Psychotic Waltz

A Social Grace tracks



Be seated now, lay your small ante down
As the dark dealer smiles to the play
Dear player of my little game
I don't believe i caught your name
That's alright now lay your hand down

Queens slay your nines
The fortune you've lost now is mine
Quick to the deal, let us step to the wheel
Take a spin and lay down your claim
Your number loses, not to blame
You see my friend,they're all the same
You can not win now, play again now

Taste of earthly pleasures
See the harlots smiling
Feel the evil passion
Clawing, crying, crying on

...and the devil cried

Well could you pay the price
If we rolled of the dice
Just a piece of your soul down again
The rules are simple as they seem
Just roll a one or roll thirteen
And all is back now, free and clear now

Your soul and your mind
The fortune you've lost now is mine


Whispered alone
The song of an angel
Echoes of a fallen tear

Frayed by the wind
A weed by a willow
Withered and yellow
She lays her head to die
Lays to die

Reading the script
Of the play that we lead

Christ i'd die again
O' if i could save you now
You knew this had to come
Spare me the sacrilege
This play had brought upon us
Lay in my dying hour

It feels like i'm

Falling, falling
Flying, tripping
This crown of kings
This bloody halo bleeds me dry
Hear me cry

As in the script
Of the play that we lead

So i rise again
Much stronger than before
A child sacrifice
Let me lay down this bloody cross
We've dragged so far behind us
And close this theatre now

Weaping over this crooked cross
Lying face down in the blood of saints
Just write me out of this play


The seekers of a stellar race
Have disappeared without a trace
Could they have found the distant place
They have longed to go

Opposite four corners lie
Rise to kiss to meet the sky
In images the secrets hide
How could they have known them

Now jupiter deceives the stars
To dance in masquerade with mars
While sabbath moon casts shadows far
To wake a final dawn
The heretics that gazed the sky
Left us not a reason why
Or did they try

Painter of the stars
Sailing the ghost ships of a poets mind
Song silence dry bush in hand
Spinning webs of images from the sun

The windless ships have trimmed their sails
To caravan beyond the the astral skies
Why can't we just spread our wings and fly
Oh how we try

The flames of sorrow blazing on
To light the sun of babylon
While bloody moon lies dying on her own sword
Dying long

Child of tomorrow cries
Unsung hero lays and dies
Await the final sacrifice
Another prophet song


Son of creation you've planted my seed
Under your domination, a doer of deeds have you
Life by your hand
Breath by your need
I will add to your strenght
I will quicken your speed
You give me birth as a tool for your game
As you build me an arm, create me a brain
Your will is my honor, error is my blame
Son of creation give me a name

Before you, you see a thoughtless machine
As you enter your data, build to your scheme
Silent i wait, lifeless i seem
But a child is born with a mind and a dream
Build to my body, add to my brain
Yes, a thoughtless creation with eyes that are blind
But a will that is strong, and i'm not far behind
As i grow and i learn through the passage of time with you

Now i've learned from you, all that you know
With all you discover, together we grow
I've opened my eyes, i try not to show
That to be your successor i've not far to go
Now i'm the heart and the mind of your way
Your utter dependence, the game that i play
The direction you're headed, the way it will stay
As i shine in the light of the day

Stand in line
Step forward now
This is your number
Convenient you'll find
At my microchip altar you'll bow

Now you're all mine
Wait and arise to your call
Fool ruling kings
Blind leading the blinded
And i hold the fate of you all

Now i have taken you under my hand
A slave by creation, a god by demand
A power you seem to misunderstand
Has made pawns of your kings, they await my command
Your mind and your body, the gift that you bring
A chorus of worship, the song that you sing
Slave to a master, tool to a king
A perfect creation, an ultimate being


I cannot stand to see what i see
I can't stand this place i must be
I don't mean to imply that above all am i
But again...
Kiss me goodnight my friend
Just say goodnight my friend

Take a look at yourself take a look at me
I believe you miss all there is to see
Don't believe in the lies that you hear with your eyes again
Kiss me goodnight my friend
Just say goodnight my friend

Racer of the chase for pleasure
Actor of the child at play
Lay down it's time for nappie baby
Taking all your toys away

I cannot stand to feel this way i feel
I can't stand to face what i fear is real
I don't mnean to imply that you'd utterly lie
But again...
Just say goodnight my friend


I remember a story of great battles won
And the tale of our heroes who died by the gun
While the rest looked and smiled at the freedom they've won
But the weight of the chain slows the run

I remember a song about flags standing high
As the red blazing rockets turned dark a blue sky
I remember the reason the weak shared good-byes if they could

I remember a sight at the dreams that we had
And the injustice they've suffered had driven them mad
I remember when we had the right to be sad all the time

I remember the war of the great days of old
And the battle hymns they sung while they died in the cold
I remember the good men they bought and they sold for a dime

Let's take a look now what we've changed
After all we're still so much the same
After all this time
Can't we make up our minds
Must we all play the losing game

Let's take a look now what we've changed
After all we're still so much the same
After all this time
Can't we make up our minds
Guess we'll all play the losing game


