Walls Of Jericho

A Day and a Thousand Years tracks


1) A Day And A Thousand Years
Commit the compromise restricts our rights the education society
gives us you establish with your advertised labels what gives you
our rights laws shouldn't be put to what we read and hear should
nothing be said shall we compromise no our freedoms our rights
your mind tear down the walls what can break must be broken you
have proven one person can omit regulations that can control our
freedoms our rights and your fucking mind.

2) Our Fate Ends
I stand watching your souls mass produce I worked and is slaved
for your minority one moment of thought with fist of flame crashing
in our sanity blinded by a flashing light that burns your security
gathering your last thoughts as Armageddon caves in we cannot undo
what we have done cries scream out last moment of thought life is
at its end I stand watching your souls mass produce I worked and
I slaved for your minority what we have left now unjust motives
killed us all.

3) Athenian
Nations battle nations to keep what security they have money and
economics their main living factor Athenian is their control we
control controlling what your way of living but who decides congress
united blood lies for how long we are destroying to remain on
top we will fall nations growing faster population is out of
hand technology breakthrough their military power overtakes so we
try to cut them down to something that their not for the upper
hand the first amendment means nothing in a world of hypocrisy
and war fuck your war fuck your controlling culture we fight to
survive why do we have to fight to die.

4) Moment Of Thought
Why cant you see why wont you stop you are going down does your
life stand for anything ask yourself this they watch you fall
question friendship betrayed by the ones that you hold close the
ones that can lie to your face with no sorrow with no remorse
there is no tie that binds moment of thought now you have gone
too far you are the one at stake you are at fault why cant you see
why wont you stop you are going down does your life stand for
anything you are the one at fault no more time to waste do not
give them satisfaction do not give them the best of you.

5) Why Father?
You were there when I cried - I screamed it would not be forgotten
a slave to the poison that dragged us down we must suffer for your
fucking in capabilities that you implanted in my mind must overcome
and impale you with the epitomes of your actions we loved so much
now I wont let myself hate you less now you're dead you haven't
suffered enough I wish I could have been the one who crushed your
heart with my despaired hand letting your unruly blood flow and
your burned flesh lie collapsed are you proud?

6) Overpower
A life long love a belief till your death live your life a lie to compensate for
your faults sacrifice all that's true for something you can give
yourself faith we must not compromise our inner strength for your
unwritten laws it means nothing to me just another handed down
generation after generation believe in yourself you're trained by
their overpowering way to control can't you see your ignorance is
weakening our chance for survival.

7) Collection On A Debt
Ignorance has filled your mind and actions while you watch me go through
this hell that you've taught me I've lied awake the feeling of your
atrocities on me my pain is endless as you stare a five years old
stares back your masculinity has destroyed my true intentions now I must
repay you with the pain you've given us we will not let something so
wrong become so normal I will not stand alone we walk hand in hand
to take you down you have ruined my innocent beliefs.