Sound Storm

Immortalia tracks



Dominus noster indulget vitam

Gloria tua sempiterna sit
Domineremus terram ciclumque
In tuo nomine

Per sentieri oscuri porteremo il tuo tormento
Arderemo ogni lamento
Puniremo i penitenti
Purgheremo i renitenti
Il nome tuo. signore, sì vivrà
Eterno e immortale sino alla fine
Noi saremo eroi
Servi del fuoco e del tuo mondo



In that stormy night, I'll fulfill my dreams
Time now has come, you know what I mean
My vision is real
My theory was not just illusion

It's raining outside, i'm ready to try
Thunders and lighting now lashing the sky
Power is full, it's time to back to life.

Back to Life - Life goes on still in you
Back to Life - you'll see the light, my son
Revival of your death
And you can see the sun

A burst of light's flashing my eyes
Power of lighting lits up the night
Lying dead yet
Not even the sign of life

The storm rages again
Another attempt
I'm ready to try again and again
Power is full, it's time to back to life

Back to Life - Life goes on still in you
Back to Life - you'll see the light, my son

A new life is born
Back from the abyss of hell
To view again the daylight
A new life is born
Back from the abyss of hell
But there's something strange,
In his eyes

I'm just a fool
What is your destiny?
My son

A new life is born
Back from the abyss of hell
To view again the daylight
A new life is born
Back from the abyss of hell
But there's something strange,
In his eyes


I flee from you

When the moon is shining among the stars
(this is the curse of the moon)
She deceives my eyes, deceives my senses
Her light makes me so wild

What she created makes my shadow burning
Made my soul standing in the valley of the dead
What she donated is my heart bleeding,
Made my soul standing in the valley of the dead

Now the moon is rising again,
Slowly charming my gaze
My curse takes it's course, again

I flee from you when i feel your scent,
Blend with my mind
When you're leaving your crypt,
Touched by the moon
Your skins burn for me

Moonlight, shining bright so high,
You are the sun of the dead
Keeper of my destiny
Moonlight, shining bright so high
Living your curse again

There is no difference between man and beast
And nobody cares, you know, that i'm here for you
Hearing my howl in the night

I know. i've tried to disappear,
Fraught with my rage
Hounded by everyone i met
I know, you will not forgive,
It's my life to live
Now you run away, far away from me

You're hearing my howl, now,
I am the beast
This is the curse of the moon
I'm tasting your fear, now,
Spread in the air
You're facing the death, now
I'm the mastiff of hell


In your sad life fear is your way
Tortures never end
Join me
Tell me what you want, what you desire?
What is on your mind

Vive ancor si lieve il suo lamento
Cessa demone il suo tormento

Spilling red life from their veins
Victims lay in pain
I feel them
Bloodshed again, blood on your face
Screamin' once again

Blood of maiden, slowly flows again
On you face
Blades and razors sign cruel paths, again
Spilling pure blood from their veins

She's crying again death never comes
Pleasure burns again
I like it
Too many deaths to cover again
This time you must pay
My end

Time has come with agony you must pay
How many deaths in your hands
Wash away evil from your own hands
Suffering now in a darkness' world


Faraway. i lived in the kingdom of light
I earned light to the sky
I held the ranks of the lord

Now i am jailed, among the eternal flames i
Faraway. i was blessed by the sun
I flew high above the sky
I wanted to reign in this world

Now my feathered wings are pitch black
I have nothing more to believe in

Faraway, flying between heaven and earth
Faraway, i was amazed when i felt
How' awful the goodness is

My coming was near, the battle was lost but my
Vengeance will be. my lord

This is my reign, under his earth, sorrow for my betrayal

I have no remorse, no regrets, waiting for revenge
You will have the power, you will have the glory
If sanctify my name

Far away, surrounded by an ocean of flame
It's always better than (being) a slave
Here. i'm the master of hell

All my demons will fight again
I'm not yet defeated, if you will fear my name
Wait, my legions will come to you
Sitting here on my throne

I'm waiting for my revenge


Your promises, were born in hell
They are splinters in my heart
Crimes in front of my eyes

