Baton Rouge (USA)

Shake Your Soul tracks



With the mornin' light sneakin' through
In a cold cold sweat I shake for you
I must be crazy I can't stop thinkin' bout her eyes
(they paralize)
So if I'm dreamin' somebody take me off this ride
(I'm startin' to slide)

I need a shot I'm goin fast
There's one thing that can cure me

Doctor I'm losin' sleep get me a doctor
I've lost control
Doctor what do I need hey doctor
It burns me to the bone
Skin tight stilletto, some cool obsession in the night
(colder than ice)
I try to touch her, her picture doesn't come alive
(let me inside)

I need a shot I'm goin' fast
Maybe she can cure me

Take it easy, a passion attack is a walk on fire
Take if easy, what you need is built on your desire
I'm burnin' up I'll never last
Don't know if I can make it


High strung girl gotta sing for your supper
Ten feet tall best get you down to size
Now I don't know what makes you think you're
so special
See someday soon you're gonna realize
Sticks and stones can break your bones
But broken hearts can shake your soul

Bad break no escape
Could'a got away lord you know I should've
Oh no she walks like a woman
Cool eyes electric thighs
Tried to find her heart but you know I couldn't
Oh no she walks like a woman
Bui she acts like a little girl

I know you think that life's for the takin'
Satin sheets caress you in the night
Someday soon be a big rude awakin'
Now everything can change before your eyes
Tell me will your garden grow
If the sun don't shine and no ones home

I'm gettin' real tired of your nursery rhymes
Kinda makes me feel like I'm doin' time


Way back at the dawn of time
Adam and Eve did a terrible crime
He followed her down on lovers lane
Now I'm payin' for his mistake
Aphrodite and Godiva too
Gotta' take the blame for what I'm goin' through
It's never gonna change only gettin' worse
Women of the world lord it's gotta' be a curse

Tonight there's gonna' be a showdown
Cause tonight you know it's only you and me
You know it's gonna' be

Big trouble
I know where to find
Big trouble
You know what I like
Big trouble
Couldn't keep me away
Big trouble
There ain't no escape from
Big trouble

I understand that you gotta change
I'll bend for you baby but I ain't gonna break
Lipstick hides all the words that you say
A high gloss finish on a hand grenade
My hearts in danger my souls on leave
I play for fun but you play for keeps
I'll never think twice and I'll never learn
When temperatures risin' someones gotta get burned

They make me crazy with the thjngs that they do
I love em all that sufferance abuse
Takin' all they can they'll hang you dry
The power of a woman is like slow suicide


I know you're thinkin' it's over
It's only time to make a change
The way that we are together apart
Yeah we're really no I to blame
Just too many years involved in the story
Where everylhings right but it's wrong
We grew to depend on only each other
While neither of us grew strong

It's about time
That we learned how to live
It's about time we take it easy baby
It's about time to wonder what if
It's about time it's about time
We moved along

You sigh when i say that I'm sorry
We can't turn the hands of time
The way that we feel is all for the better
We should give it a try
When too many hearts are lead to discover
That strength comes from deep in the soul

We all stand to lose a passionate lover
It's better than losing control
I really don't have any reasons
For breaking away or tearin' apart
I know it sounds a bit cliche'
But I need to find my heart


You say I don't bring you diamonds
You say I just bring you lies
It seems l can't make you happy
As hard as I try
Money can't make you smile
But you'll go along for a ride
Ya won't say what I need to hear now
You keep it inside keep it inside

(You know we got a)
Bad time comin' down
Watchin as the pieces all hit the ground
Bad time comin' down
You make me want to run for your love
Bad time comin' down
I try to keep it goin' but I don't know how
Bad time comin' down
You make me want to run for your love

You tell me you're walkin' the wire
You're settin' me up for a fall
What you can't buy I give you
But you want it all
I see you won't learn your lesson
I wonder if I learned mine
You mess with the ways of a woman
She'll eat you alive eat you alive
l don't want to fight with you baby
Can't you see thai I've had enough
If I have to fight well then maybe
You'll see that the goin' gets rough




The sun beats down on the valley of my baby
Deep down in her soul there's a city of desire
A cadillac shake and a lust burnin' hemi
I'm gonna' chase her down on a highway of the night
Like a shark in the water I'm gonna take a bite

"Baby's so cool" when baby's on fire
Lookin like an angel but the devil's inside
"Baby's so cool" baby's so mean
Me and pretty baby and the devil make three
Me and pretty baby and tile devil make three

