Divided by tracks


1. AT LAS[T]

And if you thought it was over then you
Better think twice. You've been given
Your last chance, now face the fucking
Avalanche. And who the fuck are you to
Say that we're just wasting time? There's
No need to look back as we approach the
Finish line. Can't stand side by side, if you
Can't face the fucking avalanche. We're
Standing on top at last. At last, you'll
Have to face the fucking avalanche.
Standing at the top of the world. At last,
Looking down from the top of the world.
At last. We feel alive.


We are all inclinded to life a separate
Way of life. Some say it's our downfall
But there are reasons why, we tread on
Different sides. And some say it's our
Downfall, if we don't keep to the right.
Always keep gold in our sights. Looking
Further into such things, there is no
Balance worth letting go. We can tell
That you're trying to swing at something
You can't hit it. The wind won't blow you
Back on your feet, when you're stuck on
Repeat. So here I stand perfectly aligned
With the other side. We can tell that
You're trying to swing at something you
End. What the fuck's wrong with all the shit
That you've been force feeding down the
Throats of others? Underneath the
Fucking covers, thinking that we
Wouldn't know. Why do you try to live a
Worthless way of life? I've tried to
Explain to you a half a dozen times. I've
Lied to you kindly half the time.There is
No reason to let ourselves go, pushing
Forward just to stay afloat.Try to
Stay afloat. We can tell that you're
Trying to swing at something you can't
Hit.The wind won't blow you back on
Your feet. When you're stuck on repeat.
Some say it's our downfall, if we don't
Keep to the right. We can tell you're
Trying to swing at something you can't
Hit and it's coming to a much needed end.
And we'll never follow you because the
Road signs point us in the right direction.
Our sights will never align.


Our lives are nothing but a means to an
End. And when the ground cracks
Beneath your feet, you will find the only
Thing that's left is peace of mind, or any
Other fucking kind. I've been wreciting this
With an imminet gaze, and no I don't
Know if you've got it in you but life will
Be the fucking death of me. This is all just
A repitition. To everyone, make it a
Mission to be the change you want to see.
Lay down the foundation and where you
Wish to be. I promise that it won't be the
Place you'll find me. Get ready for the
Calm, before the storm. Buried beneath
The walls, get ready for the calm I say.
Have you seen the things that we've been
Seeing? Our lives are nothing but a means
To an end. Have you seen what I've seen?
Get ready, buried beneath the walls.
Today resigns the peace through our
Decisions. this is a calling to arms. we
Cannot face our decisions in favour of
You. This is a calling to arms, we cannot
Face our decisions. Don't you think it's
Time to go home? You're always running
From it. This is what it feels to be torn,
But death will beat you to it. Don't you
Think it's time to go home? this is what it
Feels to be torn and this is how it is... I bet
You never saw this coming.


How does it feel to be on the top of the
World? It's not like your stage is any
Higher, any louder. You're still only 10
Feet above flat ground. Hell, I don't
Want to but I'll give it to you. Every face
Down there wants you. Although, they'll
Turn at the drop of a dime. Like wild dogs
we're all waiting in line for you to fuck
Up hard enough, so we can push you aside.
We've learned there's more to music than
Sound. And if you're listening, I hope you
Know we built this up from the ground.
Every remark with heart. We're not
Saints, but at least we're not fake. And if
You're listening, then put your hands up
In the air and sing. We're not afraid to
Finally speak our minds. We're not afriad
And we're no longer blind. We're not
Afraid to leave your bullshit scene
Behind. We're not afraid, we're not
Afraid this time. Train wrecks develop so
Slowly, and in due time this life will fill
Your heart with hate. In due time, life will
Reject your advances. We'll attempt to
Put the world on its axis. We don't know
Who you are right now. Hey now, this
Ain't about you but everything relies on
First impressions. So when the most we
Know was just your shitty town and
Your shitty friends. To simplify it, you're
So irrelevant. I'll say you're not worth
Shit, although the worls a market for
It. I just hope they see the problem with
This. I'll bite my tongue, this system is
Corrupt. So we'll just shake it off, and
Continue being underdogs. you're all so
God damn easily impressed. We don't
Know who you are right now. Hey now,
This ain't about you but everything relies
On first impressions. So when the most we
Know was just your bad tattoos, trends,
And underdeveloped pen stains you
Scribble to shit friends. I'll say you're
Not worth shit. Although the worlds a
Market for it. I hope that they see the


