The 3rd And The Mortal

The 3rd and the Mortal tracks



Morket siger sakte inn
Finner veier I mitt sultne sinn
Legger seg verdig til ro
I sar som aldri vil gro

I sitt morke Sjelen hviler
Er det bare tanken som tviler
Er det ensomhetens vegar ga
Om du vil la Skjebnen ra

Elsk min lengsel
Sok mitt tap
Fjern hvert stengsel
Befri mitt hat


Silent Darkness sweeping lonely Earth
Seeking a place where truth still has worth
Alien power watching over me
Is my longing what I find in Thee

Searching for something to satisfy my soul
Is Darkness what I find in the whole
Lust and hate cover my fate

Across the Sea of Tranquillity
The dream fulfills my needs

I kneel behind my circle of light
I beg Nature to shorten the night
I hear the chant through my ring of fire
There is something out to seek a woman's desire

Can you hear the chanting
Can you hear the whisper
Draw a ring of fire
Dangerous attention
strikes the one who is searching
Draw a ring of fire
be careful as you step across the line
Make sure you leave your soul behind
Draw a ring of fire


Dreams carry me into sleep
As I sigh
I write your name in my Soul
As I search your words
I cast my Destiny on to you

Deadly whisper in my ear
Finally me now, my time has come

I never thought I would feel this way
I never thought I would go this far
I never thought I would surrender
I never thought I would give in to you

To give me a sign before I die
Show me you've heard my prayer
Veil of mist, hazy my view
The entrance to Death