Front heavy balance on a set of long legs
The things that she do ain't the things that she says
A pitcher full of her could be spillin' out my bed
I'm gonna fit you tight like the stocking on your thigh
Takin' what I need then I'm gonna say goodbye

Take me all the way
Take me through the night
Come on take a ride I'm your rollercoaster
Take me all the way
Gotta get inside
We're movin' faster time to paralize


So life is bringin' you down
Somehow you just can't get it right
You're runnin in circles
Where you gonna run new
You've had enough of this town
Somehow you can't keep up the fight
You wanna go higher
Gonna hit the top somehow
No one can understand the strain
You're caught where the pressures breakin

Young hearts searchin for an answer
Hard time on the edge of the dark
Young hearts searchin for an answer
Somethin' better give tonight
Somethin' better break for young hearts

You've taken all that you can
Each time you turn around you find
Another dead end road
Another brick wall to climb

No one can hide you from the rain
Your the storm and the thunder's breakin

Some angers hard to take (oh no)
Some dreams keep you up all night
Someday you'll make your escape (someday)
Your gonna light a match on a dynamite line


Everywhere I look I see your pretty face
You know it's haunting me, though we may never meet
There's something you should know
I have you in my dreams

Turn out the lights what do you see
Is there a man who looks like me
But with your life, what could you need is all that
glitters pretty

I can feel you turnin' on tonight
l can't have you if I could I'd die

Everybody seems so different in your world
But everybody bleeds
I would love to trade everything I have
To spend one night in your scene

It must be hard, the faceless crowds the speed of light
Spins you around, but if your life should get you down,
what's in the mirrors pretty.
Now if you look outside the lights, I bet what you see
ain't pretty.
I can feel you turnin' on tonight
I can't have you if I could I'd die

10. THERE WAS A TIME (The Storm)

Here I am beneath the rain
Empty promises that thunder in the night
Something coming on the wind
Tell my heart it's gonna be all right
So why'd you take so long
My soul is aching you know I'm not that strong

There was a time I'd live and die for you
Gave you my heart every time
There was a time I'd laugh and cry with you
Only the strong can survive the storm

So tell me how you've been my friend
Do you think of me ever in your life
You gotta lose to learn lo win
I never knew it cuts you like a knife
So why'd you take so long
I'd wait forever but forever's far too long


Full moon risen, no mistake
I got the urge to start it movin'
I hear somethin' call my name,
Somewhere there's more than what I'm doin'
Come on teacher send me home.
I got the fever on the rise
Mr. Preacher save my soul,
I see a storm on the horizon
I'll pay the piper when the devil gets his due...
And I'll keep the change, I'll keep the change.
I won't lose my balance when I'm dancin' on the wire

Hot blood movin' - somethin comin down
I got hot blood movin best not be around
Hot blood movin - better run and hide
I got hot blood movin - burning in the night

Imperfect timing, lessons learned,
It's all in how you play, you're never losin'
Place your bet now take your turn,
Follow down the road that's of your choosin'.
I'll find the answers to the secrets deep inside
It's all the same, all the same
Can't be a winner if you never play the game

I turn around to find I'm chasin' dream after dream,
Don't know anymore what I'm searchin' for,
But things as they are aren't as bad as they seem.
The truth that I am, lies there in my hands


Out in the wild for a big time Saturday night
A hot cold fever when you aim right between the eyes
Now hey pretty baby whatcha gonna do
When you catch on life and the flames burn
through to
Your heart. In the heat of the dark.
Get your ticket for a night time hurricane
All aboard, it's a fast movin' diesel train
You spin too fast, you can't come apart
You're pure gunpowder and you're waitin for the spark
To light. In time it's gonna

Burn, spread like fire
You can never break that spell
Burn, spread like lire
You'll find your poison drinkin from the wishing well
Head over heels with your back up against the wall
Now you're backed in a corner when you thought
You could handle it all
Now hey pretty baby how's it gonna feel
When you're losin' touch with all that's real
In your life? You'll find it's gonna

Somebody falls, somebody slides
Somebody learns in the heart of the night
Walkin' on ice, throwin' it down
Breakin' the glass out it don't make a sound

Livin on the edge you can fall apart.
The cain talkin' louder, know you're waitin' for
the spark
To ignite. How many times? It's gonna burn