Human Wreckage tracks


1. M.A.D. (Intro)



"We are the things that were and shall be again.
...the book! We want what is!"

(Intro / Solo: John)

Shadows lurk, in an open grave
Hell spits out its dead
Help the living, no one's saved
The city streets they'll run red
Immortal power, reigns supreme
Their laugh it chills the air
A nightmare, or just a dream
So sleep if you dare

Death warmed up, my boiling blood
Death warmed up, the devil's calling
Look at the sky, time to die, run and hide
Death warmed up

Rip the flesh, take the heart
Sink their teeth deep inside of you
Screams and cries, and bulging eyes
The death toll begins to show
Make no sound, don't wake the dead
Get away from this nightmare
Run and hide and travel far
And all they see is red


(Solo: Elly)

Shadows move back in their grave
The sun it begins to show
Lay to rest, when it's light
The day it makes them go
Gates of hell are open wide,
To receive the savage dead
But we are safe, at least for now,
Until the day they rise

Death warmed up


Forgotten by this wellfare state,
They won't help now, it's too late
Outcast, reject, social disease,
Nowhere to turn, I'm on my knees
I'm on my knees
Forgotten by the friends I had,
So confused I'm going mad
I've got a plan, revenge I'll take
Leaving bodies in my wake

Hey buddy can you spare a dime? "No!"
Alright It's killing time
In my eyes see your last breath,
Knife goes down in a painful death
A painful death

(Post Chorus)
Looking down on those who need
Don't you regret your greed
Misery, but now I'm freed,
Filthy rich, I'll make you bleed

Make you pay, run away
Steal your cash, now you are trash

(Solo: Elly)

Live to kill, kill to live
Rich to poor, I want more

Shallow gravefor tou tonight,
Leave your body out of sight
Rich kid buried in the ground,
Money man you won't be found
Tou won't be found
Creeping terror in the park,
I stalk my victims after dark
Once again the time has come,
To pay the price for what they've done


(Post Chorus)


(Intro: John)

Accused of crimes not comitted,
Sentenced to life in hell
Dragged down to your knees
Slammed into a cell
No one listened to the truth,
A liller in their dreams
Accused, condemned, sentenced to death,
no one can hear the screams

Left to rot in this hell
Upon my thoughts I do dwell
Innocent and then betrayed, Imprisoned
Left to rot

Alone in my pit of sin
Trapped inside my hate
Crawling round my inner world
In darkness I will wait
No justice given, sentence passed,
Will they ever see
Devils chant inside my head,
Taking life from me


(Solo: Elly)

Life, death, eternity,
Encased in this metal cage
Pleading for my sanity,
Empty thoughts cloud my days
My prison starts to become my home
The rats and lice my only friends
Smells and textures, all are known,
A rotting carcass 'til the end


(Solo: John)


(Intro / Solo: Elly)

I wouldn't say life's complete
But I won't admit defeat
There is no other way,
I take life day by day
You say the worst's to come,
Though tomorrow never comes
Some thing will end our lives,
But I'll worry when that day arrives

Maybe all this is true,
What am I supposed to do
I've got a life to live,
Even if this world won't give
Some thing will end it all,
Maybe a bomb will fall
But I can't afford to wait,
wait 'til it's all to late

Death, War, Disease, Starvation

(Bridge Solo: John)

Down comes the sky, the end is nigh
The world will end today is what they say
We have the proof, this is the truth
What they say ain't right so don't give me this shite

(Solo: Elly)

Why can't these fools see,
It doesn't mean shit to me
It's just a reckless lie
I won't lay down to die
Resist against deceit,
Stand on your own two feet
I've got to ask you why,
This doom you prophecy



(Solo: Elly)


Gangs on the street, there's anger in the air
Blood in the gutter, you'd better take care
They'll track you down 'til you're on your back
They live for the fight, your skin's turning black

Violence fills the air, as it turns red
A trickle of blood from your lacerated head
Knivestear the flesh, but you must carry on
You must take the pain 'til the battle's won

Terror squad, on the run, public enemy number 1
Terror squad, never stop, they'd fight until they drop

On the streets they come to fight,
Brutal combat, bloody sight
Shouting and screaming, disturbing the peace
Nothing can stop them
They won't cease

(Solo: John)

(Solo: Elly)

On through the night the violence carries on
Never retreat, we'll never turn and run
They're out of control, sirens can be heard
But they can't be stopped, never is the word




