Suffocation (USA)

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Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries
Cultures will collide, holy wars for what?
Holy book of God, holy book of lies.
Chanting scriptures in vain
Hoping to allow to rest
Hopeful, peaceful life
Compassion all but gone.
Effigy of what=B9s to come
Hopeless, worthless dreams.
Sorrow scars your brain
End the weak, all is dead.
Come see, my light.
Misguided fools, I shall guide
Grant thyself, all your minds
Liege Of Inveracity.
Follow still you will
Puppets to take your lord.
Only gaining faith for
An imminent demise.
Reduce your wretched mind
With these false prophecies.
Now I will prevail
All servants left to rot.
A new race I will now create
As I end their pitiful lives.
My destiny has only begun
To torture future minds.


Exhume the wretched body from its timeless slumber
Thrashing the tomb to reveal what's inside
A maggot-infected corpse stares dismal
Inhabited by worms chewing holes through your carcass

These ancient lands beckoned the burial of humans
The unfertile soil infecting the crypts
Of the once deceased bodies not through decomposure
Ending their peace, their chances of hell

A vomit-type substance is formed from its innards
A festering slime that reveals inside

The substance erupts and its stomach bursts open
Forced down your throat to regurgitate life


Torn away from my state of being
Chosen to be forgotten
Unspeakable pain as I leave this solid structure
As the earth becomes smaller, I reach a new plan
One so distant from where I was conceived

A heaping mass of fear is what we hold dear
For our loved ones who go to this heaven
Thrown away even by god
Sentenced to this celestial cell

How can life after death be more serene than life itself?
Effigy of the forgotten

How can you cry when someone dies?
The lord will greet him
With open arms, that's what he wrote
I will never believe them
Victims of deception, forward to regression
I must defy him


Lies, deceitful words of impatience
Futile words of evasion

The gods that have once spoken to me
Have abandoned me to my pre-destined state
A state in which there are no words, is no language
Only the language of the endless suffering

Suffering that brings me to appreciate my new found Existence
One that spawns forth a new being
A being in which there is no appreciation for his fellow man
To see
Hatred and remorse unto those who have punished me
Punishment to cold to see
I don't see, I don't see
One that I have once created
Forced to change, I don't need

The path of abomination of all things

For I am now a seed, that will one day set forth a new race
One that will cleanse my soul
Anticipation of the weak-minded fools

One that my once beloved gods will not recognize

Race which feeds off the suffering
As the mortals cry out their new found god

The race grows strong
Until the day
The day of judgement

The race grows strong
Until the day


Your entire life, your religion is embedded in your mind
Words spoken from a book, tell you never to change
After death you are taught, your soul will cleansed
But even reduced to ashes, the misery still prevails

The day has finally come for you to be put to rest
As your body enters the furnace

Searing fire begins its bath
As your entity begins its path

There will be no rebirth of your soul
Emptiness that clouds your depression
Forced in to see the light, knowing jesus wept

Only one thing clinging to your mind
The prayers to the feeble god whom you once believed in

Looking at the mortal from your cauldron of pain
Weeping as you know nothing will make this end
But now an ever greater pain engulfs you
Reincremation did you no good, return to inflict others

Your credulous family somehow hears your pitiful cries
They take the urn which contains what is left of your mortal Life
It's taken back to the crematory to attempt once again
The brutal burning of your soul, thought to cleanse


I sit as tomorrow I die and today I will unburden my soul
These events have tortured me, and destroyed me
I can still hear her faint screams engulfed in the atmosphere around me.
The stench of ammonia still encircles the room where her disemboweled corpse lies.
One night returning home, much intoxicated, I fancied my wife to avoid me.
I seized her with the fury of a demon instantaneously possessed. I knew myself no longer.
My original soul, at once to leave my body and a more fiendish malevolence, gin - nurtured, thrilled every
fibre of my frame.
At an instant, I grabbed the knife from the kitchen and left an incision from ear to ear.
In turn, her limp weak corpse fell instantaneously.
I, in return having received much pleasure from the
initial blow, had begun to cut into her abdomen.
Once inside, I began exploring the regions of her innards. The warm blood still running, the warm blood still running down my hands is cold and damp.
I began to remove her intestines, stopping to take a little nibble or tow.
Her uterus seems to mesmerize me as I bury my head into it
and lose myself into a world of the subconscious.
For now I know the many pleasures of my wife, and I will soon be joining her.


Pressure on the inner walls of my brain grows heavier.
I mustalleviate the pain I feel, for soon many will die as they come before me with effortless attempts.
The search for divine power beckons me and the only way to achieve is to destroy.
Victims of a torn society lay in waste, as I pick through the bloody carcasses.
Dead bodies just seem to fall before me.

Saving the most edible morsels, the weak ones scatter.
With bloody weapon in hand, I tear through the limbs.
Cries of anguish filter through the land, echoing in the valley.
Many have tried to come before me with effortless attempts
I sift my way through the fields of dead bodies, stopping to take a trophy or two.

