...Those Whose Past Is Immortal tracks


1.The Principle Of Existence

Away, Far Away The Wolf Packs Are Gone.
Deep, Even Deeper The Thoughts, Ideas And Knowledge Are Buried.
Closer And Closer Now Are The Clouds Of Dead Crows.
If You Would Take A Handful Of Leaves Only Rot You Will See.
If The For The Roots You Would Dig. Only Dust You Would Find Reason Is Torn To Pieces,
And The Flesh Is Shattered I Was Chasing A Wild She-wolf
Have You Seen Her Eyes? The True Hatred And Fear.
And There Is No Way To Feel The Taste Of This Life,
If You Never Felt These Two Emotions At Once.
From The Bared Fangs The Liquid Spit Was Running Down
And From Her Throat The Silent Howl Escaped.
Horror In Her Eyes And Boundless Might In Her Flesh. They Will Return...
Either By Life's Order Or By Death's Threats.

2.Hate Fang

The Rise Of The Scarlet Sun. The Thoughts Awakening The Spirit.
With The Dawn The Understanding Comes.
Born By Fires And Ring Of The Hammer
He Is Fed With The Sweat And Bloody Milk.
War Both Life And Death.
War Both Knowledge And The Void.
War Both Scream And Silence.
War Both Fiery Flames And Darkness Of The Earth.
The One Who Was Bearing For Centuries The Banner Of Glory And Honour,
Would Find His Halls He Is Near The Starkest Spirit.
He Would Howl Of Hunger And Freeze To Death Without Flesh Or Blood.
But Once The Time Would Come He'll Become Free.

3.The Depths Of The Past

The End Of The Earth The Glacial Desert Scorched With The Thousands Of Hooves
Smell Of Burnt Out Fires In The Air The Endless Ocean Have Claimed The Horizon.
To Gaze Into The Mirror Of Waters Yet Finding No Reflection.
Ash Turned Into Blackest Silt, Aspiring From The Depths Of The Forgotten Consciousness,
Awakes The Frozen Memories.
Buried In Infinite Waters Once,
Still Left In The Mist Of The Burnt Eyes Of The Skull. The Tar Has Turned To Darker Stone,
And Wails Have Turned Into The Coldest Breath Of Northern Wind.
It Would Be Swallowed By Eternity And Thrown Away By The Land.
The Still Would Get Rusted, The Wood Would Turn To Rot.
It Would Be Abandoned By The Ancestors And Found Again By The Descendants

4.Blackest Mountain Chain Of Cursed Time