Above This

7L7 tracks


1. 7L7

This is the ending
Our city burned straight to the ground
I screamed your name but you never turned around
So watch your step now
We turn our heads and look above
We’re taking over this world
So take your cover just because
We’re fucking back again

I’ll spend my days just to find what im after
My eyes are burdened from the scene of disaster
My father always told me never play with fire
I’ll take my stand for the U.S.A Empire

God I love my fucking life
Get fucking low bitch.


Do you remember when our trust use to be fucking gold?
You stole my heart, Its going once, Its going Twice, Its fucking sold
I keep friends close, I’ll hold you on every lie you’ve told
This is way that i feel, your games are getting fucking old

I’ll change my pitch just start a fucking new bitch
I turned my life around i did it just for you bitch
Is it me or him? its time to fucking choose bitch
Your fucking kidding me, what else you gonna lose bitch noww

This is over
It started with you,
It ended with me
I’ll make this easy for you
Its time for me to leave

I’ll be the man
And you’ll be the girl
You fuck with my life
I’ll fuck up your world
We had it all
But you had your fun
This is the joke
That we have become

What is the point of being sober when i’m not okay
I’ll take everything back so you can have it your way
You leave me breathless lost without a word to say
I can’t believe where we stand at the end of the day
Im not okay, with you leaving me

Your still apart of me
I’ll break it down bitch
Pick up your head, stop staring at the ground bitch
Bring back the bass..
And make it count bitch
Just let them know
That they’ll be seeing you around bitch
Let them know
You’ll be seeing me around
You fucking bitch.. (power up)

Was it worth it? Are you perfect?
I get this feeling that you’ll never be worth it


Hatred aside,
I’m nothing but a lost man now

Conflict, has never stopped me
Only in the end, do we ever see
What you did to me
Liar, take ever liar
Far away from me
Just so I can breathe, without you at my feet

Life flashes before my eye
The smoke we see billows high
Above the open ground that we used to walk on
As we await a brighter sun
These days seem like they’ll never come
Let’s take a stand for once
Just for once

Over and over
The pistol’s revolver
Higher and higher
My life’s growing tired
Look at the air that we breathe
There’s nothing left here for me
So let me go
Just let me go right now

Tell your friend that I’ll be waiting for him
If he’s scared, then I’ll come looking for him
Fuck it

Tell your god that I’ll be waiting for him
If he’s scared then hell is looking for him

Lost without a word to say to you
What did I say? what did I do?
Open your mind, open your heart
Let’s turn our time back to the start
Over and over
The pistol’s revolver
Higher and higher
My life’s growing tired of this
The sun is falling from the sky!


Here I am again
With a mouth full of senseless words
And It finally dawned on me
Whats a life without the royalty?
The strive to push yourself
And the pressure to achieve wealth
It never makes a change
Your the only one to blame this time
Look at all your friends, and look at all you know
Your such a little bitch
Your girlfriends a ho
Let me tell you something about your way of life
The only thing your worry about is where your sleeping tonight
But its never too late you make things right
So make a deal with yourself
Fuck the world tonight

Lift up your hands, say fuck what your told
This is your life, and your only getting older
Make up your mind stop wasting my time
Karma’s a bitch and your next in line
You only talk like your the shit when your sober
I fucked your girl I guess thats why she said its over
Listen to me, they fucking lie straight through their teeth
I crave success and thats the only thing that matters to me
Open your eyes, you have to learn to walk before you run
So make your move bitch, times out your done
Fuck it
Read through the lines, take my advice tonight

This is bow, to show the world what we’re all about
Scream your heart out, this is the movement and its too late to turn back now
I wont help you, your just a phase and
I’ll always stand above you now
The royalty
We are the royalty
What has come over me
Watch and learn as I will..
Push past all the lies and bullshit
I’ve told you once that I’m standing above this shit
But your still just a coward
How does it feel? cause you been over powered
Oh, break through the lock, break through the chains
Imagine my gun going straight through your brain
Push past all the lies and the bullshit
I’ve told you once that I’m standing above this shit


What to do with a gun in my hand
What part of fuck off did you not understand
We’re raising up on popular demand
This was a joke but now its way out of hand
I will never forget this moment
When you almost won this fight
Against me and a proper liar
Your dreams are going out the window tonight
Let the cause and effect kick in
And let the rain wash away my sin
You going far boy, thats all they say
Your dreaming big dont let that ever slip away
Cause today I am a king
Go and run your mouths, is it obvious to see?
This world is vastly drained and bit overrated for me
You can let your hope run out,
Thats what quittings all about
The ends will never meet and my fears are stuck on repeat
Never hold regret your life is all a bet
They wait to see you fail so they can put you up for sale
You push yourself too hard, youll only be left scarred
This is a battlefield and you have to keep it real..
Now I see you make me believe you
And if they agree with me..

