Deep Throat tracks



Decapitating the clitoris
What the fuck?
Every race of woman deserves
To have a soft spot
For me to taste
Mankind's jealousy
Takes away a woman's right to joy
I say fuck that
I don't care where you're from
Every woman deserves to cum

Fat, tall, skinny, short
I don't give a fuck just wanna give em some dick
Every hole is a tasty delight
Fuckin all night until we feel alright

She likes to suck dick
Must have a clit in the back of her throat
Dirty little bitch swallows as much seamen
As leviathan
That's hot

Dirty with a little rot
I forgot to tell you
This bitch is dead
They cut off her clit so she put a gun to her head

I found her in a trash can
All sticky and covered in shit
But I don't give a fuck
I'll still hit it
Like a fastball hitting a mitt
Stupid dumb bitch

She wouldn't give a shit
She loves some big dick
What hot chic don't?
They all love cum

Say no
To decapitating the clitoris