Your Demise

Cold Chillin' tracks



I'm so cold, or so I've been told.
Everything happens for a reason.
I think I could get used to you,
But I never knew, karma is all around me.
Karma is all around

Some is good, the rest is bad...
Just live my life a good person.
A good person

I've shared pages with these devils,
Stood on stages with these saints burning holes in the backs...
Bitch, don't kill my vibe.
Yeah, bitch, don't kill my vibe.

One thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.
Take a shot at everybody and leave them fuckin' lame.

But I've learned cunts make it far,
So fuck it, I'll let you all know:
You drag me down, my stomach turns;
You’ll make it far, or so I’ve fuckin' learned.

I don't say a word, just let the world revolve around you,
Crawled up inside every motherfucker.
Every motherfucker is a sucker,
Just like the last cigarette you ever have.
Just a whore to all these dreams, just so you know:
I never slept, or lived my life on my knees.


I danced with the Devil, and fucked with God,
I hold my breath forever, and wait for you.

My vision turns black, cause you know I never came home.

I danced alone last night, and sung a song to no-one,
A thousand faces - I'm still on my own.
I never made it, just got faded.
I danced alone last night, and sung a song to no-one.

I miss my love, perfectionist to my work - some wouldn't believe.
Lost in a sea of hate, friends turn to foes,
And the bastards are kept on their toes.

You might lose the one you choose,
I might be the one you abuse,
And you're all the ones I accuse.


This dream is my nightmare, please wake me up
Nothing left in my half empty cup
I've had enough, sick of this world
That cares too much
Sorrow tapped into my veins,
Broken flowers that still bloom in a dark room...
In a dark room

Your heaven is my hell, this world spins away another year
Everyone assumes, assumes that I live the dream
And that I've got the fucking cream -
But the only thing that rules me is home.
So fuck what you think, I'm not from the bottom,
But my mind is there
Your heaven is my hell, this world spins away another year
I got the heart of the lion, soul of a soldier
A romantic tongue that only speaks the truth.

So take me home, I'll do this on my own, I'm nearly home


This is the last song I'll ever write;
Don't flatter yourself, you're not the one to blame.
I hate living in a world where lies are promised,
And the honest don't survive.
I strive for being well fed and just on top of myself.

They say I got the world in my hands,
But forget what you know, kill myself every day for show.

You got two options in life do what you love,
Or hate what you do;
I fucking picked both. So nail me to a cross,
With my middle finger high,
As a fuck you to all of you
I did it and I didn't sell my soul.

Tired of being tired, the bastards have got old,
Told this story a thousand times,
So this is the last song I'll ever write.