Elm Street

Barbed Wire Metal tracks



We wear chains and leather riding fast,
Taking no shit from the other class,
We bring the terror in metal so run for your lives,
Before we staple your ass six feet from hell.

Barbed wire metal!
Oh yeah, is wrappe around your throat.

It is injected in us like a jukies fix,
Moshing over those killer licks,
With the pounding drums and thumping bass,
taking you over with a high pitched scream.

You don't understand what it means to us,
Portraying an image that's not right,
As the terrors of metal we salute you,
So get off our backs and take your false shit to hell!


The time is now to purify their wicked hearts,
Controlling the world running wild, running free.

In theri eyes will we ever get our way?
If we have something to say they deny all hope.

He had a dream,
Wanted us to be free,
It's not the way it was meant to be,
The world is controlled by the devil's servants

Brothers now let's show that when died it was not in vein
It was for eternal life.
We mustn't be,
Undedicated to our faith, or weakened by the thought of giving hell to our foes.

In your eyes have we done any wrong?
If were fighting for our souls, why should they succeed?
He had a dream,
Wanted us to be free,
It's not the way it was meant to be,
Now it's all gone wrong,
The world is controlled by the devil's servants


1428, the number poisoning our minds,
Bastard son, of one hundred sons
He will haunt your dreams in the night.

You better fight to stay awake,
Or you'll be the next one that he slays.
He'll turn your wildest dreams into the deadliest nightmare

Back from hell,
You're searching for,
Elm St's children,
Back in hell,
You're looking at,
Elm St's children

Four blades, his revenge on those who sent him to the blaze,
Killing, always on his mind he'll take all your lives


Running for years now with only one dream, make metal!
Our chance finally rose, to make the earth shake.

We ride,
We rock,
We scream,

Warriors 'round the world have chosen right, hit the battlefront.
Raise your axes high, let their nightmare begin.

We are brothers of steel,
Carry our father's dreams,
Togehter as one.
We march on with heavy metal power

In the end you must stand the test of time,
Your hearts must stay true!


A Star rises in the east; a new covenant was born,
Sent to preach and create a path to the afterlife.
He lived his life with love and compassion for mortals,
To guide humanity to everlasting peace.

His loyal comapnions to follow the son of god,
Chosen by destiny to spread the word of the lord.
He entered the town with grace, walking on holy soil,
Worshipped by all insight to lead them to salvation.

He made people cry from his work,
He made nations cry out his name,
Naive foes thought he was only man,
But he was our
King of kings, he'd fight for what's right,
King of kings, was sent down for us.

To my loyal companions, this is my last goodbye,
But I promise you, we'll be together some day
King of kings


Lust for death, yearning for a cry of a victim,
On the prowl tonight his thirst for flesh can't be quenched.
The disease that eats inside his mind
Burns dark cloud in hell,
The demons in his heart screech his unforgiving spell.
You can't escape from his wrath;
There is no chance for life,
When he straps on the

Leatherface, stalking his prey,
Leatherface, it's time to run away.
To the point of entry he takes you where he has the power,
To make your blood shed it's your final hour.

Engines cease not knowing it was your last chance,
The chains marked on his hands roar malevolance will prevail
Envying all that he sees, embarks his reign of insanity,
As he takes you to his lair get ready for judgement day.

Forged deep in the pits of hell, awaits his vicious rage,
When he straps on the Leatherface.

Shredding begins; tonight will be your last night,
The unholy force is gonna skin you alive.
Getting torn from your skull while
You're hanging half past dead,
The pain surging in your brain was caused when he
Couldn't escape from his wrath,
Now there's no chance for life,
Once he strapped on the Leatherface.


Into the mist of the night I was led,
Suffering an ambush, forced in my trenches.
As guns blaze through the midnight sky,
I endured the torture my malice embedding.

Paid, paind in blood for one man's greed.
Now's the time, we have to rise,
To destroy their licence to kill.

Merciless Soldier, you can't keep him down,
You can't hold him up,
Said to be the war to end all the wars.
Through pain comes glory, the consequence was death,
Farewell to arms.

Footsteps enter this darkened room,
My spirit lies aching from mindless decisions.
The tyrant forec tried to hold its reign,
The enemies attack came like a hurricane.


For us we write this song, for our metal gods.
We ask of them to guide us through this despair,
We need all the power and might to stay strong,
From the world we face every day.
We must believe in one thing!

Metal is the way, to guide your life
Metal is the way, with fist in the air,
Metal is the way, to follow your dreams,
Metal is the way, the only way.

We must all choose one path; the path is freedom.
Our lives will depend where we go from this stage.
We will win this war, against our tormentors,
Then we shall receive our flag our glory.

Standing here with our flag of glory,
We've escaped from purgatory,
From here on we will be free;
We have made blind people see that,
Our declaration is carved in stone;
I told you that we were not alone,
So now you know, metal is the way !