Sacred Warrior

Waiting In Darkness tracks



Natural disasters plague this world
Bringing death and pain
Evil empires rise and fall
Leaving some to blame
Where was God when Katrina raged?
When the twin towers burned in flames
If all powerful then why?

All of the wisdom of man withers
In light of God's eternal plan
And only one thing remains secure
The living word of God

Desperately wicked we are born
Corrupted seeds
This stronghold grips humanity
The curse of sin
Where was God when temptation came?
A perfect world is led astray
If all powerful then why?

All of the glory of man withers
When flesh makes flesh the strength it fails
And only one thing remains secure
The living word of God

Twisting words the serpent roused our evil pride:
You can be like God
Your eyes will open wide
You will never die

Expelled from the garden
Falling for the lie
Now death, pain and sorrow
Scar all human life

Flesh and spirit raging on
The war within
Life or death / Cursed or blessed
The choice is given
In the perfect sacrifice
A hope remains
Redemption by the blood He shed
Love overcame


Spirits of demons are crawling on my skin
Lusting for power control of my mind
Tenaciously seeking for cracks in the armor
A place to begin their insidious crime

Waiting in darkness
Seething with hate for the children of light
Waiting in silence
The strike like a beast in the night
Waiting in darkness
They're longing for your and my demise

They cannot possess me because I am filled
But given the moments corrupt me they will
The flesh and the spirit are constant at war
From hell's gate to glory the battle endures

They're waiting in darkness
Haunting with accusations
Unclean spirits - Invisible enemies
We fight them
We bind them
In Jesus' name deny them
Their claim of victory
Over our hearts, our souls, our minds
Through prayer - Spiritual warfare

Through your anger they fuel the fire
Feeding off of your flesh's sinful desires
Lies and confusion
Your faith put to the test
Focusing in on all your weaknesses
We must be vigilant to thwart their evil plight
Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might
Be prepared for war


The devil and his so-called friends
Deceived to think they understand
This is not a new philosophy
All roads lead to God is ancient heresy

Your faith is sinking sand
Watch it slipping through your hands
You've made yourself the deity
In the end you're in misery

Religion feeds the moral code
But it cannot save the eternal soul
Was Christ a fool to be crucified,
If works could be the perfect sacrifice?

You tasted the good things of God
Then walked away with a bitter heart
You mock the name you once sang with praise
In vain you scoff at the gift of grace

In darkness you live and have no shame
Blasphemy runs through your every vein
Your words are thorns in a futile fight
To end with a curse your eternal life


Oh Lord, hear my cry
I'm a man with many troubles
In the regions dark and deep
This world lies heavy on me

Your steadfast love remains
Even though I feel abandoned
Invade my soul
Break the chains of doubt and sorrow

Skin for skin
All that I am
Will bless your name
In you remain

In dust and ashes I repent
Resolved to make you my content
In dust and ashes I confess
My love for you within this test

Afflicted, even close to death
Like I'm hanging in the gallows
Fangs of pain have clinched my flesh
My eyes grow dim with sorrow

Your wonders penetrate with light
The darkest of all shadows
Invade my soul
Break the chains of doubt and sorrow


The artist and the warrior
Fighting battles for the Lord
Writing melodies to calm the aching soul

Once a sword fierce in hand
All the victories but one
Shattered visions
Lust and murder stole your heart away
Fallen hero
In a bed of sorrow now you lie your head in shame

Through the eyes of a compromise
You entertained the thoughts too long
Overwhelmed by a rush of blood
Captivated you stalked her love

Crying out for mercy
Regret plagues your every day
Thank God for forgiveness
And a brand new day


I speak and the waves obey
I am governed by none
Sovereign over all
Wisdom begins and ends with me
All authority is mine
And I'll put an end to evil's reign

For vengeance is mine says the Lord
Fear me
Like you'd fear a raging fire
You'd never run into the flames
Respect keeps you from the pain
Or the raging of the ocean
You'd never jump into the waves
And sink to your grave
Fear me

To deny that I exist
Suppress the truth for a lie
Professing to be wise
The wrath I hold will be revealed
This world I will destroy
Judging all who reject my name

What does it profit a man
To gain the whole world and lose his soul?


He is the lightning
He is on high
Always and eternal
And His love will never die

He is forever
The answer to the rhyme
Of what will be for you and me
Before the start of time

I hear the thunder
I hear the call
The armies of His angels
From the royal temple hall

One day is a thousand years
Still He's drawing nigh
Lift up your voice unto the sky
And shout the battle cry

Long live the king!

He is triumphant
His hope is steel
You may not see Him
But you know that He is real

He is the fire
Down from the sky
He is the well of life
That never will run dry


I died for your redemption
All for you I sacrificed
Yet you long for the world's affection
Cast my love aside

Jealous love
I will not share you with the world
Jealous love
Not with man-made gods
Idols of stone, silver and gold

Your days are wrought with envy
Are you ever satisfied?
You want the best of earth and heaven
As you lead a double life

Jealous love
How can you turn your face from me?
Jealous love
As another lays claim to my throne


I can tell by the look in your eyes
You've been to the top of the mountain
I can see in your face his abundant grace
Will you offer up a little direction?

Here I am a willing man
And I'm thirsting for a deeper conviction
With the word in hand took my feet from the sand
And I'm running in your direction

Lead me on
Crush this fear inside of me
Make my life a living sacrifice

Conformed no more to the world I knew
And trusting in my religion
I'll live by faith and perfect love's
Transforming my existence

Cross on my back
My life's in your hands
Fulfilling the great commission

Now I know what it's like to be alive
I've seen your face and the disgrace
I've been to the top of the mountain


No more evil and no more pain
From this day forth, Satan
You have nothing to gain

You've led so many astray
With your deceitful lies
And now it's time that you pay
There'll be no more compromise

Listen to the angels sing praises
As Jesus throws Satan back into Abyss

You've led so many astray
With your deceitful lies
And now it's time that you pay
The groom has come for his bride

On that day they will call out his name
Oh they will say on that day
Oh Lord in the sky
Praise your name
Lift him up so high
On that day

On that day
God will come for his bride
On that day


I used to live like there's no tomorrow
I used to think life was only a game
Born to find that you'll be gone tomorrow
To be desolate lying in a grave

I couldn't count on the way I was feeling
My heart condemned me all the time
Then your love set me free from these feelings
And now... now I can cry

This temple's on fire
Ooh he's taking me higher
This temple's on fire
It burns with a godly desire

War waged upon my soul
Since I found... I found the answer
But the victory lies in the hands of the Savior
Who's leading me every step of the way

There's no power that can overtake the blood
He shed on Calvary
A sinless lamb who was led to the slaughter
Freely gave his life for me
Out of love he took my place
And now... now I can cry