Human Waste tracks



Bind, torture, lacerate
Severe limbs from the human carcass
Rotting remains
Driven beyond the limits of life
Dig the blade deep in the skin

Gushing remains
Left over from the rotting
Rip the intestines
Drink the blood

Bloody rotting humans

I killed em
Every last one
I slaughtered them
Leaving bone's on the outside
Skin in the living room
Hanging from the windows
Human faces as paintings
Drying out old flesh

No one hears the screams
I'm in the forest
Abandoned by mother
God left me here to suffer
So I kill for the simple thrill
Of watching the life leave their eyes

As they scream and suffer
In agony their souls reak of misery
Kill the family
Leave nothing behind

Murder is calling
In the hollow winter night
Echoing screams in my mind
I can't escape

Murder is on my mind now
I can't escape the seductive thoughts now
It's killing me
It's killing me
So I have to kill you

Murder you in the garden
Hidden from the public eye
We take living human lives
We kill human waste


Spread your legs
Open wide
Let me into your soul
To leave you bleeding
Dripping down your luscious thighs

I reform your broken cunt
Vaginal reconstruction lives in my heart
I'll make you better
I'll tear you apart
Leave you drained and bleeding
From the start

I can see blood is dripping down your legs now
Everywhere it's soaking into the floor
Bleeding humans
All over the house
Grab a fork
Get rid of these stinking pigs

Tie em up make em suffer for the moment
Then I'll eat her fucking rotting anus
When I'm done stuffing her cunt
For the holidays

Vaginal reconstruction

Show the world what your made of now
Open your legs
For the camera
Let the world see you now

Your flesh is peeling off your face
Your ass stinks like a smelly rapper on a dildo plate
Whore it out before you rot and get tossed into the old fish pen
For the hungry bums and runaway scum

Vaginal reconstruction


Kill your child
Suck its soul
Human brain stem
Tasty dinner
Suck it baby
Swallow it hole
Life is given
Devouring your soul

Brush your teeth
After you suck its feet
Soul taste good
Like chicken meat

Devouring the fetus
Is dinner for the genius
Devouring the fetus
Is tasty delicious

Blood and guts
All spread out
Open your mouth
It's juicy throughout
The carnal core
Is sinful rich
Like good whiskey
Long cured cannabis

Tasty blood
Human flesh
Labia laced
Human void
I puke you up
To dispose of you
Your rotting corpse
You're human waste