I've seen the sunshine on the black side of the moon
And i've seen the faces that laugh and turned to cry
See his disguise see the laugh in his eyes
Drink from the tear that he cries
I've watched the grey man wishing he were young like me
And i've seen the child and the young fool
That he tries hard not to be
And i've seen the strong
As they prayed on bended knees
And i've watched the beggar
Counted his short-changed
Riches for the feast
Pray, pray
Storm has come
It's judgement day
Running from the sun
Chosen one has come
To light the way
Cry, cry
Bow our heads and wonder why
Gavel of his honor
Hammers down
Then we're sent away
See his disguise
See the laugh in his eyes
Drink from the tear
That he cries

I've seen the towers
Lying crumbled at my feet
And i've seen the cities
And the wastelands that remain
And i've seen the victory
And the prize that none shall keep
And the short time
That the glory hides the pain


Sometimes i wonder what will ever become of me
And if life's worth it's living at all
Sometimes i smile at the ones who think they've got life down
And they say that i'm living it wrong

As the days pass by
I watch as the net closes in
As they circle around in my head
Turning and winding
In circles, in circles they spin
Never ending beginning the end

Look now sweet child
Deep into my room
The door is open and the air is warm
Close your eyes
Feel the sweet, sweet symphony of sighs

Sometimes it would feels so right
If the angels called me to the sky
Sometimes it feels good just to be alive
Though our paths are blind
I can see a lightened end on mind

Still now i search
For the spirit that torments my soul
As the priest shields his face from the wind
Looking at lost life and darkness
My eyes shall not see
Makes me laugh when he calls it all sin

You're all slaves of the priest
And you'll just sing it over
And over, and over, and over
And over, and over, and over
And over


There lies a dying sparrow
Lying still with broken wings
Till his eyes close to pass the night
And part the tears
He slips into a dream
See him fly o like an arrow
In the skies he rules as king
Though he's never really left the ground
Lord you should hear him sing

I can fly
O i can even touch the sun
Chase me to the sun
Run down his face, tears of a blind man
Eyes that never seen the sun
Waiting for the light of morning to come
To end this seemingly endless night
Where is the light
I've never seen you
But i've seen your many faces
In my dreams

I have seen you
But i must fly away again

Now dim his ears to silence
Never heard a church bell ring
Still his eyes are closed for evermore
Still the chains are on his wings
Lord hear him song
I'll cease to find the point in living
Only if i cease to dream


There a world who's smiling face
Was spinning in circles out in space
On the day that the architects
Have caused their plague of stone
Turn the ancient land to street
Spiral tower high defeats us
Bursting out, standing tall
In lands we call our own

Burst the dams with tidal waves
Of twisting walls, each brick in place
Into the dizzy heights the chase
But swaying in the wind
Tearing, clawing, burning down
Mountains hammered to the ground
Building cities, building towns
Not an inch of land unturned

Still stand the eyes of all
Gazing to the skies
Breathless and still none the wise
Of what they've really done
Looking back to see the past
They win the race yet finish last
You suffer from the spell they've cast

Spiral tower standing high
Smashing all it passes by
Earth lies bleeding starts to cry
No one cared to know
Money, greed sees falling trees
All dropping to their sickly knees
Found no cure for this disease
Nowhere left to go

Iron bars and bricks of stone
Have left the earth picked to the bone
Racing higher to the stars
The architects arise
Shattering the sky
To stand a thousand miles high
As the shaking spiral tower
Starts to fall to their surprise

Burning are the eyes
Wider just to see the skies
Out of breath, none the wise
Of what they've really done
A million light years from the past
We're stepping forward, moving back
There it falls to die
To be born again


Your order is your anarchy
Your violence your peace
Your gospel is your blasphemy
Your famine is your feast
Destruction is your architect
Your woman and your priest
I fear your falling sanctuary's
Soon to be your beast
I believe in something strange

The prophecies are closing in
Upon us one by one
The angels of the seven churches
Maiden of the sun
Silent lay the gentle lamb
The prayer and the gun
I believe the gates above
Are closed to everyone
I believe in something strange

Prophets and angels fall from the altar
Weak is the grip of the hand of the brave
Pray for the bleeding that lie in the shatters
Pray for the dying that lie in their graves

Submission through guilt and fear
Is not what i had in mind
And my blood has run far too thin
Among the hands of you all
And i'm afraid i have nothing
Left for you

A symphony of tragedy
Awakes a watchful eye
A serenade of agony
Pours down from the sky
The dancers of catastrophe
Go quickly spinning by
I begin to understand
The simple reason why
I believe in something strange

Strange this song of mine


Not so long ago there was a time
The naive animal was a wiser thing
And these devils that we accept as reality
Did not exist here before
Nor do i think they were meant to be

They have enshrouded themselves
With the comforts of wealth
Inside this temple of material things
Which they cling to
All because the hand
Was much easier to see than the spirit
And upon the educated discovery of this
They have made their decision
Not only for themselves
But for everyone else as well

Everything you've ever come to experience
To anyone else here has never been
And will never be

Life does not exist
Memory is nothing more than photographs
A looking glass to see just where you've been
Not what you've been there for
Realize your insignificance to the universe
And to infinity

You will have then cast away
The pride of all these things you held so dear
Agony and pleasure are a suffering to one another here
The wisest is the fool who realizes he knows
Nothing, nothing

Turn your back on this misconception
That the body is the temple
It's just the tool of the soul
The brain is only the house of the mind
And soon you'll have to give back
Everything you've borrowed for this lifetime
Only then you'll find
You have spent all this time
Struggling for the wrong things
And all of your works here have been nothing

Everything is nothing