The Escalation tracks



Spell from beyond
Black as the sky

Hope is lost
Reap the stars
Seek the last
Place in time

Yog sothoth
Heading hork
Trapped in nightmare
Heaped in dark

Hope is lost
The end of time is now
Beyond the stars they come
And crush human life


Blood witch of necromancy
Drive deep the ritual knife
The blood quenches the thirst
Of legions prepared to fight

Blood witch
Spell caller of damnation
Evil sorcery
Rip the holy angel
Black magic
From darkest hell
Wave of wickedness
Hecate spell

Sinning angels on fire
Cascading from the sky
Reborn through hate and evil
To fight at satan's side

Black magic warfare
Pentagram curse of fire
Smashing heaven's gate
Futile humanity dies


Baring false witness
Vile hideous lies
The familiars itch
Dungeon of death

Disturbance of the mind
Horrible and most intense pain
Paroxysms of the body
Torments of all five senses

Haunting and creeping
Ghosts of evil souls
Lost in a void
Of injustice

Persecution is decreed

Pressed to plead
Screaming the names
Of the next in line


Squadron of angel murderers
Hell's butchers in bloody rampage
Blasting command and chants of courage
Hording vengeance prepare for attack
War hunger plague and death
The time has come to fight
Stealthy forth unholy assassins
Kill those cursed bastards make em' bleed
Scalp their scolden locks
Leather and metal all boozed up
Backed by all hell's might
Breathing fire to the front lines

Hellburst to fight

Bash their bodies to hell's pits
For rebirthment by fire
Black hearted armies growing with sinners
Hordes of hell and evil grinners
Hate filled heart to wreak satan's wrath
To wage a deadly war
Delivered into the mouth of hell
Infernal demons break and burn 'em
Jaws of satan smash closed
Victory chants and angel rapes
Charred corpses lay strewn
In smouldering fucking chaos
Hellburst to fight


Beyond the gate dwell now the old ones
Not in the spaces known but in angles betwist
Outside earths plane they linger and ever await
For the time of the imminent return

In the fog of memories of all man
The old ones hail foul and formless azagthoth
In the black cave at the centre of infinity
Where he snaws ravenously in ultimate chaos

Amid mad beating of hidden drums
Tuneless piping of hideous flutes of madness
The bellowing of blind idiot gods
That shamble and gesture aimlessly forever

Yog-sothoth knowest the mazes of all time
For all time is one unto him
He knowest where the old ones came forth
And where they shall come forth again


Right we'll storm from the black gates of death
It's whiskey time now we won't fuckin' rest
We'll drink, fight, grab, sleaze, plunder and feel
Still our boots are dusty, but brutal as steel
We're all strong brave and ready to fight
So now we go chant into battle tonight

Drums are full bore bass shakes the floor
Heads thrashing 'round guitar is fucking flat out
There in the crowd crying out loud
Volume is high, scream out death metal of die!!!

We were born for it and we'll be there 'til death
Play it loud and proud drink to it with my friends
Whiskey, metal, leather and sex
Traditions upheld all these years and the next
When we die we'll go with our boots and our vests
'cause metal still reigns and fuck off to the rest

In your face at full bloody pace
Chains and leather metal for fuckin' ever
Violence and pain smashing our brains
Tremolition sustain driving us fuckin' insane

Bullets and leather metal forever
Boozin' all night is our fuckin' life
Eardrums are bleeding posers are screaming
Trying to get out with their fuckin' lives

It's metal time only drink with the best
It's metal time we'll drink 'til our fucking death
It's metal time violence and booze all night
We're vomitor mayhemic deathnoise allright!


Abominations beyond comprehension, hideous engines of horror
Evil spawn on the wind eyes that behold morbid terror
Stinking shadows of haunting fear black clouds boiling with Hate

The symphony of distorted cocophany spew forth in aweful Animation
With blasts of volcanic steam shadow of death on every shoulder
Morbidly insane horror rivers of black poison blood
Endless phantoms black as pitch, hot breath of elders

Dust of forgotten embers swirling black in the sky
Fiends of Shub-Niggurath drem damnation joined as one
Tremendous feats above sensation in the depths they dwell

Abominations beyond comprehension, hideous engines of horror
Evil spawn on the wind eyes that behold morbid terror
Stinking shadows of haunting fear black clouds boiling with Hate