In your eyes many demons lie
They're still playing with my mind
Taking what is mine

You have corrupted my soul
Now you still play with my life
You are a devil inside my mind
Your lies will never die

You took my heart, you took my soul,
Just rage you left in me now
Your poison devours my mind,
It is the bite of evil

Forget my face, forget my name,
And let me live alone

Winds of truth may show the lies
Like a storm raging sea
Salvation is so near

Painful chains,
Bring me to the past
It's so hard to break free
There's no other way for me

No, let me live alone


A voice in the night
Dark lord look at your children
Deep in my mind
Give us the blessing of the darkness
Fright in my dreams
And we'll dedicate to you the rest of our lives

This sacrifice is for you
Call me devil

A circle of blood
I swear unconditional loyalty
Dressed in black
Living our lives in blasphemy
Black candles shine
Spreading your word in the rest of the world

This sacrifice is for you
Call me devil

(it) seems to be obscene
I'm forced to do my destiny
Triumph of my sin
Follow me my slaves,
In perdition till the end of your

I'll he your seed
This is my blood for you
It will be your life


Shine with passion her sweet lips,
Flowing her blonde hair
(the) scent of roses fills the air

Dance now. princess
I'm passing sad. tonight
Dance now, for me
Tonight I feel so down inside

Dance now. princess
(I) do not let. (I) beg you again
Dance now. for me
I will satisfy all your desire

"Salomè" "your pleasure, my veils are out
My lips, my hips, my skin is yours"

All you want is him
I'll cut his head and you will dance

It's over, why do you care about this man
Just one wish for all my life

Danza per me. delizia il tuo re
Il sole e la luna saranno tuoi,
Oro e argento quanto vorrai
Danzano I veli sui fianchi suoi
Mia dolce salomè

Now, you're the one for me
Living my destiny
You're closed in my dreams again
You will dance for me
Paying for my sins

I his will be our secret
Dance now...


I walked alone under the moonlight
But inside my heart, darkness reigned
Tears of blood, every time, through my face
Loneliness tore my days, my days

All I wanted in my life, was you
I have tried to obscure the sun. just to see you
You have reached death as a sudden summer
Sweeping out of my life, but my life I'll give to
You now

I'm fading away for you, honey
(I need you)
Wait for the first ray of light
(the real death is without you)
Until my eyes will meet the sun
I'm fading away for you, honey

‘cause without you
I will be ash. lulled by the wind
The sun takes place in the sky,
Like a dream lost in my eyes
I'm going away from this world... my love...


Look into my eyes, anger is still alive,
Burning like the fires of hell
Which can only give you pain
Vengeance straight from the past
To satisfy the queen of death
Like a wolf it chased my prey
I can feel the smell of your pain

Rag in lire
Flames are higher
Burning anger
In my hands

Sinner's crying
'cause of his crimes
He's the cross
Of his soul

Someday. I will have the world right in my hand
Someday. I will be stronger than yesterday

Louder, more than yesterday
Louder, more than yesterday
I will try to find my way screaming ‘till my end

Dentro me. la rabbia sale
É tin demone, che mi pervade
Arrestarmi e impossibile


(Part I ‒ Heaven)

A true dream, this new life
Everything is new to me
Youth is a treasure to me, my beauty will never die

Time... this is my time

Again and again I'm chasing my dreams
I wish that my life didn't change
Like a ship in the ocean. I sail in this world, to

Who really I am

Under this face now, resting my soul
Under this portrait, evil is born again

My life has gone forever

Piansi nere lacrime
Senlo crescer I' odio nel mio cuor

(Part 2 ‒ Hell)

You are a wrinkled face, which makes me sick
Dried blood that soiled my life
Look at my eyes, fill them of rage
This is the price for your sins

Don't look at me, unclean portrait
Don't lie to me
Back to hell to die
Burn in llames with your lies
Die! I don't wanna see you in my life
Die! I don't wanna see you anymore
Die! I'm just losing control
Don't look at me, unclean portrait
Don't look at me, again and again

I see your grin
Makes fun of me
Go away from here. I'm just losing control