Uruk-Hai (ESP)

In the Side of Eternal Eclipse tracks


1. Intro


2. El Monte de Las Animas

The wolves howls in Moncayo's summit
And the snow falls covering the old Templars chapel
It sounds a prayer in All Saints day,and the fog spreads its cold hands trough the ancient medieval cementery
Where the ancient knights rest in peace

But in the Anima's Mount,there's a young girl running
under the white full moonlight
alone among dark forests of nude trees
where all the nights the deceased spirits rides...
A night in Templars Mount

Phantasmagoric spectres of warriors who reborn in the heart of nocturn silence,oppening the doors of graveyard
the spirits covered with their shrounds,awakes in this cold night
And walks throught forgotten paths like a ghosts horde

A night in the Templars mount
legends and fables are real,and under Montecayo's shade
The wolves howls once again funeral songs
Appointing a new death

Sings the Lamias into the deep forest,and a pale girl is crying in a mislaid tomb
when the spirits raise one night more
In The Templars Mount

[Based in Beequer's "Leyenda de Soria"]

3. In The Side Of Eternal Eclipse

Comes the night to the mountains
and the winds blow among ancient forests
Where darkness raise in the crepuscle hours
And like a nocturnal sun,
the Moon spreads her mystical veils
through hills and valleys in this winter days

Witches fly in the Iberian sky towards the unholy congregation
arround ancient dolmens
witness of forgotten ceremonys
And awaking again forbbiden songs...close to the blaze
That light the Cantabric nights

We are sons of the dusk,ejectet to the dark lands
We are the race damned by de christian priests

Comes the night to the woods and the hills,
and the feeling the breath of de horned God
We embrace the old natural cult with pagan rites
Under this dark sky
thad govern our infrahuman suffering

4. From The Iberian Winter Lands

Dark clouds cover the sky and the gloomy hibernal nights,
pleny of legents come back to the forests
Iced mountains return to my eyes together with the vision of morbid lands

Black birds fly though forsaken cementerys,where the fog spreads its cold land
Bells call christians and Moon call ghosts
And among nude trees walks the Santa Compana

Arid, open up the Castilla tableland where the winds blow legend
whispers under a hibernal white Moon
The Sorcerers are gathered in an Aquelarre to the God of the Moon like in Goya square
Falls the snow in December days and cover the savage forest
where the shadows of winter dance under a nocturnal Moon

Forgotten in time ,the trees open their hands
And my soul fly in a eternal abyss of dark hate
Trough this mystical lands
In black winter days

5. Outro