Grand Supreme Blood Court

Bow Down Before the Blood Court tracks



Coup du Monde
New crowned Lords
Utopia of Fear
Age of the Blood Court
Blades are sharpened
First trials begin
Stand up you poor cursed ones
As the Magistrates stride in

All rise!
Raise your worthless lives
All rise!
Honour the Five

Names remain unknown
Their faces never seen
Where do they come from
What have they been
Sudden tyranny
Mankind in awe
Hail to your Masters
Whose word is law

In cruel tribunals
The bloodshed never ends
There is only death
Prepare the instruments
Representing terror
Delivering the pain
Neo-legal doctrine
Under the Blood Court's reign

All rise!
Raise your worthless lives
All rise!
Honour the Five


Enter the courthall
Bound in chains
Dried up bloodstains
The stench of feces
Urine and sweat
Crawl to the Grand Ones
Keep low that head

Bow down before the Blood Court (4x)

Only one right you have
That of silence
Senseless beggings
Worsening the sentence
Frightening shadows
Hidden in dim light
These visionnaries
Decide what's wrong or right

Bow down before the Blood Court (4x)

Permittance granted
To start your final plea
Just be aware that death's
The one security
All that will remain of you
As result of your crime
A miserable cadaver
To rot away in time

Bow down before the Blood Court (4x)


There seems to be confusion
So let this Court be clear
To all those who come creeping
Know your end is near
No hope to regain freedom
Or lifelong imprisonment
We will not stuff the bellies
Of the larvae we have damned

We do not need confessions
Repentance comes to late
Spare your pathetic lies
Or imbecile debate
No lawyers to assist you
We've just killed the defence
Your fate is sealed
There Shall Be No Acquittance

There is a proper death
For every act
You're gonna die
And that's a fact
Will it be the gallows
Or a torture device
By strangulation
Or crucified

How 'bout breaking your back
In front of the firing squad
Perhaps saw you in two
Lethal injection

There'll be no more confusion
This Court was very clear
All those who came creeping
Died in dreadful fear
Not one glimpse of freedom
Or lifelong imprisonment
We'll never stuff the bellies
Of all the scum that's damned


A suitable punishment
For all those parasites
Profiteers and scroungers
The ones that suck you dry
Live of people's misery
Unscrupulous gain
Well, we"ll increase your riches
A benefit named pain

Form the column
Locked in chains
Relinquish what
Their corpse contains
To our
Killer contracts
Strangling loans
Suffer bastards
Weep and moan
Liquid interest
You shall ooze
Payback time
With your life-juice

To fertilize
In the squeezer
They'll donate
Barren land
Thus irrigate
Press them out
Till pulp remains
And succulence
Drips from veins
On the fields
Blood starts to flow
Perhaps in time
Something will grow


What is this: a lawyer ?
Who brought this fool in here ?
Insulting appearance
Whose words are stinking smear

Disgusting senseless motives
Sick of your presence
Instant decapitation
Behead the defence

Countless interruptions
Just to irritate
Endless objections
We will not tolerate
Foul misleading language
Juridical rot
Deaf for those false pleadings
This Court's demanding blood

Disgusting senseless motives
Sick of your presence
Instant decapitation
Behead the defence

All for your own profit
With methods we despise
Not paying enough tribute
To us five: the Wise
One simple conclusion
We're wasting our time
Cut the head from its body
Remove this piece of slime

Disgusting senseless motives
Sick of your presence
Instant decapitation
Behead the defence




You dared to say prayers in public ?
You dared to speak out your god's name
Don't you know religion's forbidden ?
We declared your prophet infame
Enough now of all this faith nonsense
As our justice has to be spread
This too an example for others
Hereby you're sentenced to death

Off with this sobber !
Drag him to the cage
The hogs must be hungry
In starvation rage
A human dish feastmeal
They drool and they snort
Grand Supreme Justice
Fed to the boars

Let the accused eat pig feces
And have intercourse with the sau
Drenched him in a lard filled barrel
We'll teach you the meaning of foul
This Court will burn all of your churches
Deal with your despicable rot
Tell us with your pork covered tongues
Now where is the help of your god ?

Off with this sobber !
Drag him to the cage
The hogs must be hungry
In starvation rage
A human dish feastmeal
They drool and they snort
Grand Supreme Justice
Fed to the boars

But let not keep the animals waiting
As the poor creatures need their food too
Once the crowd has its entertainment
Then guards please send in the jew
One request before you die though
Maybe you'd like us to tell
Since heaven will not be there for you
Please send us a message from hell


For our own amusement
And to please the crowd
So welcome to this circus
Chant and cheer out loud

The artists in this showpiece
Did of course not volunteer
Shivering from anxiety
Trembling with fear

Equipment ready
All tools in grease
Let then the play begins
Start with the priests

On the Judas Cradle
Impaling seat
Ride the wooden horse
With weights on their feet

Tied to the breaking wheels
Fastened on the rack
Stretching limbs till dislocation
Snapping muscles, bones crack

Lowered in water
Dunk 'em till they drown
Pump in laxatives
While hanging upside down

Turn on the thumbscrews
Inject infection
Pull out teeth and nails

Stirring up the cauldrons
They are gonna boil
Steamed, roasted, grilled and cooked
Fried alive in oil
Choirs of tormented screams
Symphony in blood rain
Ballet of the broken
Conductors of pain


Repulsive coward
A shame to every man
Abuser, rapist
You smell like excrements
Misuser of infants
Lowest of the low
Words cannot describe
The pain you'll undergo

Kick this sick miscarriage
To our largest square
Nail his scrotum to the block
Leave him rotting there

Walking male disease
A cancer on legs
Down goes the hatchet
Cutting off precious eggs
Contaminated seed
These balls thrown to the hounds
Squassated on the scaffold
Now public playground
Children carve his genitals
Girls scratch out his eyes
With a hot red iron bar
He gets sodomized


Sentences accumulate
Death working overtime
No superfluous burial
Grand Justice sublime
Removal of the remains
Organic decay
Leftovers turn to carrion
Since nature's first day

Disposal, all condemned
Fermenting, putrid damned
Drag the hanged, charred and chopped
Those we slayed, pile them up

Overpopulated cells
With scum awaiting trial
Stinking, festering, teeming mob
Infected and defiled
Signs of anthropophagy
Amongst the starving pack
End this senseless savagery
Throw them on the stack

Rabid dogs, smell the bait
Circling crows fly in wait
On the heap, human waste
Scavengers, soon will taste

Edacious vultures
Rats, worms and lice
Crawling beetles
Swarming flies

Innumerable corpses
High towering flesh
Maggots swallow up
This delicatesse

An orgy for the scavengers
Feeding on the dead
Harvest meFerociously they shred
Decomposers do the last
There's bones to consume
No-one will be remembered
As there's nothing to exhume


Allied nations decide to resist
You have chosen to depose your Lords
Terran legions uniting for battles
Behold the Ones who will survive this war

Contemptuous besiegers with misplaced trust
In ludicruous primitive weaponry
Disdainful defecating on ingratitude
Impudent, futile humanity

Assaulting forces
Vain determination
Heading towards total
Atomic devastation
Molten metal
Hot plutonium

Repugnant uprising
Verminous mutiny
Apostate rebellion
Oppose autocracy

Playing apocalypse
The earth deforms
Chemical inferno
Raging nuclear storms
Withstand in grandeur
We now retaliate
Exterminate, eradicate

Absolute victory
However, some survived
Endured the holocausts
Our wrath called genocide

The Grand Supreme Blood Court in its final trial
As this race of primates will never learn
The last verdict demands mass cremation
...And thus the billions shall burn