Empire of the Obscene tracks



Righteousness reaching out cunning hands
Molding minds of the meek
Mindfucked by the hope of a promised land
A pious purpose, automated response
A synthetic, sympathetic reaction
In sheltered simplicity emotions are lost
To dispassionate stupefaction
An innocent indoctrination, numbing mind-conversion
Thought beaten down while spirit drowns in
Ignorance immersion
Abandon all hope, see, feel, hear and taste nothing
Within and without, surrounded by suffering
Deliver me from my senses
Spurn the consolation of religion
And illusions of immortality
When you savor eternal suffering
Purged, purified, you'll be set free
Desperately I seek truth
From thoughts rendered through mind
Striving forward with baited breath
I reach for what it hides


A morbid minded coroner at the county morgue
Has a twisted fascination with corpse that he adores
Waiting for the moment, when no one is around
Nobody will ever know and she won't make a sound
Unzippering the body bad, anticipation grows
There are no more signs of life, her eyes are dead and cold
His most perverse of fantasies are finally coming true
He finds himself aroused by the smell of embalming fumes
He has found the corpse of all his dreams
Achieving orgasm by any means
Penetrating inside the cadaver
Alive or dead, to him it doesn't matter
Years of pent up sexual frustration
Have led to cadaverous fornication
The pleasure was growing but he didn't realize
That inside her was a virus that made him zombified
Transformed, he lusts for human flesh
Lurking in the neighborhood, the coroner's possessed.
Reborn, as a raging psychopath
The doctor is in beware of his wrath
Romance in the Rue Morgue
Got an STD from a dead whore
He fucked some tail from the crypt
She was so beautiful, he just couldn't resist
Possessed by the pathogen
He'll never be the same again
Dead or alive he just wanted to love her
I guess he should have worn a rubber


A howling wasteland, all that remains in my mind
Is sacrilegious savagery, I defile all I find
Within my seclusion, prayers are as worthless as pity
By rottenness consumed, I spit my bile at sanctity
You look into my eyes, malice is all you'll find
Devoid of sympathy, exhumed identity
Jagged mark inscribed in my palms, stigmatized
I breathe a hollow breath of broken pride
The pain that I conceal is putrescent
Rotting me. I'll cut it free. All my sins I now repent
You are powerless - crumble at my feet
Strike with iron fist - crush mercilessly
Domination reigns down with every blow
Viciously I reduce you to nothing
Shadowed by a wraith of misery
An inborn infection
But when I try to bury it and flee
It's exhumed and resurrected


Rigid, ordered rows of spikes metal and cold
Extend across the fields
Creating perfection within grid formation
Frigid winds blow; exact a bitter toll
On those unfortunates condemned unto the
Steel fields of predation
Savage is the sentencing when destined to be pierced
For capital offenders this is punishment most fierce
Even a fearless man will weep and plead
At the calling of his name
No escape, the time has come
To plummet onto the plans
Justice, just a relic
In the new world forgotten
Reigning malignancy in splattered steel
The stench arises, rotten
Any will to be free
Is insurgency
Wretched destiny is impalement
Industrial wasteland is all you see;
The poor lie diseased on the pavement




I am imperfect for this world
And caught up in a fruitless game
That's never ending, back and forth,
And once begun it hasn't changed.
A world built on lies
And careless ambiguity.
Now gone inside
Content now with no security.
It's all less than what I believed.
In stinging submission acknowledge deceit.
What will I be ?
I cannot see.
Will I find peace ?
Blistered, bled, battered, bruised,
Do you have what it takes
To suffer these wounds ?


Driven into depths I stumble
Infinite subterranean abyss
All reality now crumbles.
Descending through endless black pits.
Pushing too far I hungered for knowledge
Wanting oneness with entities numinous,
Punished for excess ambition,
Tormented by evil spirits numerous.
Tormented- still I push on.
Why did I seek this communion chthonic ?
Desire defying foreboding for death,
Septic specters invading my body and spawning,
A bane borne in my blood that is sapping my health.
Possessed by the spirits of the underworld.
Descend into madness as chaos unfurls.
Lust for power of the ancients was my crime.
Sentenced to eternal suffering for all time.
Wanting too much, greed gets inside.
Internalized sin, nowhere to hide,
Internal -
Nowhere to hide.
The horrors inside me, haranguing, push on
Infection in my soul, all sanity is gone.
Relentless - summon the spawn.
Pitch-black passage concluding, as the portal now approaches.
Red glow stings long-closed eyes, as light tendrils growing stronger.
Emerge in immense cavern where foul odors lurking loathsome.
And flesh melts from my frame ! Skin cells functioning no longer.
Magma monstrosity looming before me
Surging serpentine stream of still living flesh
Occult curiosity will finally be satisfied -
What does eternity feel like, with no hope of death ?
Compelled by my captors I walk to the shore
And madly fling myself into the burning waves
Melted, fragmented, physicality splintered
Yet each scattered cell to immortality enslaved.


Taste of the poison sword.
Without warning I will hunt you down ; I'll run you through.
Malice is my reward.
My whole existence, violating and tormenting fools.
Worship my hateful idols
Omnipotence assured.
A victor without rivals, a twisting, swirling chaos lord.
Grieve.. lamenting fallen brothers.
Retch... stench of gruesome remains.
My bloodied touch behind all suffering
Ever wreaked upon the plains.
I dwell in devastation.
Carnage declares my name.
Merciless assassination
Disembody you by axe and shrapnel, blade and flame.
To look at my face is demise.
My eyes blaze with captured souls.
A god of unlimited power
Beyond all mortal control.
Decimation, ruination -
I bring these plagues upon thee :
Hate ! Rape ! Carnage massacre !




The dead city of men
Rises against a blackened sky
Rancid cancerous flesh,
The scent of decay where afflicted lie.
Radiation -
The blaze of sun shears through the clouds
Ripping torment -
In polluted wastes mutations abound.
Soul-sick men, barred from reason,
Perverted beyond consciousness,
Deranged, no longer rational,
Deluded fools filled with ignorance
Animal instincts
Irreconciled with mental constructs
Dual existence,
Entangled in self-conflict
Immersed in sickness
I scream my disgust in a deafened void.
Overcome with weakness,
Stifled by the poison of corporate lords.
Driven into deprivation,
Tortured son of a bastard nation.
Unrestrained industrialization
Self assures destruction.
Trapped in a colossal labyrinthine citadel,
All else has ceased to exist.
Frenzied, frantic, violent, panicked
Succumbed to hopelessness.


From humble beginnings
A tyrant arises.
To profit from sinning
Can carry harsh prices.
The obstacle of family
And inhibitions of pride,
A ruthless monopoly
For wealth, he chose to be despised
Circumstances compel that he hide his face
As filth satisfies crudest yearnings.
Raids drive his business from place to place,
Manipulation disguises his earnings.
"You can’t convict me for obscenity
Look at all your failed indictments.
I’ll flaunt my ill-gained amenities
In the face of your moral rightness."
"In arrogance inspiring spite,
Your avarice betrays your might.
The tyrant defiant, deposed and jailed,
Evasive concealment of wealth unveiled."
It’s a force-fed falsehood,
When money in itself is a goal
Corruption the able tool
To stifle self control.
Empire of the Obscene
Crumbling down.