To amount for the travelled skies, I'm
Seeing picture perfect lines. Now breathe
In the masses, a carrier in our feat of
Tired dreams. Gravity holds us to a
Standstill. Look for the better signes.
We're all in pursuit of this time. It's all
Laid out right in front of me, looking
Back into absence. And I'll stop running
From what never chases me, when you
Keep your hands where everyone can
See... what's become of this place we once
Loved? They said it was coming... Oh fuck,
This is just my luck. We're all paid the
Fucking price. They said it was coming, oh
My god, now here it comes. Tides never
Brought the change we all thought that
They would bring. Now set the sky
Aflame. So tell me, are you gonna make a
Decision that you'll regret years from
Now? we're all in pursuit of, when you
Keep your hands where everyone can see
What's become of this place we once
Loved. you can back into absence. So bite
Your fucking tongue, cause you're out of
Control this time. Now let me teach you a
Thing or two about life. We've all paid
The fucking price. What's become of this
Place we once loved? What has happened
To this place that we once loved? Now
Here it comes.


It happens everytime, we emphasize
"Don't let this time pass you by." God damn
Everyone in this fucking place. We tried
To care, but you were never there on
Time. Keep that in mind when you're
Running circles left and right. God damn
Everyone in this place, because I hate
Everything. I've been face-toface with
The times. Good luck to everyone in this
Fucking place and god damn everyone in
This fucked up place. God damn everyone
In this place, because I hate everything.
I've been dying to hear your thoughts on
Our infatuation with sound. If you see it
As a burden then sit the fuck down, so set
The stopwatch to the beat of your dead
Heart and watch us run right past you.
You know we'll outlast you, because
We're always fucking first place. Well
You might as well spit in my fucking face.
It's insulting enough you couldn't trust
Us. You still stutter when we're face to
Face or alone. We're always fucking
First place. How does it feel to stare at
Each falling grain of sand? How does it
Feel to cound them down? All by
Yourself, we tried to reset the clocks. So
You can fuck yourself.


When I awoke in a pool of sweat, Not a
Thought crossed my mind that I was
Reading the wrong signs. This all so
Meaningless to me, and as endless as it
Seems, I've been turning the other cheek
To the thoughts that left me feeling
Weak. Every time this happens to me, I find
More than good reason in speaking
Slowly. Yet I refuse to belive that the
Truth is a life. I'm at fault for the decisions
I have made. I'm falling asleep. I
Swear I've seen this a thousand times
before. It's like a metaphor that I can't
Ignore, anymore. This is the last time I
Remember crawling on my knees in desperation.
I'm falling asleep again. Why
Cant I wake up? Time to wake up. Pretend,
Everything's fine. Relapse, one more
Fucking time. The grass is greener on the other side.
All the time spent backbeddling seems useless because
You never really get back what you've lost,
But I've spent my life at the edge of the
Clouds. Obsessed with the sound, I'll never look down.
Why can't I wake up? Time to wake up. Pretend, everything's
Fine. Relapse. Dear dreamer, did you ever
Think to cover your tracks? Keep light on
The footsteps. Cause if the shoe fits, well
The fucking shoe fits... come to peace with
It and you'll breathe sanity, it never
Seems to come easily to me. Dear dreamer,
It's not my fault your life's a fucking
Nightmare. It'll slip right through your
Hands. Dear dreamer, it's time you rub
Your eyes and look at your sad reality.


