll stay this course forever
All in the name of love
Pay my allegiance to the truth

carry the torch together
All in the name of love
I can't erase the past
I cannot clean the slate
Nor change the damage done
My fortune and my fate
But I can change direction
Choose another path
And may the strength of heaven
Resurrect me back


The dark and light
The wrong and the right
The essence of mankind
The pros and the cons
The moon and the sun
The eclipse of the human mind



I'm the one who holds the key
The mister of your destiny
The final station down the line
I' m coming for you when it's time

I'm the truth you can't escape
Eventually we'll meet someday

I am the end
The messenger of darkness
Then again
I am the end
The path to something bigger to begin
My friend

You fear what you don't understand
Fear the harvester of man'
But where you end up who can tell
The gates of heaven or the pit of hell

Well I'm the last resort, you know
I'll tell you when it's time to go

And when that day is coming
When the bell rings
When your time is running out
I'll be waiting in the wings
I'll be there to be your guide
And lead you to the other side of life


I see you hanging with another guy
See you living out another lie
Then you're fading vagely from my side
Into the night

My adrenalin is burning like wildfire
Knowing that we share the same desire
You cheat on me but girl I'm just the same

And I won't live without you
If I can live within it
And so the story goes

This is my confession
My heart is split in two
The weakness of the flesh
Make us do the things we do
In the crime of passion

I'm as guilty as you

You play me out you know I can't resist
You run the game I gladly run the risk
Unfaithfully invade a strangers bed

It's a game that we play
Don't need acover
Need no alibi


Two little infidels apassionate relation
Using our expertise in sin
The two of us just make the perfect combination
Heart to heart
Skin to skin


The architects of war has spoken once again
We must defend democracy
It's time for payback to the once they
Call their friends
To please the weapon industries

And there you stand
Ready to die for freedom
A simple man
Dying for shady reasons

You follow orders
Off you go to foreign shores
They call you to protect and serve
Liscence to murder on the right side of the law
The country's set on red alert

Kill or get killed
Nobody to hold on to
Everyday hell
Torture and hate surround you

Why die for a lie
Die in a war
Dying for something not woth dying for.

Why die for a lie

The war is won
But still you fight on foreign fields
While everything around you dies

Inside you cry
Mentally hurt and shattered
Emotionally dead
Survival is all that matters


And when you're coming home
You still hear the screaming
You're suffering alone
You still feel the pain



You are a burning heart
A diamond among the pearls
In an ice cold world
And your appearence
Make me feel like I'm in ecstasy
You put a spell on me

When you're here
I feel the heat
Whenever you're near
I feel complete

I sense the scent of you
I smell that sweet perfume
When you walk in the room
You are the kind of drug
I get addicted to
I got the best of you

So come on
I wanna be with you
All night long
Do what lovers do

It's such a rush
You're such a thrill
You lit my lust
And I'm in for the kill
The queen of hearts
The perfect prey
You're a shining star
Girl you blow me away

You got that magic touch
You've got that glowing spark
You light'n up the dark
The godness of my dreams
You're my adrenalin
You are the sweetest thing

I get wild
I'm animal
Hungry like a child
for you girl

Love embrace me fly me take me to cloud
Hold me touch me kiss me till the end of time



Let me touch you deep inside
Let me open up your mind
I'll wipe away the tears you've cried
Lead you safely back in line

Hold on to me
Tonight youll feel
A love so real
I wanna see you shine

The course is planned for you and me
We'll disappear without a trace
I'll clear your eyes and make you see
All the light of heavens grace

The world has turned it's back on us
But don't give up
Together girl

We will be strong
We'll be one together
Walk that road forever
Through all space and time
To find our paradise
Carry one another
Hold on to each other
Together we'll find

Step onboard his rocketship
Where dreams are built to last
Reset to zero and forget
All the wreckage of the past

Tonight we leave the world behind
And love will be our guiding line


I'll take you on a magic carpet ride
Far beyond the eternal skies
We'll rediscover and open doors
And go where others haven't been before



Imagine if you were king for a day
And played your little part in history
Would you go first and show us the way
And bring an end to all this misery

Tell me what you'd do
Would you take me through
What is comin to
Would you die with me
Face the world I see
Fight my enemy

Would you stand by me
And be by my side
And into glory we'll ride
Fight till the end as the
Brave young new breed

Hey man if you could be god for a while
And carry out your private judgement day
Yould you forgive and forget with a smile

Just turn your cheek
And look the other way
Would you make a change
Free me from my chains
Loosen up the strain
Would you justify
Reinvent my life
Bring me paradise


I'll sacrifice py the ultimate price
And my duty will be in your command
You hold the key to my future
Believe me my destiny lies in your hands



Do you feel the penetration
Do you feel their pins
The masters of manipulation
Pulling in their strings

Beyond the walls of power
In the high command
The high and mighty
Imposing you their masterplan

Caught in a world
Where you don't have a say

Terminal violence

This is a nightmare hell is here to stay
Under surveillance every single day
Terminal violence
Caught in a system you can't slip away

Can you feel the coldness
Of a sick society
In an Orwell frame of mind
Among friendly enemies

They drag you deeper
as you reach for higher ground
They chase and scare you
Like a fox among the hounds


You'll never get out of here

The more you see the more you hate
The more you give the more they take
Tied up and locked in no escape



Can you remember remember my name
As I flow through your life
A thousand oceans I have flown
And cold spirits of ice
All my life
I am the echo of your past

I am turning the echo of a point in time
Distant faces shine
A thousand warriors I have known
And laughing as the spirits appear
All your life
Shadows of another day

And if you hear me talking on the wind
You've got to understand
We must remain

Perfect strangers

I know I must remain inside this silent
well of sorrow

A strand of silver hanging through the sky
Touching more than you see
The voice of ages in your mind
Is aching with the dead of the night
Precious life your tears are lost in
Falling rain

And if you hear me talking on the wind
You've got to understand
We must remain
Perfect strangers


Can't see it out
That's how I feel
You're not around
It seems so unreal
I'm beat and down
Battered and blue
Feeling useless

I spend my days
Lying in bed
Guess I behave
Like a pathetic wreck
Don't you see me babe
this bleeding heart is
Running on empty

I just need
Another shot of your love

I'm on broken wings
And a little ain't never enough
I wan't everything

And all that you've got
You're so hot to love
And so hard to leave
You're in my blood
In the air that I breathe
Take me inside spin me around
And eat my heart out


Girl I gotta have it
Babe I need some fuel to run