Warning (UK)

Revelation Looms tracks



"You are the love of my life
I am your sacrifice."
Blind with greed she spoke unto him
A deal of unforgivable sin
Seven years of happiness,
Granted her worldly desires.
But when it was time for her to die
The devil came to claim her soul.
She made a promise - no turning back;
A lifetime of heaven
For an eternity of pain.
To hell you descend now,
Satan is laughing;
All joy is turned to sorrow, pain and misery.


When the world nears its end,
When the revelation looms,
They will pay for all their crimes;
Touch them with the hand of doom.
"Just believe in yourself"
That is all that they can say;
But when the day of judgement comes they will never find The way.
Can't you see it?
Are you blind?
Are you scared to change your mind?
Are you afraid to look a fool?
Or don't you want to live by rules?
You've got to stop and change your ways -
You cannot live with your mistakes.
You'll be lost and I'll be free.
You'll burn a sinner for all eternity.
Think that you know everything;
Don't believe in good or sin.
Time has come to change your ways
Because you will never win.
True believers have no fear -
The road to heaven for you is clear.
Sinners, will you think again
When your final day is near?
What are you going to do when you're standing at your Trial,
And you're looking back on life
Seeing your mistakes?
Thinking of yourself all of the way -
Well did you ever give a thought to the price that you Would pay?


As I stare across the world there is nothing to behold.
Wicked people have control -
How can this be so?
Born as one.
There are those who do not care -
Killing and creating fear;
Justified by their own greed.
Hope is lost or so it seems.
Wicked leaders weave their ways,
They'll make the world a better place-
Blind fools follow their blind leaders.
Don't believe the things they say.
They want to take your mind away -
Don't let them have their way.
Wait until judgement day;
Then they'll have hell to pay.
Living under the same sky,
We search for answers then we die.
Wishing I could change our ways.
Looking up to better days.
Born as one but living free.