Light up that bitch, you are a monster
We are a pact, that makes us stronger
Let the unknown speak if we never meet
Just know I tried my best, and that goes for all the rest
I swore I'd never tell you this song is all about you
You never loved me did you? lets put this shit on redue
I can believe we went here, your love is so insincere
Why does this always happen your such a weak contraption
You never told me goodbye, this feelings got me so high
Why all my friends just stood by I'll build myself up tonight
So much for fucking wishes you kept me so suspicious
And now we’re fucking finished
That bitch is so diminished

Why dont you fucking watch me
I'll make you all see what this is doing to me

I am the godfather and all you fucks dont even bother


The days we count down to see a change in this life
We’ll make a change and we’re taking this town tonight
We’re taking this town tonight
Stomp your feet on the fucking ground
Watch me ill fucking snatch this, I see you eyeing me
But you can never have this, I remember you
You said you knew me, but now
I'm big and all you wanna do is screw me bitch
Tell me all your secrets, let me see your weakness
Pull back the curtains and let
This light shine right through
Your far from perfect, oh
I just wanted you to see that you were nothing to me
Pull back the curtains and let
This light shine right through to you
Hold your fucking tongue, oh
Hold your fucking tongue
False steps led to, these times were so difficult,
Step back that crazy bitch
Im warning you, your next on my list push back the pit
I'm done with all your shit
Fuck them up
Bring the pussy to his knees
Roger that, I'm making money bitch roger that
Roger that, I fucking love it bitch roger that
Roger That


Whats the purpose of being dishonest, you think I'm out but
I swear girl I'm on this
We can sit here for hours and argue,
Or we could fuck for the sake of your value
What do you mean when you said you wont doubt me?
You know I'm cocky yeah its all about me,
Take your pride and your heart and just let go
If you want it girl theres something that you should know.
Go, I like to spit game and leave you lost,
You know me girl yeah I'm a boss
I do work I get it in, you like
That hard shit so do your friends
I need something more than this
I will not be satisfied until there are no other guys,
You and me make two in one but lets
Just have some fucking fun
Everything sounds good to me pour those drinks and roll that tree
This is all I have to say that nothings standing in our way
I need you to be here with me
I must taste pretty good,
Cause my name is in everybodies fucking mouth

Get on the floor, take a shot take another hit,
Never pass out,
bring it back do some crazy shit
I must taste pretty good cause
My name is in everybodies fucking mouth
Lets make them jealous, how hard could it be?
We are the guys that crash in on your party,
We are the ones that make your bitch act naughty
All of these people came here for a good time
So lets just kick it and put these haters in line

What this isnt your style?
This ones just for you!
You hear our flow
And you tell all of your friends we suck..
But we're ABOVE THIS and we will never give a FUCK
All of this work just to keep us together
I'll kill this verse just to show you i'm better
I never cared about you and your possy
I'll make it clear that you never will cross me
Make up your mind if you'll make an appearance
I'd keep my mouth shut it makes all the difference
Choke on your words you know nothing about me
I proved myself so you never could doubt me
You have no plan or no damn motivation
I'll end your world and your fucking creation!
I am one of a kind


What a perfect night
With a better plan we could have pulled this off,
With no problem
All the adults are asleep so its just
You and me this could be a problem
Go in my backpack and pull out my halfstack,
Wheres that tree we bought earlier today?
The smoke tends to smother when your with your brothers,
Good thing we’re on our way out,
Call up your girlfriend tell her we’ll be there in ten
Fucking minutes, the hell with the madness
Just txt me your address now, we go
To the party, we’re headin down to the party,
Here we are
All eyes on me
How is everybody? I’ll admit that
I'm feeling kinda strange
With an empty bottle in my hand,
I think its time for you to understand
I'm down for whatever comes my way,
So dont make me wait all day
She pulls me to the side,
I think I wanna take her for a ride
Run to the closet or sneak through the back door
Take off your clothes and throw them on the guest floor
Time for a long run,
But please girl no condom its all about trust
You know I wont bust that fast
She asked me to talk some nasty shit,
Just like I do in my songs,
She asked me to be her boss,
But thats all I know how to do
Haha no problem girl
Back that ass up girl show me that you want it
Roll on your side push it in and I'll lock it down
Keep your head down you said you want it now you got it
While on your back take a hit off this pocket joint.. haha
Back that ass up girl show me that you want it
Roll on your side push it in and I'll lock it down
She stumbles out the room, she says she cant feel her legs
Where you going girl its way too soon, but thats her Boyfriend in the other room
What can I say your boys got it going on
He asks me what the fuck is going on
First of all, up out my face,
I'll tear the walls off this place
Your girls pussies sick, she got a case of that good dick.


