Doxology tracks





There's only one who heals a bruised
And battered hellbound soul
The way to mend the broken heart
Is written in the scroll
The kindle of your precious life
Will begin to burn within
A missing piece within your heart
Will start to show its skin
Through new age you've seeked to find
A spiritual healing pass
But what they really wanted is for
You to wear the mask
Only God can make you see
That things aren't as they seem
You don't have to wear a charm
Or remember what you dream
Sometimes the evil things are disguised to be good
So they can suck you in, but if you stay wise
And keep away from compromise you will soon see


You can't conceive the thought
You can't comprehend
There's no coincidence, your life doesn't hang on a chance
Your mind is small, infinitesimal, homeopathic
When compared to I, the one who created you
Why do you let yourself believe there's
No way for you to change
When you have all ability to go on and live this way
Spirits arising
If you could only know what I've been through
You wound understand, I know exactly how you feel
There is only one answer, one key, one truth
The path that leads the way, for what I hold for you
Spirits arising


I want my share of the estate, I'm leaving home, expatriate
Father understand, just how I feel
I have to go, a life to gain
So I set off to a distant country, and I squandered all my wealth
I delighted myself in wild living and spent my every cent
The country broke into a famine
I was falling short in need
I couldn't live in this condition
I was feeling no more greed
And I was becoming more lonely
And all my life began to fade
This life just isn't what I dreamed
And I have put myself through shame
I've worked my fingers right to their bones
I'm feeling ill, I miss my home
Why did I leave? Why did I go?
Now I have nothing, I have no home
I brought myself to an understanding, what I was going to do
I'd head back to where I once called home
And asked if I could work for food
"Father I have sinned against you
And against our family's name
I'm not worthy to be your son no more
Won't you take me as your slave?"
"My son I'm so glad to see you"
As a tear ran down his face
"You were dead, but now you're alive
You will find home here at this place"


The world gets run by political thugs who think they know it all
They stuff around with nuclear too powerful for us all
They fill the air with chemicals to keep their families fed
We were born innocent, but we were born Generation X.
What's the future hold for the people of tomorrow?
Do we keep dreaming, thinking it's going to be okay?
We've got to something before it's too late
Our house gets run by TV, hope our brains don't rot
They fill our shops with cigarettes
And hope that we don't choke
They live their lives, their time is up
They don't care what they do
We were born innocent
But we were born Generation X.


Chemical plants, spewing black toxic clouds
Barrels of pollutant and liquids
Rivers floating with debris and human filth
Animals suffocating
Syringes loaded with a global virus, helpless with HIV
There's only one source to save your soul
The rest will fall, fall to the hole
There is hope so start to care
The end of man is closing near
God gave us a free will to live or die
It's in our hands
Changing society, for the worse, are you too blind to see?
Judgement Day, is on the verge but no one seems to care
Don't go on destroying your soul, it's not too late to be saved
A dying world is to consume, is to consume your hope
There is hope so start to care
The end of man is closing near
God gave us a free world
Do we have to go destroy it all?


All alone, you sit and wonder why we are here
Why we die
You can't stop the infusion, the static confusion
Of what we are supposed to be
The war within your soul
Is far beyond our control
It's in him you've got to believe
Can't you see
It's far beyond you and me
Will you believe
That he will set you free
When I look back the moment God touched you
Was when you were slipping away
It shows that the love his hand
Is so much stronger than the love of today
Can't you see
It's far beyond you and me
Will you believe
That he will set you free


Sometimes in this world we feel all alone
We feel as though our lives are wasted time
We search for the things, that make feel our worth
We turn to sins, to take away the pain
God wants what's best for this children
He wants to take away all of the pain
Jesus is calling your name
He wants you to know, can't hear him say
I love you, I want you, I need you my child
Just call on me, my child, my child
Sometimes in this world we want to take our lives
We want to end it all. Who can hear me cry?
But don't you know, that God is a caring God
Who hears our cries
He wants you to know


Spreading pain to mankind
Can't you see you're in the wrong?
To inflict pain to fellow man
How can we fight? This world is insane
Treat each other as you would your own self, fellow man
What you do unto the least of my brethren
You do unto me, can't you see?
Don't you despair, someone is always near
If believing in God is wrong, than I don't want to be right
Making our lives pain
Using technology
Feeling lazier every day
Remote control is not the way
Using technology
The way it shouldn't be
Computer virus defcon 4
To blow us all away
Can you believe in the news?
The ratings war
We are more interested
In the life of a movie star
Instead of being there
for our family
We like to know
About someone we don't even know
I wish I could kill TV
Do justice to humanity
Satan invented
So we must repent
Blame violence on TV
Although it shouldn't be
Things good will end bad
Pray for the past we had


Fatal memories they come and they go
A life of let downs, they feed my foe
You came, you saw, you stopped me from falling
You came, you saw, you reached out your hand
My sorrow, my blunder, are cast into the sea
A whole new distinction ascribed to me
You came, you saw, you sheltered me through the attack
You came, you saw, you reached out your hand


Death of no desire
A burning fire circles your heart
An ancient steer is in your mind
God will help you, you will find
Facilitate those of own kin
Do our own duties here and within
How to live, not to blame
Only you can change the game
Why should we live a lie? When genocide is on the nigh
Playing our own minds, mankind will fall in time
Speak of black, you will not die
Your justice is denied
Something we are not
We're a microscopic dot
How do I blame all this destruction
Playing on your mind's construction
Free us from the evil sin
Come now, God can heal within


Did God Almighty create such a place?
For all normal human life to remain
If we stick by the book our life will be obtained
Soul and mind are not the same thing
But life in general doesn't care
For I will go, protect my soul
I will go the right way
Before your time
I hope you choose the way
Stop and think again
I shall not fall the evil way
Positive mind control
Did God Almighty create such a place?
Or are you too blind to see?
Smash your fist on the floor
And start changing your way of being
In the event of lore, make sure
That you don't cross the path
Belief in God is right, but don't step out of the light