Tank (UK)

Tank tracks



We've been at the edge too many times,
To ignore the warning signs
Now that we're led by those who are blind,
To the world that is outside
They will ensure, that they'll make our lives,
A misery before our eyes
These power whores, are those who decide..
Which civil war goes on the side
It's out of our hands.
To a man we must fight or be overrun
And by midnight, the first strike has begun..
Would they rather die..or live and suffer...this reign of thunder
Nations in need, no longer have the right, to chose which war in which they fight..
Hatred and greed, and mad myopic sight
Add to the Anarchists delight
The poor will die whatever, in the ultimate defeat,
We sell them arms
But send them nothing they can eat..
Women and children, starved and alone..
They are like shadows painted on bare walls
In spite of the land in their hands, the respite will fool no-one..
And by midnight there is light, but no sun
Would they rather die, than live and suffer, through this reign of thunder
Take it as read, that what's left behind, incriminates the ones inside
And we are fed, all the same old lies, twisted thoughts of twisted minds
It's out of our hands...


I hear them coming, coming from over there
Just like they said that they would, the Mitsibushi's,
The long range zero's too, their orders well understood..
We ain't ready
They're coming in closer, so close that I can see their eyes,
They'll never get much older, as they wave Shinto goodbye
March on sons of Nippon, March on from Japan, March on sons of Nippon
There's nothing left now, it's all been blown away, the harbour's now fire wood,
I'm scared to death, now that our war has just started, looks like we're in this for good
We ain't ready...

March on sons of Nippon, March on from Japan, March on sons of Nippon...


They say they can't stop me laughin' (HaHaHa) and that I've gone insane
Am I on something not to remember my own name I can't hurt nobody (nobody)
When I'm in this pain
Cause when they turn out the lights the nightmare begins can't wait another day
And a lonely year if nothing else I will die in here
I can't help anybody it's done all myself
But as long as it makes you happy
I'll try and kill myself
With your life you'll pay for this [x4]
Because you were such a sweet thing
I couldn't help myself
Cause you gave me the one thing
I ain't got from nobody else inside there's nobody something I couldn't hide
Cause when they found the next body
Is when they burned me inside as I pray to the holy one
Despite of my health
But as long as it will make you happy
I'll try and kill myself with your life you'll pay for this [x8]

It distresses me to no end
But I'm still alive
And you make sure you go straight to heaven
Cause hell's around the bend
With your life you'll pay for this [x8]

With your life [x4]

With your life you'll pay for this


I've got a feeling, a feeling so strong, that you don't believe me when I say you belong..
That is your problem, and you're alone...it's ever lasting, this heartbreak at home,
You can look forward to be unknown, your time is passing, your last chance has been blown..
But I'll still be here, when you're dead and gone
No time for, indecision the crime, lack of vision
I wish I'd known before, just where your soul belonged
This thunderbird, is for none but the brave
What was your future, is fading fast, and you're trying to tell me that you still kick ass,
I could've been wrong, but you done your best, so you were really,
Just like all of the rest, but I'll still be here, when you're dead and gone....
No time...

This thunderbird.. is for none but the brave


It felt like somebody, had just walked in the room,
I turned round, it was stunning, I diverted my eyes too soon,
She had legs up to her shoulders, and hair all down her back,
But between her ears, there was a lack of intrinsic facts
By this time I'm too far gone, to abuse or use someone, I should've said no...to the enemy below
I thanked God that we were leaving, as I couldn't drink no more, but I could dream of what I liked,
Face down on the floor, it was the way she moved her fingers, that brought me back again,
So it looked like we'd be up all night breaking out the chains
By this time we're to far gone...

The enemy below


I'm trying to remember what you're trying to forget..
The days I left you crying.. are the days I most regret,
I can't believe we're still in love, after all these years.

So what we have is strong enough, to last through all the tears of love...
A dream can't last forever and this one's not over yet, there's no use of us denying of what we felt when we first met..
I can't believe, we're still in love after all these years..
So what we have is strong enough to last through all the tears of love..
I would be on my own, so lost without her, without your love..
Lost without love...[Repeat]

I'm trying to remember...

I would be on my own...


The spectre of death has returned one more time..
But this time it ain't just like any other, if there is a God, why choose our poor warm brother...to suffer
I just can't believe, the scale of this disease, it bleeds many hearts so hollow, if there is a God, please Find a cure by tomorrow..
Time is left but it's not on our side, they bear the scars on the inside..
It's getting hard it's getting tougher...

The hell they must suffer..
You must understand, it's rife across this land, it fills many hearts with sorrow, if there is a God ,it's one hard act to follow..
Time is left...
Hell, ain't such a bad place to be, I've been there before, but I ain't going back there never, never
The hell they must suffer


Dateline America, the Florida skies, is where they gave their lives..
While we shall all mourn their passing, that we can't deny
They've gone to the everlasting, as her children cry..
They'll kneel and pray, to honour their brave..
Their eyes don't lie..
It happened so fast with one final blast..
A nation cried.. it fell from the sky..
The twenty fifth mission, was it doomed from the start..
N.A.S.A's dream blown apart while we shall all...
It fell from the sky...