All the saints and sinners please report to the battlefield
Karma has picked its next, report to the battlefield
Make your money make your profit
Running from us will never stop it
All the saints and sinners please report to the battlefeild
The war goes on..
Nothing can tell
Nothing ever changes its always the same
The battle goes onward and leaves us in shame
Look past your sorrow and seek the truth
We’ve been here months now with nothing to prove
We are the ones that protect your country
All of your towns have burned into nothing
Breathing this smoke will only make you higher
Keep your head down when the guns start to fire
Make up your mind, if you have what it takes
To be alive, and make some simple mistakes
Lift up your head, and make the best of this
Leave out the rest, and know this war was for the best
This war is for the best, for the best
I was the boy that you left back in Nile
Where have i been? but the war took awhile
This is the ending of all that we know now
Look for the main base and capture the home town
Pull through the hard times to get through this weather
A helping hand only makes you feel better
Make up your mind if this is what you wanted
Your purpose is rotten but never forgotten now
Lets take a stand, for the ones we love
Scatter but what the fuck does it matter?
Scatter but what the fuck does it..
Finish him!
This is no rio
What is the purpose of war?
We stand here just begging for more
Lips quiver, they’ll never cross the river,
They’ll never bring me down!


We’ve been through the best times
We’ve been through the weather
You told me to write back but you never got a letter
You fucked with the wrong crowd, I spoke my peace out loud
My mind fucking jumbled my hearts fucking stumbled again
I need real friends,
With this moment, there wont be nothing left
They say, I'm so much better than this,
I can do much better than this
You want the truth?
I cut that bitch.. right across the heart
Well so much for trying you did it to yourself,
Well so much for trying you did it to yourself
I feel so alive, when I'm by your side,
just let me stay another night, so
I can finish what I started
This is the purpose of my desertion,
I had a thin line I hope was worth it to you
Read through the lines now, 6 words you.know.just.what.to.do
Drugs will make us all feel better
With our heads light like a feather
Dreaming has its consequences
Lose yourself and mind your buisness
Speak the truth and set your standard
Reach the top no time for manors
We are here for one good reason
Be a man say fuck the treason
Straight from the bottom to the top we’re on the rise
Straight from the bottom to the top well surprise surprise
Well surprise surprise..
Breathe in, breathe out,
Through my words breathe in breathe out..
Through my words your mother fuckers..
Through my words, fuck with my satisfaction
You never thought that this could happen to you
Do me a favor.. and Shut the fuck.. Up
Small brains and such big mouths...
Your such a waste and you will never see
So back the fuck up away from me!


Let it go let it go, they tell me,
Dont worry about you, you know your just alittle bitch
Make a move make a move, if you want some
I told you step up if you had a fucking problem
You make my life hell and I'll make you my bitch,
I'm so exhausted now
I've had enough of this, there’s
No one left to blame so things will never be the same
So hear me loud and clear dont ever come back here
Make up your story, lies filled with glory, if
I see your face I wont exactly give your space
Bring back the good times when there was no lies,
When people just sat back and never gave a fuck
So so perfect, something so worth it,
Something above this, something so loveless
Stick as a group now, make up a rebound,
Fuck up the system and maybe they'll listen to you
Now as time passes by,
I really have to get something off of my chest..
Stop with the drama..
I'm fucking over it so what
The fuck you gonna do with yourself
Cause this is all I have and this is all I know
Cause this all we have, and you will never
Cause I want you to be there for me
Cause I need you to be there for me
Cause I want you to be there for me
Cause I need you to be here for me now
Conflict arises in all the worse times,
I swear to god that you will never defeat me now
Fuck the hater trolls, its fucking pointless,
So talk your shit and make me proud..
Come on... tell me something that will humor me..
Lookin like a bitch! why you lookin like a snitch like..
Let me set them straight for your entertainment..
Stab a motherfucker when you grab a motherfucker like
Show them who the boss is in this buisness
In this life I've seen too much, in my time I've lived it up
Let me show you how to love,
Just as long as we stand above..
Sometimes you have to be tough shit to get what you want..
Well show me what you got motherfuckers..
We'll take it from the top
Now your off the wire.. tell me now what is it you desire..
Now your off the wire tell me
Now what is it you desire now...
Bring it back bring it back to where
We first started off now..
I'm the baddest motherfucker I'm the baddest motherfucker..
In this buisness..
So fuck your words you little bitch.. hehe


Never did I think that we would recover..
We're stepping in on this scene like no other
All of this work has us hooked on the repay,
I'll say what I mean and I'll mean what I say
But you should know..
I have the temper that can lift me off the ground
You will never cross me again..
Oh liar liar tell me what do you remember
From that fight
Its all too easy.. its just all to easy for me