The fields run deep and far, for I have killed many and I must travel far to reach my destination.

My final resting place, where I will be reborn.
For now, the air is still, smell of dead bodies is ever so prevalent.
I am the last and here I shall remain.
The pain I have once felt is lifted from my being.
Villages of useless waste, a race witch does not deserve to
I reek havoc amongst the children from a present with no

For I am the strong and those who defy me lay in waste.
The days of travel are long and the stench of how many I have killed lingers on.

I am tired and need rest, but the forces pulls me to my


Evil dwells within the inner sanctum of the mind
Each person has a piece of the puzzle locked inside
It only takes the right key to open the subconscious.
Once inside, it feeds like a leech sucking the blood of an Organism.
Until the whole body is infected with the disease.
The mind then becomes cluttered with cloudy visions of Death, killings and all
Other satanic biddings.
It begins to affect the train of thought.
The limbs cease to function, they tend to run amok.
Reaching out to grab a utensil of death.
Maybe starting with a finger or toe.
Once you've started, you can't withhold yourself from continuing.
The pain you feel is a mere infraction of the evil that dwells within your head.

You must continue to rid yourself of the dreaded disease. Maybe if you cut it out, the eye of the plague that sweeps aAcross your body,
You could be whole again.
In order to tear this part of yourself, would bare to die a painful death.
It would include opening the skull cavity and removing the brain.
An unspeakable horror that no being could handle.

Yet you feel as if this were your only hope.
You prepare yourself for surgery.
Scalpel in hand, you thrust into the scalp.

The pain is unbearable, but you continue making the incision.
With drill in hand, you find the seed of the demon inside.
Blood spews over the walls as you drill deeper.


Eulogy inscribed in the scrolls of humanity
Ancient scriptures of predicted demise
A world encased in the womb of it's ignorance
Extinction will be swift, relentless butchery
The structure collapses, spewing forth mutation
Plague bathes the earth from infected skies
Chaotic saturation into the pores of existence
Breeding the spawn
Effigy awake in it's mummified region
Silent tombs concealed from the light
Grueling afterlife christened by their deaths
Malignant offspring of decrepit birth
Impurity of souls
Visions of the agony tightly close the weeping sky
Spirits ty feeds on eachinvert the earth unfertile
Anxiously await reprisal for the deprived life
Horrifying rituals of unorthodox intelligence
Premature suffering from within their charred domain
Altering the promises of peaceful rest and afterlife
Hideous denial of a once forgotten life
Ascending messiah
Conqueror of the apocalypse
Divine majesty
Giver of supreme entity
Churches rise from disturbed grounds
Symphony of depression purifies
All will be altered
The dead choir will sing
Hymns of blasphemous irreverence


Penetrate the minds of those misfortuned at birth.
Murder is etched in the deepest chasms of the soul.
Salvation stripped from the origin of existence.
Obstinacy abandons, as you yield your world to me.

Decree of my darkest dreams.
Memories of my future.
Welcome to my church.

Sodomize my cross for it now marks your existence.
Dismissal of lucivity, consume my body and blood.
Supplicate for death, obscurity condemns the structure.
Spectral abominations, the gathering of souls.

Befall the rise of inhumanity.

Returned to a land you've never been.
You kill again for the first time.
Recollections of what never was.

Decree of my darkest dreams.
Memories of my future.
Welcome to my church.

I am your savior.
Shapeless to your perception.
For I am you, pierced from within.

Pierced from within.


The thought of killing entered my mind some time ago
What possesses an individual to kill
I have often pondered the thought
Time and time again
Now it's clear to me
They want me to be part of this world they have created
I say fuck you
Don't tell me how to live
Maybe if I eliminate the people
Who fit this so - called mold
My pain will finally be released
And my mind free of thought
The ax struck hard and fast
Splitting the skull in two
She fell instantly
The blood spewed
From where her head used to be
I then struck another blow
Only the lives of others
Can quench my harsh reality
I received much excitement
From these two blows
I must continue to strike her corpse
Once again I brought the tool of my trade
I proceeded to hack several more times
A pile of flesh now lies before me
Unrelenting need to fulfill my lust for death
I must purge the world of it's filth
Disorder scars my mind
With killing fascination
My tasks are far from done
Everything must die


Shapeless beings of unknown origin
Scanning the cosmic blackened abyss
Planting the seed of their horror and hatred
Mankind was created to be violent and sick
Feasting on the screams of the pain we inflict
Led down the path of our own extermination
They plant a device to watch us all
To see the way we will evolve
Tampering with the subconscious
They hold our fate
Twisting the minds of the people
With whom they create
Breeding our lives with insanity
To purge my spirit's enslavery
They're feeding off of our hatred
They will then devour
Withdraw our life's blood from within us
To reproduce their own kind
Infant of theirs to vanquish life
The brood of hatred now swells within
Your lives begin to decimate
Provoking horror, dealing our fate
Put here only to replenish the substance
In which they need
And now you see all hope is lost and gone
To reveal reincarnation