Their hatred burns while countries conflict,
Our nations fight for peace
Their threats talk of nuclear warfare,
When will it ever cease?
The earth rests on their heads,
Will we live or die?
The button's pushed, our future's dead,
That's the end of our lives

They must be mad, no one survives
Both sides will lose, you can choose

Radiation, atomic death,
A virus if you will
All designed for total destruction,
All designed to savagely kill
The switch of death is in their hands,
That decides our fate
Try to think of all our lives,
Before it gets too late

A raging inferno engulfs this land,
Destroying all mankind
Any survivors after the blast,
Destruction they will find
A flash of ligth, cloud of dust,
Radiation filled eruption
Buildings flattened, cities collapsed,
A world of total destruction

(Solo: Elly)

What makes a man hate another man,
Enough to destroy the earth
Do they know what will happen,
Do they ever use their wit
We live our lives day by day
'Cos tomorrow never comes
So we pray for peace between rival nations,
But will it ever be done


We've lived through wars before now,
I don't think we will again
This time there'll be no fighting,
Just the button of pain
We'll see the missiles flying over
But there's no place to run
Nowhere to hide from total destruction,
That's it the world is done


(Solo: Elly)


(Intro / Solo: John)

Fall into this burning hole,
Evil wants to take my soul
The stench of hell's too much to take,
My soul is mine I'll never break
Possess your mind, rule your life,
Destroy your will, the good I'll kill
Spread aside I'll take your place,
Torn in two, my curse on you

Agony drives me insane,
Hear the screams inside my brain
Twisting torment in my head,
Something evil wants me dead
Save me from this nightmare,
'waking dream, death unseen
There's no hope, hope in hell,
Darkness waits to seal my fate

Flash before my eyes, black are the skies
The other side defies
All my power drained, left to feel pain,
I know I'm insane


(Solo: Elly)

A thousnad burning souls aflame,
Hell and darkness hide in shame
Hate and fear a painful ride,
Infernal torment churns inside
Feel the chains around my neck
Growing tight no will to fight
Through the flames before my eyes,
I can see the evil rise

(Solo: Elly)

Like the night before the day,
The day before the night
Feel the chains around my neck,
Growing light no will to fight

(Solo: Elly)

Like a calm before the storm,
The light before the dark
Through the flames before my eyes,
I can see the evil rise


Coming to get ya!!
What makes you think you can get away with this
Try'n fucking hide, you're on my list
I'm fit to burst, pouring at the seams
Dead or alive you're coming with me

You fucking slime!!

When I've finished with you, you won't shit no more
There'll be no warning, better lock door
This feeling that I've got goes beyond hate
And I'll have you when you take the bait

Run but ya can't hide!!


(Intro: Elly)

They're lying in the gutter, just look at the state
These are the people, that decide their own fate
Injecting their veins 'cos they've no hope
Without their hit they just can't cope
They're out of their minds out of their heads,
If they keep on going they'll wind up dead
You're breaking the rules, you're all just fools
Everyone's an addict, you've gotta kick the habit

Come on, get up, get on your feet
You're wasting your life out there on the street
You know it's true, you know what to do
Live your life, and you'll get through

Wheeling and dealing, can't you see it's a sin
Pumping, pushing, injecting, slide the needle in
You crave for something that's ruling your life,
Possessing your body, ending in strife
You can't live without it, must get some quick
Killing yourself, can't you see that you're sick
You're on your own, you can't cope
You're fading away, there's just no hope


(Solo: Elly)

Shoot it up and crash, ride the line, you'll burn


You're out of your minds, you're out of your heads
Abusing yourself, you'll wind up dead
you wouldn't listen, thought you were right
Pumping your body will all that shite
We tried to help but you knew best
You thought you were above the rest
You're breaking the rules, you're all just fools
You're fading away, you're no hope
Die, die, die, die, die!

11. ALIENS (CD Bonus Track)

A vision of life beyond the skies
Is said to have flashed before our eyes
Too scared to touch what we don't know
Some things are better left alone

We will learn of what might be
Beyond another galaxy
Technology's short for us to trust
maybe they've got their eyes on us

In space, no one can hear you scream
In space, a nightmare not a dream
In mind, imagination's running wild

(Solo: Elly)

Are officials telling us the score
Or keeping it locked behind closed doors
We don't know if it's friend or foe
Our worst fear is what we call war


Can't see them, can't hear them
I know they're there, coming to get me

(Solo: Elly)

In space!
In space!
In space!
Friend or foe? UFO's?
Was it them? Small green men?
Hidden spy? Fucking lies!

12. F.O.D. (CD Bonus Track)