Day one, picked apart myself. Lost in
Translation, I've stumbled on the misfortunes of life.
We are the fallen.
We are the fractured skies. We are the living
Nightmare and we can't open our eyes. So
Clap your hands to the beat of the drum
If you think that some days never end
Give in, understand this, if we're the only
Living thing in the world, your narrow
Mind can't wage war on what's left. Now,
Looking away. So careless, and self
Taught, not selfless "Explain." "What!?"
"Your Thought process." "I shouldn't
Listen to this!" "When did you become so
Arrogant?"It's my choice for once.
Inhale the words you never thought you
Could handle. Cold hands won't hold
Open the door for your eyes, and tell
You you're missing a substance. In fact
It's the only thing crossing your mind.
You're fucked in the head. We're all
Fucked in the end. Day two: read over my
Notes. I packed a map to skip the fault
Lines in the road. But when it ends, I've
Still got nowhere to go. We are the fallen.
We are the fractured skies. We
Are the living nightmare and we can't
Open our eyes. We're not the only living
Thing in the world. Open your eyes.

9. I.N.T.E.N.T.

Latley, I've been focused so plainly on
The process of moving forward. How life
Was never easy. How we're alone
Through it just like how we're alone and
This time we spend retreating back to our
Heads. For the greater good we were
Broken down, if you only have a few
Words make them count. I know that it's
Hard to grasp, but I won't let go. We've
Learned our role in the earth's tilt, we
Try to find some meaning left in sound.
They say that home is where you make it,
But home's a sad story when you're
Always alone. I'm not your fucking
Shoulder to cry on. I'm not the one you
Fucking rely on. It's so sad you'll die
Alone. I can see how the past holds
Meaning but it's still out of reach and
That's a simple fact. Second guessing
Yourself has never come so easily. It's
Not worth it. Move forward this time. it's
Not worth it. Latley, I've found my lungs
To be heavy, stopping me from moving
Forward. They never said it was easy, I
Hear them now. It's like we're all alone in
This time we spend retreating back to our
Heads. It's all useless if we can't make
You see some sort of meaning. This was
Always our intent. Can you hear us now?
This was always our intention. For the
Greater good we're all broken down, in
One way or another.
(Can you hear us now?)
And to those who weren't... well
I'll wish you were. It's so hard yet so
Important not to live so securley. Loss
Finds nothing but meaning. Latley, I've
Been focused so plainly. Latley, it's hard
To keep believing but maybe we're not
Alone in it and maybe we weren't broken
down in the first place.

10. /

Our lives don't look so discouraging but
The view gets worse without the ties
That keep one sane. Just a few days drive
Away and if they back out now they
Weren't there to begin with. It's amazing
How much people change. You can think
What you want but we're always gonna
Be the same. We'll never apologize, cause
You were never on our side. How can you
All look at me the same way? It's safe to
Say your hearts are in the wrong place.
Let's be honest cause honestly, Not
Everything is so damn hard to believe. So
Stop talking, your words just get in the
Way. Your hearts are in the wrong place.
Trust me when I say, we don't miss the
Constant bullshit you left at our door
Step, or the lack of scenery. I guess life
Built us differently. How can you all
Look at me the same way? Your hearts
Are in the wrong place. So while wandering
Through the labyrinth in my head, I
Found peace of mind in giving up on all
The ones who left. And we won't miss the
Arguments, we won't miss the constant
Stress. we won't miss the constant
Bullshit you left at a door step. We're
The ones you love to hate, we're the ones
Who stay awake and treat themselves so
Commonly to the smoke and the scenery.
And you'll never escape. You'll
Never escape burning bridges, digging your own
Grave. And you'll never escape, you'll
Never escape. Your hearts are in the
Wrong place. Shut up, we still don't give
A fuck. no one ever did. We've grown so
Sick of it. What have you done with your
Life? Still can't contend with this. good
Luck champ, go break a fucking leg.