Grim Arts of Melancholy tracks



Last night I dreamt of war
They handed me a black sword
Winged it was, although crippled
And its price was pestilence
That followed after my rise

As I held that sacred blade
Its wings were forged anew
Forming a steel garland and candle
An enlightening that is to come
Lord Lucifer unchained by us

Through the war and dedication
By the iron will and viv�ka
Through my heart and by the gods
This is where the old wars end
Ascended, unmasked Master in us

Listen not the fathers' follies
Gone is the comfort of lies
No more tears there are but those which flow
For the glory beheld = today I am born

This is where the tombs are shattered
This is where the swors is turned
This is where my self is kindled
This is where Satan reigns
This is where the old ways end


See how the rain falls as blood
Now every breath is a suffocation
Every step a new breath
Torture everlasting, existence
Without a place to rest, there is only pain

This is the embrace of lord Satan
This is our joy of spiritual blazing
In this deep hell the world is made real
Everything awakens.

Wearing the cursed pentagram
We have crucified ourselves for eternity
Living a never-ending hell of existence
In pride and joy immortal.

There is no door to afterlife
This is my hell
There are no tears to comfort
There is only death
White walking masked the crowded streets.


This world is only rot
Only burning light
I feel? I remember falling
Somewhere inside the elders sing their discordial poetry
I see? here is the promised flesh, tainted

Our souls are burning
In this baptism of the serpent night
In ecstasy of the obscure and perverted
Your wings are burning in hell's fire
In the primitive hall of Evil

With these hands I destroy
Those shadows I follow
These pathetic humans I hate
This body of mine I shall sacrifice
Malicious rites

Strongly possessed to the Left Hand Path
All these live to honour you, Satan
You are made of us, I see it clearly now
All this disgusting ugliness
Only to build a new un-dead ritual
Temples of un-equilibrium


When time has left behind almost all that
Which one would need of life
That was the beginning of the moments which could be
Called by the abyss, the comprehensive darkness where to
Only the most brilliant,
The self-learned souls opened their gates

The cold hands, leaking as the mind of the weak
In this painful distress that someone would name a hell:
All this spiritual work for the devil, the self-sacrifice.
All this cold time, the prayers and the rites.

This life is fucking painful
The destructive hybrid of life
The last voyage of the black soul
The genocide of the heartless world

There is no end to this blatant blasphemy against me
This sharp shattering of my perfect ideal
Forever they follow, forever they breath
Those clockwork hell-hounds of profane making

As the coldness demands my will I am laughing
The multitude of flies forms a face of the other
Absent skin dresses the unworthy that watch and gnaw
The searing halo of the mind will surely be my end


In deep devotion and respect
I kneel before the black-clad altar
With grief and glory, love and rage
Sweet tunes and the Doomsday's hell-clang
Playing in my dark soul's scenery
And beyond the frozen waste
Divinity presents itself

A Satan's servant I am
A pupil of forgotten doctrines
Of nature's grandeur, courage and self
true wisdom of my god
I choose to serve
Without he bonds of the prayer-beads
Without the collar of orthodoxy

Apotheosis of my human spark
Shedding away its reptile skin
As the true light embraces these ravines of mortality
Hell awakens and is conquered = by me
My own liege, my lord I am
Channelling my magic
Through this human focus

In the embrace of the divine flames I walk
Had I tears, I'd weep for this splendour
The unseen temple portals open wide
In hilarious blasphemy or a manasir prayer
Animal masks will betray the godly countenances
No dogma for the Satanic order
Lucifer's children are free


I set off to wander in the night, going somewhere
Pondering the swamps of my minds, unexplored roads
Where seems to be even too much time
It is extremely hard to feel anything that would be
In this world

From emptiness and despair
Total hate
Shadows reflecting my crumbled body
Satanic supremacy, leading my journey to the distance

"Now hard it is to understand how our souls can travel
Without wounds and when once our travel takes us
To some stinging, burning, incomprehensible thorn
That tries to break our route to darkness
Because the emptiness is the beginning
And the untimely end of our travel"

Your overwhelming presence conquers my heart
Fascinating spirit of Satan!
Melancholic feelings, poisonous thoughts,
The enormonous will of emptiness
Divine idols trampled to wet stone,
Burnt in dank rain
The divine touch of emptiness, ahh.
I have come back to my roots.

"I cross my hands and pray a new fire for my soul.
I close my wounds and rip them open again,
With insurmountable hate.
Like the worms burrowing in the burial coffings,
I crawl to the darker and more anguishing"

Rekindling again the flame of soul,
To the great shining, burning like a torch
The overwhelming yearning of emptiness on the chasms'
Walls, the light-oppressing trance of darkness


An age wihout fire - An age without meaning
No stains in their hands, still guiding to the purpose
They turn the wheel of life, new sparks are flying
Spinning to distance and nearer to the reality.

In the place of our destroyed sacred woods
Does the new arson lighten the starry night
Its flames strike high above,
Breaking the surface of the self-proclaimed sanctity
The crystal globe of sky does crack,
Greater perfectness beyond...
The power of Satan's flame does burn
Stronger in our hearts

With awe and wonder will be remembered
This time of re-illumination
For all that is done and sacrified only strengthen us.
Worshippers of the black cult
Us, the children of the Goat, before the bare throne
Everburning are the flames of hell, which strike the sky.

An empty room is full of life and spirit at last
In the farthest corner the unholy altar,
Beginning place of the rituals
Fiery altar, fiery cross,
A mass of the Serpent has begun
It leads my soul towards perfectness
And never-dying flame


My death, so well we know another
And now, as we meet face to face
I read from your eyes such a wise, perverted love
That the believers of our time can never fathom
In the dim light of this old forest we are one

My soul journeys the path unseen
Paces of uncountable brethren before me
Uncountless stars sparkling around me
The night, the depth, the velvet
A voyage to the darker than darkness...

"My joy and my sorrow,
The Abysmal Lord within my heart
In the moments of silence do the worlds slide to oneness
The dagger of Astaroth, moonsickle slices the sky open"
Sinun tulessasi koko ruumiini palaa
Ja sieluni laulaa ylistystä sinulle

My spirit journeys to the temple of nature
The dreary wilderness all around me
Blazes the divine presence
The darkness embraces me and I am one with reality
The Jachim and Boaz of the ancient fire
Hold up the cosmic night above